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I found this clicking random.

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wow thats sad

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Oh man they found a way to shoot 3DS footage without an over the shoulder cam!

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wow and I thought I was quick for once

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My 3DS purchase finally seems like a good idea.

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I have no intention of buying this game again, but I want to experience giantbomb playing it :]

edit: I never got every skulltulla, though. vinny is fucking crazy xd

second edit: goddamnit brad and vinny, if I can remember how every part of this dungeon works, you two should be able to, too :/

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@i8Donuts: how did you find this video before it was posted? (checks time stamp)

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When am I getting my Majoras Mask 3D? I'd rather have that.

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Hey.... Listen!!!  
( It has come back to haunt me )

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saw a video of this a couple of days ago on gamespot and it looks A LOT better than i thought it would, actually kinda excited about it now, i dont remember 90% of OoT tbh, only played it ince when it came out

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Same old shit.

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Are videos on the site loading slow for anyone else? I just speedtested and I'm getting 15mbps down. I've been waiting for two minutes and it has only loaded one minute of video. This is only happening on giantbomb and only in the past few days.

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@Wes899: video's have been running fine on my end

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@Wes899: Dave and the team are working on fixing the videos as we speak.
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Yes! It's a Quick Look with Vinny!

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This should be a 10$ vc/eshop download not 40$ flagship title.

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@Wes899: Yeah, I'm having all sorts of problems with the new video player from long loads to mid-video stopping. It's a shame because the last player was pretty much the best video player I've ever used. 
I don't even like the new UI, but that's personal preference.
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@Oscar__Explosion: @metalsnakezero: Oh ok thanks for the response. Cool avatar/background/everything else Metalsnake.

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Never owned a N64, only played OoT because it came bundled with Wind Waker.
Wind Waker was better.

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Duuuude, their 3DS overlay is high res as shit.

EDIT: Man this quick look is HILARIOUS. *destroys necessary crates* "I feel like we're missing something..."

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I still love this game. 

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Cant even watch the video. It keeps skipping to next video.  
@bhhawks78 said:

This should be a 10$ vc/eshop download not 40$ flagship title.

No. A release with full 3D and extra areas is worth the price. 
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@bhhawks78: the original version is on VC for $10

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is it just me or does the remade graphics look kinda half assed? You either go original or full out remake imo. Somewhere in the middle = bad taste imo.

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Great quicklook, but since I've got this game memorized it's really painful watching Brad play as he's constantly getting lost and forgetting what to do.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

Cant even watch the video. It keeps skipping to next video.

@bhhawks78 said:

This should be a 10$ vc/eshop download not 40$ flagship title.

No. A release with full 3D and extra areas is worth the price.

I think the negative of 3d and the tiny bit of extra content balance back out to ten

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@The_Laughing_Man: Isn't the "extra area" just a boss rush mode?

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DAMN IT BRAD JUMP SLASH ALWAYS. Does more damage then standard slash

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Brad needs to take a navigation class or something. The map is right there the whole time!

Good QL though, I'm super pumped for this game.

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closest i've ever been to first.

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Think that it might be that a bunch of people who haven't played it, might have gotten it like I did on the Wii virtual console, still strange to see them just bring this to the 3ds & not just raid the catalogue of Nintendo games to flood the 3ds with games that people would want to play on it.

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Ughhh. Why did they have to start the video on the most annoying dungeon? I fucking hate this dungeon way more than I hated the Water Temple. Anyways. Good video and I cannot wait to get my hands on this game tomorrow :)

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hmm This might be the game that makes me buy the 3DS. love this game

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Man....i never played the original but this is one ugly as hell game! Maybe its after seeing all that Vita stuff but i was under the impression 3DS games could look better.

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I'm 31 and I've never played this, but I'll pick it up with my next pay.

Never knew anyone with an N64 when I was little so the nostalgia on that machine is lost on me.

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Man... I want this...

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Not only that it's one of the best games ever made, it's THE best game ever made or so I'm told.

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@Stubee: you do know this a Nintendo 64 game right? some people
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I hate complaining on quicklook,s but I cant believe they smashed the crates and kept saying "where's a crate?"

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Every time they opened up a chest, I kept thinking I was getting a text message/email on my phone, since I have that sound set for that :D

Game looks good from what I have seen of the QL so far, and the interface upgrade is nice. I haven't played this game in forever (and I think it would be fun to play through again), plus I need something need to play on my 3DS, having exhaustively played the hell out of Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and DOA: Dimensions. Will probably end up picking this up :)

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i've played and beat this game so many times that watching brad play it like this is kinda infuriating

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I never played the original, or any Zelda game for that matter, so I don't think I would appreciate this without the nostalgia.

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@darkvare said:
i've played and beat this game so many times that watching brad play it like this is kinda infuriating
Watching him play is almost always infuriating.
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It's funny how looking at the map just doesn't occur to Brad at all. Then again, I suppose that's what you get for trying to film a quick look in the worst dungeon in the game.

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*smashes crates four times in a row*



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Can you still fuck with Ganon with an empty bottle? Or did they fix that shit.

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I just have no interest in playing this on such a small screen.  Especially a $250 small screen, and paying $40 for a game I have multiple copies of already.