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We're giving her all she's got captain!

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I love Star Wars!!

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This is gonna be glorious, I can feel it.

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Beam me up, jeff.

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This should be great. And by great I mean terrible, but entertaining.

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Set phasers to 'WTF is this!?'

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I saw the Gametrailers glitch compilation video for this game, so the QL should be good

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From what I've seen already, it seems a little glitchy. Almost like the developers are encouraging everyone that plays this to ONLY play Co-OP

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E: Also British English isn't a thing Jeff, it's just English.

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@alexw00d said:

E: Also British English isn't a thing Jeff, it's just English.

It's the correct way to address the language when you are noting differences between regional variants. Used in official English schoolbooks.

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Beam me up Jeffy

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CBS Woah woah!

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Putting that CBS money to work buying CBS products.
Tag out of people in the middle of a QL, is this a first?

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Trekkies + 1

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Spoiler: Ryan and Vinny are actually the same person :o

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Another quality Quick Look at CBS's Star Trek from CBS's own Giant Bomb.


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lol at the CBS section

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Surprise Vinny ! Yaaaaay !

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The 50 Cent co op doors are still alive and well I see.

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Wow ! This Quick Look is very biased ! Because of PHYSX !

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"Title Screen, I'm out!" Greatest QL moment ever?

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lol ...Spock lock

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Their reaction to the CBS logo was some funny shit you guys.

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And lo, irony reached new heights when a Star Trek game came out that was just a low-rent Mass Effect.

EDIT: This looks like a game with a lot of time and effort put into it made by people who aren't good at their jobs.

EDIT EDIT: I imagine the overly positive feedback (which to scale for a game that's terrible, is only middling) at the beginning has a lot to do with the crew's love for Star Trek. I recently played through and beat Toy Story 3 with my little sister, and that had exactly the same quality of platforming seen here. "This seems alright" is outright hyperbole.

I guess the opening bits looked alright if you're just aiming for scale, but the lighting and dynamism of what's going on just doesn't back that scale up.

P.S.: It's not like I'm a crazy fan of Star Trek (I've only seen Season 3 of TNG and thought it was cool), but everything about the "new" Star Trek has been terrible. You've got a hilariously titled upcoming movie (the move to go without a colon changed a really generic title into a really dumb pun), a hack director (it's really frightening that anybody pretends otherwise), and a video game pitched in maybe the most ironic way possible, "You will have elements of a shooter. You'll have elements of exploration, and adventure, and discovery. That is what the new Star Trek is about," (couldn't that be applied to almost literally anything, perhaps even the "old" Star Trek?).

I got my panties (they're probably mine, anyways. haven't sniffed them yet) in a bunch because I just don't get any of this.

spock lock

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omg is that spack from star wars????

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As always Vinny made this quick look better.

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Spock, Attack!

Posted by Cazamalos

one minute with Vinny and this thing is hilarious already
from a lame game to really funny video
you gotta love Jeff + Vinny combo

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@msavo said:

As always Vinny made this quick look better.

In this case he saved it.

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This isn't the Star Trek I fell in love with, but I will take what I can get.

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Hahaha, I can't believe Ryan actually walked out. I thought it was one of his usual jokes where he says that's the end of the show.

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Jesus Christ those textures and that lighting. The UE3 engine is really starting to show it's age. Either that or they're using a non-modified/older build.

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Well this seems meh in every way imaginable.

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I'm not defending the game or anything, I mean it looks pretty terrible, but it seems like Jeff has never played a game before judging from this quick look. Most of the stuff seems really obvious to me, but yet they manage to get lost or else they are not completely sure what to do.

I don't why this bothers me so much, but it's actually kinda frustrating to watch.

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I can't watch this.

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looks like a linear, scaled down mass effect 1 with all the RPG elements and other variables taken out of it

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Every time they said it...I remembered that stupid song...."Spock, Lock, and Drop it"

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You can walk in my Jeffries Tube any day, know what I'm sayin'?....wait

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This quick look was amazing, can't believe Ryan actually walked out but it meant we got Jeff+Vinny so I'm not complaining. This game looks terrible and they don't have the excuse that they had to rush it, they had playable versions of it at E3 a couple of years back. Unless they pulled an Aliens and rushed it out the door

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Press Y to Spock.

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In the GOOD old days, Broken Spock would've been loopin on the next proper I Love Mondays :(

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Oooh I love these hour long quicklooks.

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I was a wee bit buzzed while watching this. I believe I did myself a favour. This looks bad.

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@kushieda said:

...Tag out of people in the middle of a QL, is this a first?

Nope, Ryan left the Jurassic: The Hunted QL, tagging in Brad, because he was disgusted at the terrible pun the player character made.

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Kirk says his lines with about as much robotic conviction as male Shepard.

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@jeff@vinny The gorn are pretty infamous from the original series thanks to this amazing fight scene

Clip courtesy of CBS!

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omg that jump

omg that kirk/spock (sexual) tension ;)

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This actually looks way less bad than I was anticipating. Mediocre and buggy, sure, but maybe even a solid 3/5 including such classics as "Spock hack," Spock lock," and "Spock attack!"