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Posted by Linkster7

It's weird how taking away the first achievement has somehow made getting first post more of a thing. Anyways...
Green Megaman?! Crazy!

Posted by alwaysbebombing

Besides the jump-lag, this seems like a neat little indie game. Especially for a dollar. Can I pay in Salty Bucks?

Posted by SparkleMotion

For some reason, Brad seems to think that every game has Metroid in it.

Posted by Elow

That lag is a deal breaker in this type of game. It's something that you can probably get used to, but you really shouldn't in this day and age.

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That delay is really unfortunate, but otherwise it seems fine. I mean, it is a dollar.

Posted by august

how can you guys not make a Jay-Z reference at the beginning of this video


you are welcome

Posted by mrfluke

but is it better than brothers brad?

Posted by Tajasaurus

Yeah, that delay sucks. This game looks pretty fun otherwise.

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@alwaysbebombing said:

Besides the jump-lag, this seems like a neat little indie game. Especially for a dollar. Can I pay in Salty Bucks?

I disagree. You would need to give me a dollar to play this 543909th lazily slapped together Mega Man copy. Also, running cancels jump because of lag. Glorius. I'd rather break out ye olde emulator to get my Mega Man fix.

Posted by MrGtD

Thanks, Vinny.

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@mrgtd said:

Thanks, Vinny.


Posted by Tizzzzzz

I completed the game and don't seem to remember lag being much of an issue so it might be setup-specific [though that it would be unique to this game is pretty weird]. Maybe I just automatically compensated for it but I never really had a problem with the jumping and have had similar problems in other games--which I guess is to say if you're interested in the game be sure to try it out to see if you experience the lag, free trial etc.

I found the leveling progression to be weirdly problematic to design, at least in the sense that the game's clear inspiration is Mega Man. One of the more exciting parts of Mega Man is taking weapons and playing around with them to find weaknesses of bosses, and it's really easy to get around that almost immediately with the leveling system here. The game also doesn't make regular use of the special weapons and I think only one part of the game even requires using them. Found it pretty enjoyable though, and the price makes it difficult to complain.

Posted by JackSukeru

This game seems to at least make a case for why leveling up wouldn't work well in regular Mega Man.

Also that level up screen reminds me of Zelda 2.

Posted by Drekly
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For only a dollar, it seems that you are getting a pretty good amount of content here. I mean, four levels isn't really much but 80 Microsoft points...not bad. What's bad is that jump lag though...

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Posted by AndrewB
Posted by Zevvion

For only a dollar, it seems that you are getting a pretty good amount of content here. I mean, four levels isn't really much but 80 Microsoft points...not bad. What's bad is that jump lag though...

Yeah, but who really has time to play games like this? If I'm lacking anything it's time, not money. I want to play the greatest games out there to maximize what I can get out of my time.

A buck is not much for this game, but it also is.

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I know the jump is laggy but this is impressive but a dollar/1 man likely project.

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Too bad this isn't for anything else. I would probably buy it.

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One of the many things I always liked about the Mega Man games was the super tight controls. The fact that this near-facsimile doesn't compare makes me immediately uninterested in this otherwise fun looking game.

Posted by BenderUnit22

At some point, I don't care how little you want me to pay, it's not worth my time.

Posted by Splid

Thaaanks Vinny!

Posted by vinull

I've played most of the game and did not experience the input lag Vinny did. The demo is free so check it out and see for yourself before you buy.

Posted by Rowr

hah great ending.

Posted by thebipsnbeeps

Vinny's craayyyyy

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Hey look, it's ANOTHER Mega Man ripoff that can't design challenging enemy setups so they just put spikes everywhere and call it a day.

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Seems neat for a buck. Could spend on something much worse.

Posted by grapesoda

I just tried out the demo and I didn't experience any of the lag Vinny was talking about. It definitely seems like its worth a dollar to me.

Posted by tourgen

I don't think XNA comes with a pre-built game loop. So XBLIG developers are free to screw it up in unique and amazing ways as they ignore 30 years of hard lessons. It's almost not their fault tho. It's not like back in the C64 or Amiga days where devs had access to the hardware and timing charts.

One of the classic mistakes is putting joystick input polling directly after the screen draw code, which maximizes the the time between the user making the input and seeing it happen on screen. If you're running at 30fps that's a loooong time in terms of lag. Double buffering too? Might as well give up.

Or it could just be a weird jump movement profile or something. I can't imagine why anyone would do that though.

Carmack is right? I wish more game devs out there would take user input lag seriously. But I also wish we could all get hardware level access and timing charts for the consoles too. Having 1 piece of common hardware sitting there and then not being able to write awesome ASM code to the metal like back in the C64 or Amiga days is heartbreaking.

Posted by mattdragn

Yeah none of the experiments I've made in XNA have had any issues with input lag, although I was always running them on pc. If it wasn't a setup issue then it was simply a coding error.

Posted by Chumm

Not sure how the fellas missed the mario music

Posted by Knucklesbuckaroo
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Am I really the first one to call out Brad's "Don't Tell Mom, The Babysitter's Dead" reference??

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quality quick look

Posted by Auxin

Thanks, Vinny.

Posted by Swaboo

Thanks, Vinny...

Posted by Scotto


I tihnk ya might be a tad butthurt about not getting in first, oh well.

I think he's more annoyed with people who post shitty one-letter or one-word comments in order to be "first", when being "first" is of no consequence.

Posted by Pudge
Posted by LordAndrew

Can you not aim the Metal Blade up at the boss as he flies over your head?

Posted by giantsuck

@benderunit22: yes, your time is much better spent trolling GiantBomb and leaving snobby entitled comments.

Posted by vulkans
Posted by Detrian

So it looks and plays way worse than even the first Mega man... yeaaaah no thanks. Not even the 'one man project' thing can save this.

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Posted by claybrez

the pixel art in this is offensively bad

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