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Chop chop!

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Chef Hats for Stats! Now with crits!

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man im 25 and the more i here about this game form jeff the more i want to buy it for my 4 year old nephew just so i can scan in some toys lol

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Hell yeah Spyro, let's see how far they've taken your license

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I would never buy this game, but I'm glad that it exists.

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This is actually a really nice idea for children, 12 years ago I would have been totally into this.

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One glance at the thumbnail made me go "Oh no.. Jeff.. No.. Oh god no."

At least he didn't buy EVERYTHING.

Also, this just seems like the concept of DLC taken to absurd extremes. Buy power-ups in a store? Christ. Well, it's no worse than Pokémon, I guess.

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If I were a kid, I would totally be in this game. It looks pretty cool and it works pretty well.


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@AlwaysBeClothing said:

Hell yeah Spyro, let's see how far they've taken your license

I fucking miss the classic Spyro games, some of the most fun I've ever had playing game as a young lad.

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Apart from it being such a scam, this does not look half bad.

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@drowsap said:

man im 25 and the more i here about this game form jeff the more i want to buy it for my 4 year old nephew just so i can scan in some toys lol

Uh, I'm 25 and I totally want to buy this for myself. Gauntlet Legends with cool figurines!

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i will get this in 6months when it tanks like eye of judgement and get the whole set for £20

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My armor is contempt.

My shield is disgust.

My sword is hatred.

In Chop Chops name... let none survive.

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Ugh, I actually kind of want this...

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The hats give you stats!

Gabe Newell would be so proud to see so many hats.

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Yu gi oh should of made a game like this

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So how much did Jeff spend in order to make this 17 minute video?

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@MooseyMcMan: Not enough.

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All the other video game websites coverage of Skylanders sucks compared to this.

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this actually looks kinda cool.....

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If this wasn't like hundreds of dollars, it would seem a lot more awesome, but I guess that's how kid's toys are?...I don't know if I like just going "oh well that's the status quo, no problem!" Anyway, I just want to play trigger happy, because he looks awesome.
If any adult ever wants to complain about their $10 dlc on disc again..well....

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Man, why did they make Spyro look like a fucked up hobo dragon?

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Dreams come true.

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I'm glad this wasn't a thing when I was a kid, all that money..

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The 7 year old me would lose his mind after seeing this.

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I would totally buy this for my son. It looks like it runs pretty smooth (better than a lot of AAA titles) and it actually looks pretty fun.

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Hats for Stats, agent...

Hats for Stats

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@VicRattlehead said:

this actually looks kinda cool.....

Giantbomb covering the most important games!  
If Pokemon had first come out now, this would be what it would be like. 
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I don't know what the fuck they did to Spyro, but apart from that, this looks like a brilliant idea for a kids game! Also, Trigger Happy is awesome.

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This is really neat from a concept and execution standpoint, but man, that pricing....that's a deal breaker.

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I wish I was 10 again.

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Yo that shark was pretty dope.

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Was seriously considering Skylanders as a christmas gift for my son. We saw a commercial of this thing a couple of days ago and I asked him but he wasn't that interested, which surprised me. I don't think he grasps the concept yet. I want to buy this for him so we can play it together damnit! :)

EDIT: I don't get how people can call this a scam. The game seems well made for it's target audience. And the whole figures, items and level stuff in real life looks really cool too. I agree that it would have been even better if the figurines had more possibilities like moving parts but still, they look detailed and well made. It's also not crazy expensive, it's clearly not necessary to get all the figurines.

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I hope all this crap goes on sale on Black Friday because if it does, then I'm buying all of it lol

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Man when I was a kid this would have been the greatest thing! Just like when I was little we'd trade games around I think my group of friends would have traded these figures around. I just might buy this on a black friday sale hahaha

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I LOVE 15:55 because I'm pretty sure Jeff isn't being sarcastic at all. Boys and our toys huh, we never grow up.

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Also this game is filthy.

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we got the RZA, the GZA, ODB, Chop Chop, Drobot, The Chef Spyro, Ghost Roaster

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Man, the child in me is going nuts for this game.

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Ghost Roastuh!!!

This looks like a great gift for a birthday or the holidays.

The 3DS version is apparently more of a action platformer and according to the Internet, it's not bad.

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Wow I think I might end up with a bad Skylanders addiction.

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I want this for myself

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What the fuck did they do to Spyro? He looks way too "tough".

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Pretty neat idea to milk money out of consumers.

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I showed this to my 9-year-old. His head exploded. Need new 9-year-old head.