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EDIT: Finally!

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But where's Aunty?!? Gramps is already in it...

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So it is about genitals? God, I hope not. Damn it. Anybody else come here hoping to screw others out of a quest?

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Dig deeper into Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers

That sounds really gross.

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Do you see the pants?

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All quick looks should be Brad trying to figure out how to play games aimed at 5 year olds.

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This looks kinda awesome.

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Why am I getting an Adventure Time vibe from this???

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interesting game mechanic and impressive art style, but I can't help but to get feelings that I'll probably have lot of rage quit moments in this game.

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love the art style

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Take that Raiden and your Revengenancing!

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Wow, this has a great game mechanic. Very cool.

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Tiny AND Big?? i'm down.

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I assume this is on steam. I have quite the list lining up for summer.

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@SpaceDandie said:

Why am I getting an Adventure Time vibe from this???

Small, widely-separated eyes and a pronounced lack of necks, I think.

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@bybeach said:

I assume this is on steam. I have quite the list lining up for summer.

Came out yesterday, I believe.

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This looks awesome.

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Looks like fun. Combine this mechanic with GTA Saints Row -style of a game and...

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I feel like this is the first quick look without Ryan in ages

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vinny and jeff quicklooks, more please.

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@Scrawnto said:

@SpaceDandie said:

Why am I getting an Adventure Time vibe from this???

Small, widely-separated eyes and a pronounced lack of necks, I think.

yup. nailed it!

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This game looks really good.

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@bloodsoul5 said:

vinny and jeff quicklooks, more please.

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Nice look, great physics but doesn't seem to have much diversity in gameplay. Short game time would put me off getting it now, will probably wait for it to get a wee bit cheaper.

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Interesting mechanics and art style, but it sort of feels like a prototype.

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All this underwear talk reminds me of the Captain Underpants books.

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for some reason, the first 30 seconds reminded me of Courage the Cowardly Dog.......

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That was incredibly fun to watch.

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I think I am going to have to buy this to satisfy my need for cuttin'. Looks like way too much fun.

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the art style reminds me of adventure time

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XBLA please.

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You can't beat a Vinny and Jeff quick look. Fun to watch, and their commentary isn't always so cynical.

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I wanna cut things. With lasers.

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imagine downloadable extra rooms where rules are different (elements, gravity, etc)

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Cutting is the only way Vinny can feel alive.

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Does this game remind anyone else of the Captain Underpants comics/books?

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WOW, this is fantastic

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This does look pretty dumb and funny :')

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Please, please, please, Jeff and Vinny. I know you guys hate ER talk, I know, but I love you two together, it's just so entertaining. I would really really REALLY LOVE to see both of you run through another JRPG.

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Looks really fun to fool around with but I guess you don't get a big sense of accomplishment getting through a level since there's hardly a "right" way to do it. Also, needs a rewind feature.

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Amazing. I could easily just watch Vinny cutting levels up and breaking them forever.

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This is a good idea for a game. Shame that it hasn't gotten more publicity over here.

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This quick-look has sold me on this game, looks like a blast.

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Is vinny trying to project his inner-Zasz through this game???

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This was supremely entertaining. I would watch Vinny cut stuff all day.

But those mechanics are really something else; definitely putting this on my watch list. I'd love to see this cutting stuff in a big budget game sometime (not counting MGS Rising).

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God bless you Vinny, never stop being you.

The game looks interesting too.