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It is time.

Congratulations on 1000th Quick Look :'D

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I love to flight!

Posted by Typhus733

yay drew!

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Get your flight on!

Posted by Chris2KLee

Oh, this is gonna be good.

Posted by buft

I love these drew quick looks

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I thought at first from the photo that it was MS Flight released yesterday and thought:

Shit Drew, you're gonna be as upset as I was when I realized it doesn't support TrackIR (yet,hopefully).

Psyched you brought the TrackIR in Drew!


Posted by Dany

Have my children Drew!

Posted by poisonmonkey

Congrats on Quicklook No1000 guys, great job

Posted by BeachThunder

1000 :D

Posted by AlexanderHC

Heck yeah! Time to sit down and watch this on the big screen!

Posted by The_BrownGhost

Awesome! Flightstick and track IR!

Posted by nohthink

Just by looking at the still photo, I know this HAS to be awesome

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My body is ready.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Nerd Alert was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the header image.

Posted by Joker369

Big fan of these flight sim quick looks

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

1000 quicklooks down, 1000 and more to go!

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aww, Drew is so cute in that picture :D

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This can only end well.

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Damn! That barrel roll at the beginning mixed with the TrackIR...kinda unsettling.

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first, I read the text and went "eh, not now"

then, I looked at the picture and went "BWAHAHA *click*"


Posted by TheJappernaut

TrackIR is the FMV of 2012?

Posted by smiddy

I hope you guys can give us a QL of Microsoft Flight. Since you're in the flight-stick gaming mode and it was released the other day it's good timing and all.

Posted by Dr_Robocop

I wish Drew, Vinny, and Dave had their own supplementary weekly podcast.

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That thumbnail might be one of the greatest images on any Whiskey Media site. :D

Posted by AlexanderSheen

@Dr_Robocop said:

I wish Drew, Vinny, and Dave had their own supplementary weekly podcast.

Or their own feature called: DVD

Posted by Village_Guy

Perfect Quick Look for number 1000 :D

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@TrueEnglishGent said:

That thumbnail might be one of the greatest images on any Whiskey Media site. :D

No, this IS the single greatest image in Whiskey Media history!

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First rule about flight club....bring a manual. 

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@Dr_Robocop said:

I wish Drew, Vinny, and Dave had their own supplementary weekly podcast.

yes please

Posted by StarErik

Oh, god, Drew's so cute.

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No interest in flight sims, but damn this was rad. The Track IR movements, along with the time period, made this really entertaining.

Posted by Woodroez

Ballistol, Vinny. Ballistol.

Posted by Gatehouse

These are the best Quick Looks on the site. I mean, just look how happy Drew is in the thumbnail!

Posted by Tennmuerti

Man they are getting a lot of milage out of that flight stick.
At this point it is no longer valid to give Vinny shit for buying it imo.

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Yay! They let the Trio back in a cockpit!

Posted by amirite

loving the flight stuff

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Amazing thumbnail.

Also grats on 1,000 Quick Looks!

Posted by AlmostSwedish

Who could resist that smile?

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I like everyone on the site, but the combination of Drew/Vinny/Dave is probably my favorite. Great stuff from some laid back dudes whose tastes seem pretty similar to my own.

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Yes! the 1000th quicklook is a DVD!

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Oh, Drew :3

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Aww man, look how happy Drew is in the thumbnail. He is cleared for takeoff.

They make me feel good about having two holes drilled in my desk to mount the x52 to it when I need it.

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Am I the only one who can't download the HD versions with a download manager anymore? :|

Posted by BulletproofMonk

This looks so awesome. I'll have to borrow my friend's flight stick.

Posted by WileyS

Congratulations Giant Bomb on 1,000 quick looks.

Posted by BasketSnake

It's like the Gran Turismo of flight sims.