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Wohoo! I've been waiting for this.

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strap it on!

EDIT - I played 2 as a with the cockney British accent so this seems kind of weird.

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Strap it on guys, strap it on.

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Strap it on.

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saints row bitches!!

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let the craziness begin!

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Been waiting for this game.

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So Hyped!

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This is going to be great.

EDIT: I can't wait for this game.

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hot damn I want to play this

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Holy fuck. This game is so fucking insane, I wanna play this badly.

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I want to play this so goddamn bad!

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Can't wait!

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Let the insanity begin!

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Dude those skyscrapers are HUGE! that city looks awesome.

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This out Modern Warfares Modern Warfare.

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I can't watch the all-day live stream AND watch a QL at the same time, guys!

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That's not a baseball bat, Jeff...

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Jonny sold his likeness to Ultor? The draconian Martian mining company?

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Game of the Year right here. Definitely buying this.

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awwwwww yeah.

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he is no Lizard Wizard!

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Oh god yes, this is everything I ever wanted GTA to be.

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Troy Baker!

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Oh shit, lasers!

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4:56 venture brothers!

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They got Deadmau5 for this game!?

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Guys, fuck GTA V. I'm gonna buy Saints Row 2 and play that and then get this. 
Whenever I think that the serious and relatively realistic tone of Nu-GTA is worth a damn I'll just say "Warp to shore" to myself and remember that games should be fun first.

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@Crissaegram said:

Oh god yes, this is everything I ever wanted GTA to be.


I can't wait to play this.

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Who cares, SKYRIM!

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I wasn't excited before...but I am now

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Can I play through this game just pretending I'm Kanji Tatsumi?

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This is what I miss from GTA, I might need to get this.

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There should be Black Holes in this game. An then you go to Mars MARS!!!!!

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I dont understand, all the things ryan and jeff are amazed by are from saints row 2.

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I'm pretty sure the voice in the QL is Troy Baker. Awesome.

And man, SR2 was pretty weird but they have really gone of the rails this time. I love it.

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This quick look started off awesome and then it became a third person shooter.
I hope the other story missions take more advantage of the open world craziness.

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Kinda wish I had skipped the mission part as it gave a bit too much away, but still pretty hilarious and can't wait.

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Jeff telling guys to Get Bent while he was in a tank pretty much made my day. What has my life become?!

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God so many games are coming out dont have the money or time for all of them

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Wait...WAIT!? Did he just have a megaman gun arm!?

Damnit SR3! Now I have to buy you twice!

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Why are videos being embedded as low res youtubes now? I mean it's fine I guess, but I thought my whiskey membership said it came with HD video.

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Yes, GTA4 was a huge disappointment to me so this looks like a nice antidote to all that misplaced seriousness.

@Crissaegram said:

Oh god yes, this is everything I ever wanted GTA to be.

Exactly, it was always at its best when it was wacky and all about the satire.

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@Brendan said:

They got Deadmau5 for this game!?

Deadmau5 loves video games, dude. Which is pretty great.

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@dvorak said:

@Brendan said:

They got Deadmau5 for this game!?

Deadmau5 loves video games, dude. Which is pretty great.

I knew that, I still think it's crazy though.

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@numberThirtyOne: refresh the page choose streaming or progressive from the upper left then choose HD from the upper right then play the video.

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This game looks amazing, wow.

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I seriously don't get why Rockstar decided to move GTA away from this style of game. This is infinitely more entertaining than what GTA 4 had to offer.