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Ride or DIE

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Almost an hour and a half of Vinny and Jeff? I'll take it.

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Looking forward to many Jeff and Vinny Quick looks !!

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Clicking at this thinking "Please be a long one, please be a long one" and BOOOM

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I knew I stayed up until 9AM for a reason

EDIT: Wow, this seems almost as clunky and unfinished as Postal 3

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1 hour and 23 minutes?! Holy shit! All right, let's fucking do this!

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Will this involve getting stuck on a fence??

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Hell yeah this game is amazing-ly bad. But still amazing!

Also great sex scenes, ha! Aw, they missed the one in motel parking lot :(

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Metracritic scores are hilarious. Destructoid gives it 1/10 and then some user of course gives it 10/10. It's worth looking at the 360/PS3 and PC pages.

But... is it so bad it's good? Not according to most.

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Feature Length Quick Look.

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Is the protagonist related to Garshap? They kinda look alike.

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These new 60 frame captures are tripping me out.

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Time for a long quicklook, buckle up motherfuckers! :D

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without looking it up, this is from the guys behind Garshasp or whatever that was called, right?

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An hour and a half VJ quick look of a ridiculous, hokey game? Way to make my day.

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Just noticed his cigarettes are Marston's, Red Dead reference?

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That main theme song is the best part of this game. And it's not even something made for the game.

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Holy crap, over an hour?

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Dan "Butt Tumblr" Ryckert's GOTY.

Also the 1%/One Percenter thing supposedly means the one percent of bikers the AMA would not accept into their ranks. Read Hell's Angels by Hunter S Thompson, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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nice long QL

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No they totally missed the terrible sex scene at the motel. It comes out of nowhere and makes no sense at all and it's absolutely AMAZING! If they approached the arguing couple at the motel you would have to fight the fat dude and then you get the sex scene.

No I'm not kidding, watch the Gameinformer video of this game if you don't believe. I'm super bummed they missed it. :(

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I honestly wish this was an endurance run. Goddamn.

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Anyone else like BANDS?!!?! YAY BANDS.

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Dry humping is the new sex

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Holy hell, twenty minutes in and this is one of my favorite quick looks of the year.

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Is this the Killer App for Ouya! Designed specifically to take advantage of the Ouya controller. The motorcycle's kickstand spring sound can be heard through the controller buttons as they are pressed. Fighting engine optimized for all 8 directions of the Ouya's analog controller.

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@smcn said:

Anyone else like BANDS?!!?! YAY BANDS.

Fuck bands, they sold out years ago

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I bet that the people behind this were so stoked when they were putting together the design doc.


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According to what they said yesterday and some chat on Twitter, this Quick Look should be a good one.

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This game could stand to learn a thing or two about dry-humping from Katawa Shoujo.

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Wow, this really is something special.

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This game is beyond terrible.

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I actually felt kinda motion-sick from all this. That's the first time i've felt motion-sick.

This may possibly be one of the worst games ever made.

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$29.99. Yep, can't wait for next week's Steam sale.

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I love all the planned fist fights, and Vinny's just headshotting all of them. Haha. Great Quick Look.

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Someone, perhaps multiple people, put actual effort into making this thing. It's inspiring.

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Highlight of the Quick Look:

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Conan was right; video games are still trying to answer the question "what does a naked woman look like?"

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Oh my god, why was this even made?

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MAN, not even half way through and this might be my favorite QL of the year so far.

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This is a quick look for the ages.

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This looks like an awesome game! I am even into the bad voice acting

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This game man!

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Went to go see this when it was in development, looked so awful :D

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It's obviously a terrible game, but I am digging the games look when they were on the highway/near the casino

This makes me hope gtav has a big open highway, a desert, small desert towns, and whatever those big rocks lining the highway are called.

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Everytime a game like this comes out I am so thrilled to go to Metacritic and read all the 10/10 user review scores. They are usually pretty amazing, especially if they are not meant to be ironic

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1. I'm sad that this comes out of my hometown.

2. How did this come out of my hometown, Deep Silver Vienna hasn't existed for quite a while.

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Classic Quick Look, right up there with the truck driving simulator.