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Neat looking forward to this

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'This is Buzz Lightyear, come in Star Command!'

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Now give me more FTL!!!

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This game is way too hard

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staaar command

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I'm glad you're covering this. I've been following this game for a long time and now that its out I'm hearing some differing opinions on it!

Edit: I see that Riker Brad

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Man, never knew how much of a Dark Tower fan Patrick is. Pretty cool though! Also the thought of Blain being a spaceship is terrifying.

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I'm having a blast with this game and knowing that the game isn't done being upgraded gets me excited. I'm hoping there are multiple patches and upgrades like most other iOS games, including one that makes it a bit more like FTL and have more randomness.

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Ive heard that like all the space contact stuff all ways leads to battle. The speech paths all ways leads to battle no matter what you do.

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Also what did they mean "This was not fully the game promised" ?

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Backed it and looking forward to the PC version ... seems like Android is next and after that PC.

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'so much to keep up with'

there's like two things to keep up with gg brad ahah

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I put this down because I was just dying all the time. Watching this QL, I picked up on a few things that simply aren't explained in the game so I may pick it back up.

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@klubber said:

Now give me more FTL!!!

That's how I felt an hour in.

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Finally, the Star Control spiritual successor!

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This game looks like a nightmare on a phone/tablet. Hopefully when they get around to PC they fix a lot of these problems.

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i dunno relative quality of this game aside Brad just seems bad at handling situations with any sort of stress

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Dark Tower reference from Patrick upfront? This video already rocks.

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oh god more indiepixels. no thanks.

Does anyone remember Space Rangers 2? That game was pretty sweet.

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I feel like this game has some pretty bad design. So I have to man my rooms in order to use their powers, which puts a power on a cool down. BUT, I also need to build tokens so that I can actually use those powers, basically putting all my abilities (and most good weapons) on a double cool down. It just seems dumb.

Managing units is also a pain in the ass, but I'm not sure there's any way to fix that on a touch device.

I guess I really don't get what people love about this game, it just seems so mediocre. Maybe that's because I played so much FTL?

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I played about 30 minutes of this before I yearned for the casual and forgiving gameplay of FTL.

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I would totes buy this for the PC. Great QL, duders.

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Game seems really neat, definitely needs a PC release.

Also, obligatory complaint - if I judged games after playing them for 18 minutes, I would be stupid.

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Fat fingers are the bane of galactic empires everywhere.

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Uninspired and clunky...must be a touchscreen game

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Been playing it on the ipad but really wish they have cloud saves like patrick said ...

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Yea micro-managing a bunch of stuff with just a touch screen doesn't seem ideal.

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The fingers you have used to play are too fat. To obtain a special playing wand, please mash the screen with your palm now.

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My first 30mins with this game were a nightmare, but when I worked out how to do most things it was a lot more fun (even on an ipod touch). I totally didn't know you could grind old missions though, I thought you had to constantly move on... which is really tough. Can't wait to try it now so I can get more experience before those really hard missions.

Did someone say you can recharge your shield by having someone in the engine room?

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This game is way too hard

They've got an update they just submitted to Apple that adds a "beginner" difficulty level. Should help out.

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That's gonna be the name of my new game.

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'This is Buzz Lightyear, come in Star Command!'

Well said. I like the game. Havent played FTL but looking forward to it after i'm done with this

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Looks cool, looks like it could potentially become very cool. Interested in grabbing it on PC at some point.

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I'm definitely going to grab this when it comes to PC or Android.

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I beat it on my first play through. Was great fun. Like upgrade aspect of it, plus have at least 2 spare red shirts and 2 medics plus the commander as a red shirt and you can defend against most ship invasions with the exception of the later combat levels with the fire ants they are complete bastards. Your ship is a tough little cookie can take some punishment, I have found that when they blow a hole in the outer hull that most times the enemy end up getting sucked out into space.

Only thing I miss is no away missions on planets or other ships/stations

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Since when did giant bomb turn into 1up with all these non console games?

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Where the fuck is Space Dog?

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Since when did giant bomb turn into 1up with all these non console games?

They had quite a few first iOS Quick Looks already.

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This game is amazingly fun. I've been playing it for a few days.

Also, screw fire ants. Those things are such a pain.

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Got through Normal without losing a single crew member. Love the game, but it really needs a pause function - ESPECIALLY on the phone.

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Brad has NeoGAF in his dock. =D

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Looks pretty cool. Not going to want it on my puny iPhone screen. Probably won't play it. I want an XCOM game with aliens in the squad.

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Blaine is a pain and that is the truth.

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