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Looks pretty good, interesting to say the least. I was almost yelling at the scream when the Jeff was killing guys for the two eyeballs and he was right beside the third piece of the photo. The mask said something about a hidden thing and then Jeff knocked the barrels right on top of the photo.
If there weren't so many other games to get already, I consider looking into this.

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Posted By ma_rc_01

I was watching this Quick look while playing Splatterhouse and when Alex talked about Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat II finished downloading on my ps3. Whoa!

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Posted By HandsomeDead

This game is pretty metal. ie Shit for 15 year olds.

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Posted By Lazyaza

I love metal and gore and brawlers but this game looks like it'd get dull pretty fast. 

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Posted By JazzMaverick

Looks shit imo

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Posted By theberserker

So, rated M for mature?

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hey i like jason mraz!

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Looks better than I thought it was going to be, but that's not saying much

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@Sin4profit: Negaduck!
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I really want some cherry Kool Aid now for some reason.

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@agentboolen:  It's not censored as far as I can tell.
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They were already dead  
edit, my gosh that is a looooong load time. 
edit 2-powered by blood..lol!
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Hearing the terror mask talk to the guy just reminded me how fucking awesome The Darkness was.  God I'm sad that game didn't get a sequel.
Also, Alex rocks.

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"Jim Carey: voice of the mask" just made me do a spit take. Good job Jeff.

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Posted By MooseyMcMan

I don't know if I would consider Five Finger Death Punch metal. At least based on the one song of their's I've heard. 

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Ignore it, walk around it, then cover it in barrels.

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Wow does that look boring. I mean - that looks boring - not a question about it.

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Looks cool to me. Would like to play it. Sometime.

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I liked the side-scrolling part...fighting and the rest of the game, not so much. :| 

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@xSUFFOKATEx:  The arcade version's graphics were a little more detailed and had more blood.  I'm betting they used the PC engine version.  If the leading character has a red mask its definetly the console version, and if it has the white mask it might be the arcade version or a early release before they recalled it because the Friday the 13th people complained about the mask looking to similar to Jason.  Either way those games were all pretty good.  I have the console version for my Wii but if I had the choice I would have rather had the arcade one.
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I've been waiting for this game for months!!  

I'm gonna have to S-rank this.  Man oh man!  I just
love the primal, baseless violence of it all.  Fuckin'
hell yeah!!
Fuck Black Ops.  This game is the shit!

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Posted By Sauson
@agentboolen:  Well then it's ther arcade version because he has the white mask.
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Posted By TheFreeMan

Like Jeff, I'm kind of digging the amount of "not giving a fuck" that is on display in this game.
Looks like it'd get boring mighty quick though.

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So this game is not coming out here in Australia I assume?

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Jeff, did you intentionally not pick up that last piece of Jenny's picture!!
Damn yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!

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I ate my breakfast while watching this. Oh yeah.

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oh yeah, 'cause the presence of a nipple would just totally cross the line. 
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Five Finger Death Punch AND Lamb of God on the soundtrack? That might be the best licensed soundtrack ever to be in my console then. Because I think I'm gonna get this one now after watching this.
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I had a grin on my face the whole time I was watching this. I want this game so badly.

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@rbanke said:
" I dont hate Alex, but he always seems like he is trying too hard to be funny, but isnt. I kinda felt this way about Will Smith when he first showed up, but now I think WIll is awesome...so hopefully Alex will grow on me. "
I completely agree!!!!
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@saroorhai:  I hope i speak for more than one person, but i disagree with your sentiment and insult.
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I didn't look it up so I have no idea but it sounds similar to Jim Cummings or Darkwing Duck.

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Posted By DrRandle

The voice actor is a popular voice actor from the 80's and 90's. He's also Lara Croft's side-kick in the new Lara Croft game.

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I actually worked with a girl whos husband was on the 1st team to develop this game... before they were sold and disbanded overnight.   It was only like 20 people, and they were around 85% done, and they probably will get zero credit if its good and all the blame if its bad.
They were also making a Flash the superhero video game.

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Posted By Jeffk38uk

It oddly doesnt look that bad. and you're right, the voice of mask sounds incredibly familiar, and probably tyhe best part of this game thus far.

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Posted By MaddProdigy
@CH3BURASHKA:  They straight up said "I kind of like this game Alex." "Yeah Jeff, it's got it's thing going on". What do you mean putting it down haha.
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Posted By TheHT

This looks... oddly fun? Looks like the sort of thing you pick up impulsively for cheap in a bargain bin and are very pleasantly surprised by it.
I just might pick it up when it gets cheaper.

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Posted By bybeach

Just to finish after watching the QL, I have no interest in this game. Someone mentioned the Suffering,..that was a good game. Had purpose. I also liked Manhunt partially because because of that hard-core story it presented and to lesser extant because it went to a gun mechanic (third person shooter)in the second half. But again,there was a purpose and varied game mechanics, though I was avoiding the yellow and red kills till I was forced to do so in the Insane Asylum.  Afterwards,well I had to see occasionally....
But Manhunt was still pretty close to 'besides bloody and gross,.. why ?' In other words maim, torture and kill porn. Splatterhouse  in a shallow way is at least as bloody intentioned as Manhunt and it wants to be, kind of twisted and cruel... And it leaves me uninterested. Story isn't involving, and repeatably pounding things into puddles of gore for it's own sake when the same ain't happening to you is really kind of a downer. It doesn't feel very healthy. It feels to me in some obtuse way bad. Manhunt had an almost brilliant hint of good plot to it, though not enough I'm sure for many. The Suffering was a good third person shooter with some horror in these realms. But splatterhouse only looks competent in visual presentation and gameplay, and otherwise is a  rather simple negative experience, mostly celebrating a diarrhea of bloody glop and gunk. 
Also and not least, the load times are unacceptable. A game would have to be AAA+ to endure long waits like that for simply dying. And it would kill a much better game than this, in my opinion at least.
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Posted By Rmack

 Loved the Genesis games to death; they always scared the crap out of me.

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Posted By The_Moose

That's grizzly.

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This game is strangely ....hypnotic.  Never thought I'd be interested in it.

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Posted By Eric_Buck

I kind of expected more from this.

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Huh.  I would've pegged this game as something the guys wouldn't really be into.  Surprised to hear them call it competent/maybe enjoyable.
Also, hearing Pete as a jerk works just fine for me.

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Posted By Sam3R

alex, stop making stupid comments, say some meaningful things, or just SHUT UP

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Mask is Jim Cummings  
I recognised him as the the elevator repair man in The Animaniacs ep. "Ups and Downs".
But yeah he's only fuckin Whinnie the Pooh and Tigger as well. 
Oh yeah, and Taz The Tazmanian Devil.

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The more quick looks with Alex I watch the less I like him.....

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Posted By SubwayD
@knownspace said:
" Grabbed By The Ghoulies : Gore Edition "
Aaaaand I'm sold. 
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Having played up to chapter 8 tonight, the game could really do with more enemy variety... and a lot of other tweaks. Sigh. It's definitely not bad, but man... I wish it had an option to "turn off terror mask dialogue", ha ha ha.

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Wait this is coming out ?