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finally, now I can watch this quick look and never rush to comment on a video again.

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Always just miss it...

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So I'm guessing the reason Giant Bomb is covering this game is because Ryan wanted to check out Pixar Studios? 
1. I'm jealous. 
2. I don't think anyone here is going to care about this game.

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The donkey/prospector dance was boss.
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Looks pretty damn good, graphically. Doesn't look too bad gameplay-wise either.

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I want this game. So bad.

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That music, my childhood, my life...memories.

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Dude sounds kind of like Dave.

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@GilbertMordinAndSullivan said:
" So I'm guessing the reason Giant Bomb is covering this game is because Ryan wanted to check out Pixar Studios?  1. I'm jealous. 2. I don't think anyone here is going to care about this game. "
Agreed totally.  I would take any excuse to visit Pixar.
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looks pretty good!

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nice to see that there was actually some thought put into this instead of the usual movie tie-in knock off

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A movie game with unique features? Hmm, interesting!

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Hrm, looks like it's a movie game that is probably fun & worth playing. Yep someone must have frozen hell.

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I actually think this toy box mode looks pretty cool...

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god damn if this game doesn't look like a blast

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This actually looks incredibly entertaining.

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This actually looks fantastic!

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Looks like it's actually half decent. Wonder if it's full price? Cause if it's $30-40 I might consider buying it.
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Will this be as good as Toy Story for the sega genesis. (Not hard)

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Looks brilliant

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it looks surprisingly okay. Maybe they actually care this time? (Up game was horrendous) 

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I didn't think I would be interested in this game but that quick look made it look pretty cool.

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this year is ridiculous, so many games WORTH playing....

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It's nice to see such a lauded IP getting the attention it deserves. They could have very easily just cranked out some cookie cutter game to make boatloads of cash.

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Well, the last two Disney Interactive games I got to try were both Blackrock racing games. But they were/are very polished and hit what they were trying for. If that is a result of publisher/producer conditioning, then this game might be pretty decent.

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Looks half-decent for movie game =)

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Although I have zero interest in this game, Matthew did a great demo. 

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Surprisingly not bad.

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Why would you ever pick Jessie?

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getting a banjo kazooie vibe

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Hey Ryan actually combed his hair and groomed the beard for the interview.

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Ryan sounded SO excited when the guy asked if he wanted to see Zerg.

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I don't quite know what's going on but it certainly looks like something I could obsess over.

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Good demo from an enthused interviewer and knowledgeable PR rep.
This is as professional as it gets, folks. 

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Hey with it's Wild West theme, it might just replace Red Dead Redemption! 

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Looks like a good game for kids.

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looks good
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you got a friend in me

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Okay I'll say it.
I have never seen a Toy Story movie.

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WOW I actually didn't even care about this game until now, this doesn't look bad actually

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@Murdouken said:
" This actually looks incredibly entertaining. "
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I love how much Ryan is geeking out over Toy Story.

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This actually looks pretty good. I remember that the first Toy Story game was a very good game (I enjoyed it anyway). The second game was really bad though.

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This is awesome, this is what a kids game should be like.  
Not crap like Iron Man 2, Gi: Joe and all the other shit out there.

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i was hoping this video would be more like their UK road trip

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This actually looks like it could be fun. I like the idea of building and running a town Toy Story style.