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Nice, cant wait for the movie to come out.

Posted by dlwarner

I have been waiting for this.

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Awesome quick look as usual... can't wait for the movie 

Posted by VilgeDuin

I was thoroughly unimpressed with the gameplay. Felt a bit too clunky and was just dull. Played through the demo with my wife and wished it could have been more fun.  Loved the music, sprites and the overall presentation (the 2D 8-bit style map of Toronto made me laugh, especially Casa Loma), but I just am not interested in a barely updated River City Ransom.
Movie should be good though.

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Fianlly, I can see what this Scott Pilgrim thing is people are always banging on about here. 
Edit: Okay, this isn't very good.
Great Bionic Commando reference Brad.

Posted by modeps

Lack of online co-op means I went from a "must buy" to a "fuck that"

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i'm always just slightly too late! looks cool though

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@TorresLFC said:
" Rape.  Already did the quest, that was for what we call "the lulz" "
I'm intentionally slow with responses ever since I got it. Just to be kind. 
You awful, awful man.
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Combat looks really slow to me, I don't see what all the fuss is about the movie or this game. It has Michael Cera in it..

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hate the artwork in all scott pilgrim-stuffs

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@TorresLFC: If I didn't already have it myself, I'd call you a dick. 
EDIT: FYI, the game is $10, not $15.
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I am a fan of Scott Pilgrim and this game looks cool.

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This game a blast, especially multiplayer

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Lucky me. +1 for avoiding internet insult
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More like SUMMER OF ANGST! OHHHHHHHHH!!! Most of you won't get that...

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This game I like and will buy at a later date. The movie doesn't seem all that. I don't think George Micheal can do a role that's not a George Micheal.
Edit: There are alot of small references to the comic which is nice.

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@modeps: Perhaps you should stop relying on others to make you happy?
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RCR and RCRA were awesome. This game is not. 

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Kind of agree with Jeff, really need to read that comic and watch the film to get alot this stuff, but it's still a fun game, especially with friends.

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Paul Robertson?

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I don't know if Jeff is just a grumpy, aging fart or what, but he seems to have completely missed the point of Scott Pilgrim. The game is more of an expression of the comic book than it is a vehicle for the movie. It just so happened that the release of the movie was the most prominent catalyst that allowed the game to be made. And while Scott Pilgrim: The Movie is nowhere near as good as the comic book (due largely in part to the miscasting of Scott Pilgrim himself), that doesn't mean that the entire franchise should be discounted.
I think of the movie as the worst movie that Edgar Wright has ever made. That still means that it's a solid movie. It just pales in comparison to Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Spaced.
Edit: But yeah, I'll concede that the game's a lot like River City Ransom. That's not a rarity for the genre though. All of the beat-em-ups are exactly alike.

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I never played river city ransom but apparently this game is pretty similar. 
Excessively similar, perhaps, but I'm not sure those similarities deserved quite that level of indignation, Jeff...

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Is it local MP only? If so that's... messed up.

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It's a fun little game.  I never played River City Ransom or read Scott pilgrim, so just from a side scroller brawler view, it decently done.  

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 Man.. Thats... Awesome! I love the graphics, music, the comic is really nice and it seems to follow the comic nicely too. And I just love River City Ransom! Cannot wait for this.. I might buy it for the PS3 instead of the 360.. Might buy it on the 360 too. I just love 2D beat em ups but moreso 2D games, a rare and dying breed these days, especially with nuts 2D pixelart by a jolly gang and Paul Robertson.

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I hope I never grow up to be so cynical about homages to things that I love, like I think this is. 
It's not like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is going up against some new original Kunio Kun game or anything.
Not a fan of the series, by the way. My first contact was through this game, that got me interested in reading the comic books, which I'm liking more than I expected.

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the game looks awesome...and i have no interest in it. Which is a shame, I used to love beat em ups, but in my opinion its one of those genres that was a product of its time, and nothing else

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@TorresLFC: oh, and here everyone thought you were just a douche.  Our bad on that.
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Genuinely want to go for another side scroller beat'em up like River City Ransom, i never tire of them, and it's usually down to awesome level design, and this game looks like it totally has it!

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Oh man, choosing Brad AND Gerstmann for this quicklook feels like a mistake, trading Vinny for Brad would probably balance the excited and "who's this Scott Pilgrim fellow again" scale. 
Anyway, this looks like River City Ramson 2.0 which is AWESOME.

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haha honestly i bet 3/4 could care less. The rest need lives
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The controls are too stiff.

Posted by Kartana

Finally a PSN game worth downloading and then NO online coop! What the...?!

Posted by Kinsella

I'll be so glad when this Pilgrim hype shit-train finally ends.
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Looks pretty monotonous.

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Am I the only one who finds this so pretentious it makes me want to puke my ass out my face? I mean it looks like a cool game on a pure gameplay level, but the whole "Indie vibe" just... ugh.

Posted by patrick
@theplatypus said:
" I hope I never grow up to be so cynical about homages to things that I love, like I think this is. It's not like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is going up against some new original Kunio Kun game or anything. "
I think it's fine if Jeff goes hog wild in name dropping other games during quick looks (BC2 during MOH QL) as these videos don't exactly serve the purpose of being impartial, but they do seem to spur a sense of negativity that's a bit uncalled for. I mean, the main character is in a band called the Sex Bomb-omb, references are a given. A lot of these allusions are only so blatant to Jeff and crew because they're videogame literate, I can imagine most of this stuff will fly over most people's heads.
Posted by Amethyst

Looks awesome, but Jeff's tone is really crushing. -_-;

Posted by theytookourjobz

While I'm sure the guys were joking about fighting the shadow version of yourself like in Zelda, that actually is one of the boss fights.  Ha.

Posted by tallTuck94

kinda wis the g-man was on this to kinda point out all the refrences

Posted by Deleterguy

I like the music to be honest.

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@theytookourjobz said:
" While I'm sure the guys were joking about fighting the shadow version of yourself like in Zelda, that actually is one of the boss fights.  Ha. "
I find it strange that out of all the games where you fight a shadow version of yourself, you chose Zelda as your reference. But then again the shadow team in Super Dodgeball always comes to mind for me.
Posted by cap123

way too cynical from the guys, jeeze give the game a break.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Odd at the negativity on what this games homages to alot given thats what the comic and the movie do and other videogames do exactly that without much criticism.  And this coming from someone who hasnt read Scott Pilgrim but interested in the movie and this game.

Posted by patrick
@Kinsella said:
" I'll be so glad when this Pilgrim hype shit-train finally ends. "
I'm with you, how dare advertisers try and do something like market a movie coming out; it's completely unprecedented. It's not even remotely possible people are genuinely interested in the franchise or anything.
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YES! I too have felt that this series tries too hard.

Posted by CreativeColossi
@patrick: I hope it ends too, and last time I checked he didn't challenge this product's right to exist, he just stated an opinion.
Posted by TimothyWessel

I FRICKIN pray this comes out on STEAM for pc...
This game may ripoff everything, but I have been waiting for a good beat'em up for a LONG time..
Plus I get to beat up wiggers and Emo kids...  WIN

Posted by CreativeColossi
@TimothyWessel: And you get to do it as a hipster!  
Wait, that kinda sucks.