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I'm so happy to see a new FMV game.

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This is how you start a morning.

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God man that city fly-over looks friggin' awesome.

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Kevin Murphy, fug yeah! I saw the name but didn't put it together until the voice.

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Steve Valentine? Count me in.

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I was not expecting to hear Tom Servo while watching this, but I'm pleasantly surprised whenever I hear that voice.

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Bedtime viewing sorted!

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This actually looks... really fun. Am I trippin' or something?

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Oh come on, this is perfect Endurance Run material.

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I nearly bought this a few weeks back on Steam, but I haven't played any of the previous Tex Murphy games, and have a huge backlog of adventure games to play. Anyone who has played this know if not having played the previous ones affect it in any way ?

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I don't really like how this looks. This looks way too good for a FMV game, the voice acting is too good as well. The only reason I liked old FMV games was because of how terrible they looked.

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You guys need to normalize audio before uploading. It's too quiet.

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@hollitz: As long as the Endurance Run is without Jeff... it's really obvious he isn't even slightly interested in this with all the sighing and grumbling (Unless he changes his tune after 15 minutes in)

Edit: Good to see Jeff at least warms to it (slightly) by the end of the Quick Look.

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Mr. Show reference 4 minutes in, awwww ya!

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Goddamnit I want to buy this right now, I just don't have the time to play it...

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I want that "You have a fax" as my ringtone.

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Steve Valentine, Larry Thomas, AND Todd Bridges?! Wow. This game actually bothered to get people. I think Larry Thomas is the Soup Nazi.

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Firefly opening?

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Could not stop laughing when vinny only read the second half of the sentence telling him where to get the key, completely missing the info he needed in the first half. That's a new record for GB I think!

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You got a fax...you got a fax. Love it already, I'm sold.

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Richie Havens...I'm sold right there. I actually didn't much care for much of his stuff (Beatle covers), but the Something Else Again album is something that is just plain part of my personal history. Managed to get me to like a guitar that wasn't amplified.

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Chandler Avenue? Oh haha I get it, they must be big Friends fans

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Tom Servo as your PDA, awesome shots of future city and a film noir-esq narrative? This is one of those quick looks that help you know you're going to buy it just five minutes in.

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Looking at the flashback scenes, I think there needs to be an old Tex Murphy game season on UPF!

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Subutex Murphy.

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Kevin Murphy? Is Tom Servo in this?

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oh hey, Kevin Murphy! good to see you still sound like how i remember Tom Servo!

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@brad James Earl Jones was the voice of "The Big P.I. in the Sky" in at least one other Tex Murphy game so it might actually be him at the beginning? Don't know why they wouldn't mention him though.

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Bought solely thanks to Tom Servo/Kevin Murphy. Also, FMV.

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I want Tom Servo to be my personal assistant.

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Paying attention and using my memory? Fuck that!

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It's glorious. Busted in all the right ways. =)

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oh hey, Kevin Murphy! good to see you still sound like how i remember Tom Servo!

"I'm experiencing a sensation altogether new to me. AND I LOVE IT!"

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I came... to this quick look...

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@drewbert had to be thinking about F1 when the name Maldonado kept getting mentioned.

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The game volume is way too low in this video, especially for something narrative focused.

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Really hope this comes out on iOS.

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I know what game we are getting on UPF

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Do they use the same composer as L.A. Noire?

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Holy shit Tom Servo is your UI! I have to buy this now.

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LOVED the shout out at the beginning.

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