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This is nauseating to watch.

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Space....The Final...er....something.....

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Dude, what's wrong with Vinny's voice? :D

Just a cold or the beginning of a ... transformation?

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What the hell is with Vinny's voice, does he have a cold?

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One of these days, someone's gonna want to hire Vinny as a voice actor.

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Ruster Thrumble, reporting for duty.

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Is that Vinny? or Evil Vinny?

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I remember that commander in ME2. He was on the Citadel Docking Bay(?).

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@BisonHero: That is an awesome name. Gonna use that in the next space game i play.

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Vinny had a pretty tough night I guess...

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@obcdexter Vinny's trying to make his voice more like Brad's!

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Still waiting for Freelancer 2.....*sigh*

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I don't think I can watch this, im gonna be sick

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The menu for this game makes me want to get Homeworld. Is that on Steam?

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Vinny has the porn voice. God, I'm wet.

Considering the sniffles and what Jeff and Ryan said previously, i figure Vinney has a cold. Still, sexy as hell.

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Aw Vinny sounds sick :(

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I assumed this was related to Sol Survivor (I haven't played either game). Nope! Totally unrelated.

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@ScreamingFist: sadly no. I hope homeworld shows up on gog.com some time.

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You had me at Dave and Vinny

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I just ate breakfast... Oh man...

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You'd think an office full of video game journalists and enthusiasts would have at least one flight stick.

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@gladspooky said:

You'd think an office full of video game journalists and enthusiasts would have at least one flight stick.

But .. that's the dedicated DCS A-10 cabinet!

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Watch where you pull that Crazy Snider, there are children present.

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I'm gonna go Download and play that now. Can't go wrong for €9.99.

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If you fire your "afterburners" in space shouldn't you continue to keep going at that elevated speed? Physics takes another hit for gameplay.

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I refused to believe that was Vinny until Dave referred to him repeatedly as Vinny.

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Yeah, Vinny! That ME2 conversation is freakin awesome!

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Freespace this AIN'T, this is like a bad simplified copy of it.

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Dave is talking about this...

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This game looks like a ton of fun to me. Also its been a while since I've played a decent space shooter.

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@Abendlaender said:

Still waiting for Freelancer 2.....*sigh*

That would be great. I liked the gameplay more in Starlancer though and this game reminds me a lot of that.

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Sir Issac Newton IS the deadliest son of a bitch in space!

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This looks infinitely better than the $10 Star Raiders that Atari published. Ugh.

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Get well Vinny. I started X3, terran conflict the other day.

Why do they make a gawdamned hippy a main bad guy. Thats what i sort of look like!.. Hippys are too groovy to be pulling shit like this. Peace bro! Brown rice...

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This genre needs to be more popular.

Also wish you had given Oil Rush a chance Dave, it's pretty fun.

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This makes me want to play Freespace 2. More so because I only the played the first one.

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Ya'll need more vitamin C.

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Little did Commander Dave know that Children of Dawn was actually his long lost brother Rex Spacer who ran away from home years ago.

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JUST when you think that sonofabitch couldn't get any sexxier after greaser vinny, BOOM, Here comes snotty-barry-white-vinny; thanks space germs!

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Vinny-with-a-cold should do game narration. Dude had me convinced.

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Damn space combat is boring.

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All games should incorporate ruster thrumble. It really helps my merrision.

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Poor Vinny. Hope you get over your cold quickly.

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Spacedust is the name of my new party drug.

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sort of painful listening to poor brave Vinny while Dave ignores some of his questions at times, being too involved in game play. I wasn't going to check this game out, but after this QL I kinda wanna. thx, VinDaveBros :)

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Dave's a good man. He investigates the games nobody else thinks to. These kind of quicklooks are a service to the people!