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ROFL, this was awesome. They should start a band.

I was hoping they'd get Brad singing some Slayer though.

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Didn't see that singing voice coming out of Brad. Nicely surprised.

Also, I like how Brad was using the microphone at the end there as if it was actually the thing recording his voice. Lifting it up every time he spoke. Lol.

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The magic happens when Brad starts singing.

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Holy shit, this QL was just pure brilliance!

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I had a shit day at work today and missed Unprofessional Fridays as a result, but my day has completely turned around after watching GB Karaoke--that was beautiful! Thanks @brad @drewbert @vinny!

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We are all champions my friends

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How does Brad not sing Rush or Boston?

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I cannot believe how well Brad can sing. I want, no, DEMAND more of this.

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This made me smile! Vinny and Brad you need to team up again, truly great!

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Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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@fapathy said:

ROFL, this was awesome. They should start a band.

Brad sings, Vinny on guitar, Jeff on backup vocals and bass, Alexis does drums, and Drew on keyboard. I think we may be on to something here.

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You keep doing this to me GiantBomb. Just ordered this now aftet watching this quicklook, didn't realise they sold a package that came with a guitar.

EDIT: Oh my god this chordead zombie thing is amazing.

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Wtf did I just hear a tiny baby angel voice coming out of Brad's mouth? My mind is melting from this Qlook.

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I absolutely hate Oasis but Vinny and Brad singing that song together was just a magical moment.

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Awesome stuff guys. I'm not into these kinds of games or playing an instrument but that was bitchin.

I'm so proud of you Brad ;_;

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Not the greatest, but definitely a GREAT Quick Look! Truly epic.

EDIT - Just to be clear, the only thing keeping it from the top is no requests from the chat...

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They really need a full few hours of Rock Band in some sort of 'farewell to current gen' live show or something.

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I was smiling the entire time, and just couldn't stop. This is my favorite QL of all time, and it convinced me to buy the product. Time well spent. Keep on keepin' on, GB.

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Best. Quicklook. Ever.

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It is videos like this that keep me coming back every day =)

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When Vinny and Brad both joined in singing, I literally did a fist pump.

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well that was pretty special.

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Holy fuck Brad can sing?!

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Thanks for the classic quick look! I had fun singing along w/ you duders.

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Dude, Brad. You the man. Own up to that voice of yours. I wish I could sing half as good as you. At least, then I could sing in the shower and my roommates wouldn't tear me a new one. >.<

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Somebody get these men a record label!

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Brad "I've already let my belt out a notch before X-Mas break" Shoemaker is back and ready to knock the ladies dead.

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This was awesome.

Also totally made me want to pick up the guitar that I haven't played in like a year again. But I have to go out now and by tomorrow I won't have the motivation anymore :( I chose the wrong time to watch this.

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\m/(><)\m/ Waaaahhh Awesome

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Brad Shoemaker has the voice of an angel.

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lol, brad being able to sing is hilarious.

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Wow Brad can sing! I never would have thought! Might have to pick this up now, always had an interest in playing guitar but I've also always been musically illiterate. Playing Typing of the Dead with cords sounds like a fun way to finally learn.

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This Quick Look just brightened my mood forever.

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Soothe me to sleep caravella

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Brad is a sexual beast.

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Oh my god, Brad. Those PIPES.

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That's the first thing I noticed in this incredible video, unfortunately. Wonder what's up, he's always seemed to me to be (along with vinny) the health nut of the group.

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Fuck it all. I miss Ryan.

Also - For those of you that perhaps haven't been around since the beginning, this is the kind of shit GB grew up on. Brad singing was an early staple. There's a lot of clips if you hunt around.

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Basically what everyone else has said above... Reminded why I love this site, love these guys. This was fantastic! This should be the new endurance run, Vinny learning to play each of these songs to perfection. You guys are awesome.

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Looks like meat is back on the menu boys!

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Hey guys, remember that song we used to play? Someone get Dave.