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Posted by Plasticpals

....or you could pick up Mad World for like $10

Posted by Yummylee

Looks like a really fun 3 star game.

Posted by LiK

Will get this when it's like $20.  
I like boobs.

Posted by zityz

Looks like a 3d splatterhouse game. Looks fun too. Colour me impressed...WITH BLOOD!

Posted by Rampage

Yeah, This isn't gonna come out in Australia. 
I could feel my eyes censoring it as you played.

Posted by Terjay
@nan0fear said:
" Hey! Guess who's the Playboy game centerfold for December?  
Hey guess who should NSFW their cartoon porn links?
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Posted by dubios451

I guess I will be the guy to say I like Alex in quick looks.

Posted by Cazamalos

is that blood or jelly?

Posted by Ronald

This looks just a little bloody. I do like that as he takes damage, his bones begin to show.

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Posted by dylanderoo

Hahah the commentary is hilarious in this one.

Posted by scarace360

Well it seems cool.

Posted by Addfwyn

Eh, not my cup of tea, no so much into the violence for the sake of violence thing.  Not that I mind violence necessarily, but not when it seems to be the only driving force behind the game.

Posted by Rekt_Hed

is there anyway this game could have more blood in it?

Posted by PenguinDust

"Navarroesque"....someone call Webster's.  I think we have an addition for 2010. 
The game reminds me of The Suffering, but without the guns.  Could be cool for a few hours of bloody play.

Posted by bcc

They should have gotten someone who had played the other games to take a look at this! They were some of my favorites as a kid and there were some references to the older games that the guys didn't get.

Posted by blacklab

Navarro wears mad jorts.

Posted by ImperiousRix

This game seems a little bit too "hardcore" for me, if you know what I'm saying.

Posted by Skooky

This game looks alright.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

For a Dick, you are such a pussy.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I hope there is a review for this soon.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy
@Feser said:
" @Bennyishere said:
"Jeff... How could you miss the photo piece at 24 min? I was really looking forward to seeing the full picture. "
He was purposefully ignoring it. No nudity on a quicklook. "
There has been nudity in other quicklooks, why not this one?
Posted by TheBlackPigeon

Needs moar Biggie Man.

Posted by MetalMoog

Looks like a fun, but repetitive game. I'll probably give this a look once it hits the bargain bin.

Posted by Soap

This game is pretty generic :/

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That's Jim Cummings' voicing the 'Terror Mask'...

Posted by Aarny91

Looks really fun if you get it quite cheap.

Posted by m2cks
@Godlyawesomeguy said:
" @Feser said:
" @Bennyishere said:
"Jeff... How could you miss the photo piece at 24 min? I was really looking forward to seeing the full picture. "
He was purposefully ignoring it. No nudity on a quicklook. "
There has been nudity in other quicklooks, why not this one? "
Huh. Come to think of it, Jeff has also shown softcore porn on a mailbag as well. Clearly Giant Bomb isn't afraid of showing some boobs, so I guess he genuinely just...missed it.
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the voice is venom in spider man???
edit: the shocker!!! as well as everybody ever in every cartoon I watched (plus garrus)

Posted by TehJames

Is it any good?

Posted by donaldkhogan

Its never too late to stop.

Posted by LackLuster

uh load times this long should not be in an action game where you can instantly die

Posted by ghostNPC

The sound effects of this game are just all muddy and janky. They really blew it on that aspect.

Posted by hagridore

Darkwing Duck is the mask!
Okay, Jim Cummings.

Posted by Marz

I remember playing the old games, they used to scare me when i was a kid.

Posted by InternetDetective
@IG__ said:

" The more quick looks with Alex I watch the less I like him..... "
 " The more quick looks with Alex I watch the less I like him..... " 

You can say that again!
Alex is in every quick look now. Now and Forever.
Posted by Deusoma

You know, I would actually play this game, under two conditions:
First, if it was less than $40.
Second, if it doesn't have a "you just wasted your time" bummer ending like the original Splatterhouse (which was thankfully fixed by the sequel).

Posted by DrBlacktavious

Looks alot like a bloodier version of that Wolverine game that came out a while ago.

Posted by Devildoll

"you gotta start moving, and then sprint......"
 yeah and then you have to remember to stop before the next one , hehe that was hilarious

Posted by DarkTravesty

the masks voice is the guy who does pluto in the goofy movie/series

Posted by MetalGearFlaccid
@hagridore said:
" Darkwing Duck is the mask! Okay, Jim Cummings. "
Or Dr. Robotnik. Or Cat. Or Pete. Or Fuzzy Lumpkins. Or- Jesus, this guy is the Nolan North of Saturday morning!
Posted by vhold

It's true, we're powered by blood.  Dude..

Posted by RahRahRobot

Check the map, Goof!

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I'm just gonna say it... Alex is really terrible in this. Unfunny, uninsightful. I'm sure he knows a lot about games but he just sounds like an idiot most of the time (trying to be funny possibly?) ugh keep him away

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Is Jack Nicholson the mask? 
Edit: Nope.

Posted by Cybexx

Death by loading screen. Looks serviceable but nothing about it stands out, except maybe the blood and not by that much. I will be surprised if this sells well.

Posted by Edwardryu
@Zaccheus: this game is not new. it was produced 1988. now, they made for better graphic, playthrough with high quality. I don't see how many developers actually have totally new fresh idea for new games nowadays? I highly doubt it. just look at COD BO. it's piece of shit.
Posted by SBYM

I've listened to too many podcasts and watched too many QLs; as soon as I saw homeboy's ribs I knew the "beautiful bones" quip was inevitable.

Posted by Zaccheus
@Edwardryu: My comment was more about the execution of the idea, no matter whose it is. I don't think the graphical style is comparable to the '88 game. Also consumers don't generally want anything new they just want more of the thing they like. Just look at COD:BO. It's a massive commercial success. Not saying how things should be just pointing out how they are now.