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Posted by Colin

O hai.
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Posted by goldenmnk

Rofl a commercial

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Posted by ProjektGill

Holy Crap it is raining Quick Looks on the Anniversery of the Dreamcast (and oddly enough the launch of The Beatles: Rock Band)

Posted by Kontrapunkt

I remember ChuChu Rocket having one of the greatest commercials ever!

Posted by DanielJW

Giant Bomb gives you the ultimate!

Posted by Irishjohn

That game is utterly fantastic and utterly nuts.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

This looks like a very fun game. I just need a Dreamcast ;_;

Posted by Sunjammer

Oh god thank you for doing this! My favorite game on the system and probably my favorite same-screen multiplayer game ever! The levels of violence (verbal and physical) it can inspire in a room is unmatched!
I've never heard you guys have as much fun during a quick look.  

Why Sega, why the FUCK is this not out on XBLA? WHY?

Posted by gakon

My first GBA game.  Oh, memories...

Posted by netfluffyG

Thank you for cheering me up. This is one of the better QLs. :D

Posted by glyn

Absolutely hilarious transitions between the different clips. They try to remeber what they were talking about before and then make something up which sounded exactly like it and repeat it lol

Posted by Milkman

This is great.

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This game and powerstone were the best great quicklooks, they should totally re release these on Xbox Live and PSN 

Posted by Sharpshooter

10 years and I still don't know what the fuck is going on in this game.
Posted by Trision

For those who are wondering:

Posted by killdave

A very very important point you forgot to mention
Chu Chu Rocket was FREE !!!
They even delivered it to your home for FREE too

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

This reminds me of bomberman '93 or something on the wii.
I want this!

Posted by Scooper

This was awesome. Spent ages figuring out the puzzels with my Bro.

Posted by foeaminute

I so miss Chu Chu rocket.  Months of my life just sitting in the lobbies, occasionally playing a game...sigh.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This game looks awesome. And crazy.

Posted by Metroid545

 http://bit.ly/mwNmG for those who don't remember or have seen the chu chu rocket commercial

Posted by Echo

This game didn't leave my Gameboy Advance for like a month way back in the day.

Posted by iAmJohn

God I fucking love this game so much.  Next time I go home, I'm getting all my friends together for Chu Chu Rocket! madness!

Posted by ahriman22

What is this I don't even

Posted by Colf

That was a great quick look. You guys seemed to have a lot of fun.

Posted by cowdrunk

best QL ever  EVER
Posted by CSXLoser

I remember trying to play this when i was in 2nd-3rd grade.
My small mind could not comprehend how the hell you were supposed to play >.>

Posted by Tovan

That was really fun to watch, hah.

Posted by Chewii101

lol, Great how Ryan and Vinny had their little war going on while Brad was quielty collecting mice. And this game would be awesome on a handheld and as DLC. 

Posted by RagingLion

Actually played this one.  A great great game.

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

"Sometimes you just gotta eat a cat."
The next Giant Bomb t-shirt.

Posted by bekern

Best quicklook ever. I actually watched it twice because Ryan had me cracking up so much.

Posted by Blair

Just three guys enjoying a game of ChuChu Rocket! 
...what could be better?
Everyone seems like they're having fun, that makes it so much more awesome.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

"I understand the rocket is quite sugoi" made me almost wake up my roommate laughing.

Edited by NirronElite

This seems like it would be awesome if they updated it for the DS with online play.  ChuChu Rocket is the only game they did a Quick Look for that I never got to play on the Dreamcast, and now I REALLY want to.  This game seems like it could be a lot more hectic (and maybe therefore more fun?) if they did it on the DS with some great stylus controls.
And listening to Brad sing part of the ChuChu Rocket Japanese commercial made this Quick Look awesome.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

"I understand the rocket is very sugoi."
Brad is awesome.

Posted by MeatSim

Ahhhh! what is going on!? amazing though.

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Epic win.

Posted by sixghost

best quicklook ever

Edited by Artemis_D

They broke this out, I'm kind of sad there was no Sega Swirl Quick Look.  Sega Swirl was simple as fuck, but man it was addictive.  I could play some goddamn Sega Swirl right now.
Also, they need to update this and bring it to Live and PSN.  It could be hella fun to play with some friends online.

Posted by monkeybot


Posted by Dethfish

Funniest Dreamcast QL, probably the funniest QL in a while. I love how Vinny and Ryan were just being dicks to each other the whole time.

Posted by WholeFunShow

You lousy fuckers need to give some kind of indication about how mad you're vids are going to be, I still amn't certain I didn't just freak out & imagine all that... 
Anywhys, feeling equal parts proud & disgusted at getting through all todays QL's & Events & Endurance Run & yesterdays Bombcast in one day, if not quite one sitting. Hungry too.

Posted by Drakeon

Awesome Quicklook

Edited by Death_Burnout

This is why playing multiplayer together shouldn't die! It's always fun.
Man this reminded me so much of the time you played fuzion frenzy 2.

Posted by Milpool

But... Wh... I... What just happened?!

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