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I used to love the Tiger games back in the day. I'm more of a Hot Shots Golf guy.

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Morning Wood..

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I just ordered the collectors edition of this game for PS3 about 10 min's ago. 
Can't wait!

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@RobotHamster: Bravo, sir.
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Has Alex stolen Ryan's beard?

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April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!

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The NWO shirt MAKES the video great.

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I'm really liking that caddy system.

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Does anyone else notice how the sound keeps distorting sometimes, when they talk loudly?

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Anyone notice something weird with this quick look? Something feels a little off...

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Goddamn soooo many quick looks! I love you Giantbomb!

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God I feel bad for knowing that.
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@abdo:  indeed, I feel it aswell.
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Subtle and yet awesome April Fool's joke.

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Nice quick look! Made me remember how much I've enjoyed golf games in the past.
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So does every EA game have XP now? Urgh :/

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@sofacitysweetheart:   Tiger's had XP for at least five years, which was the last time I bought a Tiger game. Making a created dude and leveling them up is a major part of the career mode progression.
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I wouldn't mind having the GB crew sending in photos to EA for the face generator & seeing an edited QL of this where they all just show the photos uploaded then the face in this game using the latest version of the face generator.  
Disappointed that the shop in game doesn't let you put tank treads, paintball guns & turbochargers on your golf carts.

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They flip the image of the both of them when they shrink them down to the lower right corner. When they get shrunk down, ryan who's on the right side, ends up on the left side and the nwo shirt on alex is mirror imaged.

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Your strapline makes me angry.
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Tiger Woods had alot of hole in fun OR fun in holes. ^^

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Haha.  Great comment on Alex's 2nd Put, "Get there!" -- true golf fan right there

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It indeed feels a bit weird. @abdo.

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Ryan and Alex need to have a morning talk show called 'Big Man and the Dude'. 

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The only golf I care about has Mario in it.
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They sort of look like they've been out in the sun, those two. 
edit: sort of scary that this is now the 'second gen' of Move games. It startled me that this was the second game in a series with move support. Doesn't seem like long ago that thing came out!

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April fools, guys. This video is malware.

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Tiger Woods has Tiger blood so he must be winning by default...

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@TurboMan said:
" oWn "
Anyone else remember one Warrior nation? That makes it at least a double-joke.
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NWO is OWN backwards? Awesome.

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@TurboMan said:
" oWn "
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i tried the demo a couple weeks ago and the move didn't work very well, but i think is an EA problem since the move also worked kinda janky on last year tiger wood's

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I'll admit it.  When the proshop said shafts and balls, I giggled.

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golf master!

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does ryan have makeup on? his cheeks are so pink

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@Laksa: I know it's ADORABLE!
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@Laksa:  Yeahhhhh, I was wondering that too. But it works for him haha!
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What a touching ending.

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your faces are very red... its kinda scaring me :s

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That has to be the most relaxing menu ever. Man I can't wait for the Masters to start! 

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I skip every other year with my sports games usually so the last TW I played was '10.  It's a great improvement from that version.  They have done so much to speed up the play, it's awesome for that alone.  They have gotten rid of almost all of the having to watch the pre and post shot routines.

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Ryan, you're not alone. Pretty much everyone has a natural slice.

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awww i wanted to see in game ryan davis face

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Did I just hear Endurance Run ?

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does the wii version have the same problem with out of view, that was why Ryans shots where suffering

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Ryan Davis is sweating worse than Jimmy Fallon on his first episode of "Late Night".

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Golf would be a lot more exciting if the NWO joined the tour.

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Look at that presentation, so prestigious.