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Posted by Osaladin

This looks surprisingly awesome.

Posted by 07ron

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but the lion on Drew's family crest is described as the Lion rampant. Not just, British Lion.

LOL. Great QL.

Posted by prestonhedges

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Drew would know his family crest. What a bad ass.

Drew is the perfect man. Prove me wrong.


...He's too good-looking.

Posted by YoThatLimp

Multiplayer only? 30$? Call of duty perks system?

Meh, no thanks. I will still to warbands.

Posted by CourageWolf

I must say It is my pleasure to die courageously on camera for your amusement. Yes, it is I: Courage Wolf, the suicidal charging madman who turned 20 on launch day, and I approve this video.

Posted by SpikeDelight

I love how inappropriate the "KILLSTREAK!!!" message is in this Medieval Simulator

Posted by thebigJ_A

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Dark Souls.... clunky?? That's sheer gibbering nonsense, Dave. I know what you mean by "clunky on purpose", and I love those sorts of games, too (the STALKER series would fit, I'd say), but Dark Souls is perhaps the furthest thing from that. DS is precision incarnate.

But I forgive, you know not what you say. :)

I concur. It's not an accessible combat system, but when learned it is incredibly precise and specific.

May be precise, but it still feels sluggish.

If you're over-encumbered, perhaps.

Mount and Blade is very precise, the same as these style of games. Neither is very fluid and both feel very, very slow in their movements.

To the majority of gamers, that's just going to feel clunky. Given enough time you understand why it's set up that way, which is why I consider them clunky on purpose. Cryostasis is clunky on purpose too.

clunky [ˈklʌŋkɪ]

adjclunkier, clunkiest

1. making a clunking noise

2.Informal ponderously ungraceful or unsophisticated clunky boots

3. awkward or unsophisticated then you guffaw at clunky dialogue

But... Dark Souls is both fluid and fast. Unless you make the choice to play as a heavy character with a very large weapon, in which case it's fluid and deliberate. Even then the timings are fluid. As for unsophisticated, nothing could be farther from the truth in my eyes. The sheer depth to the combat system (not to mention the lore and world bulding), the exact fairness of the rule-set, and the responsiveness of the controls are the opposite of unsophisticated.

I love me some Mount & Blade (single player mostly), and Cryostasis was fascinating, but those both have an awkwardness to them that fits the word "clunky" (on purpose). That's no disparaging remark, as they do other things so well. To a game that is as intentionally fine-tuned as Dark Souls, it is.

I'll freely admit bias. DS is one of my all time favorites. I mean no disrespect in rising to its defence, or perhaps "correcting a misapprehension" is a better term.

Posted by bmeason

DREW and Dave. Fuck YES!

Posted by heythisisgandhi

Great quick look, guys!

The game is a lot of fun once you figure out that a hit to the armor doesn't do much.

Aim for the face, and don't pick fights with guys in plate armor!

Posted by Rohok

This looks kind of bad. Back to Mount and Blade.

Posted by dropabombonit

This is such a Drew and Dave game, too bad Vinny wasn't here this week for this

Posted by AlexanderSheen

I want a family crest too...

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@Divina_Rex said:

I feel like this game was rushed. I played since the beta and I finally just decided to give up on this game. They could have benefited a few more months in development because right now the game is heavily unbalanced.

  • The perks can make heavily armored knights can run faster that lightly armored bowmen. Because they use a perk that lowers weight of apparel and weapons. If they built the knight like the default knight they can reach top speed faster and they accelerate faster (The men are basically like trains when it comes to acceleration and speed).
  • There is little reason to wear light or medium armor because anything can easily penetrate it.
  • Heavy armor blocks almost all weapons.
  • People don't really work as a team if you just join some public lobby.
  • People with daggers can hit you fast and repeatedly and if you get hit you can even ready-up your swing; so they can kill you by simply following you can spamming hits.
  • The people that pre-ordered this game have leveled up near the max since they got a week head start.
  • Bows and Crossbows have been nerfed since the beta. Now They take many hits to kill knights.

I pretty much loath this game. It's not mount and blade with better graphics. It mount and blade that has been combined with Call of Duty (perks) and Battlefield (squad system and buffs). The game isn't balanced like Napoleonic Wars. /rant

Damn. :( Thank you for the summary. Glad to get a response from someone who's actually familiar with the series. $30 is also a pretty steep price for what they are offering. Shame, I guess I'll sit this one out and keep installing mods when I get bored. :p

Edited by SatelliteOfLove

One advantage of PC games is you can mod out things like screen filters.

"You have a KILLSTREAK going now?!? Trouble." That's our Dave.

Posted by Gutterkisser

I recently listened to an old Bombcast where Dave was talking about Mount & Blade, sounded like a cool concept. Watched this Quick Look randomly today and an instant Steam purchase was made.

Great game, seriously.

Posted by EquitasInvictus

Someone needs to add two hammers to Dave's shadow in that GB Persona-spinoff thread!

Great QL, I don't think I'll get into this until they flesh out some single-player content, though. That's really what drew me into the M&B games.

Posted by MatthewTheBeast

Glad to see games like these being made. Although, I would personally stick with M&B Warband(it's mods) and the community events of Napoleonic Wars than opt for playing this.

Posted by Sevenout

Maryland does have a pretty sweet flag. Our official state sport is also jousting. Maryland is the MOST medieval state

Posted by MeatSim

Yes clunky looking but seems playable. Maybe I will get this during a Steam sale someday.

Posted by NoobSauceG7

This game looks awesome! Good job Drew and Dave! (Wish I had a good PC to play it on though...)

Posted by darkdragonmage99

now that this is a gernra of games next step bring it to the consoles

Posted by vaportra1l

I knew this had to be Dave and Drew doing this one.

Posted by Luthorcrow

@vaportra1l said:

I knew this had to be Dave and Drew doing this one.

All Hail, Sir Dave and his Squire Drew! This was a very cool quick look.

Posted by Deusx


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Dave, I support your Mount and Blade single player love.

Posted by alexe0506

I also liked the single player mode in MB the best!

Posted by AndrewBeardsley

Dave and Drew work so well together. They should just do every quick look

Posted by fisk0

Funky is a pretty good portmanteau for Fun and Clunky. And that's certainly what the game looks like. Wish it was always in first person though.

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There goes Dave again, spouting his white-centric agenda.

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God this looks fun.. fuck it, going to go buy it.

EDIT: "Jeff loves tagging dudes."

Posted by Cday

Drew and Dave QLs should happen more often.

Posted by csl316

Man, the bow shooting looks so authentic. It's just like real life Drew!

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It's alright. Definitely could have used more development time, they patch this thing almost daily (which is a good thing) but as it stands its buggy, and takes a long time to learn the curve of what weapons are effective against what armor. And that could change at any point since they keep patching it. There was problem last night where nobody was getting any XP for kills or caps, so that's never good. There's a lot of work to be done on this game if they want to keep people enthusiastic about it, because almost every match is a long chat log of bitching about issues like spawning inside level objects, getting stuck, weapon spamming, blah blah.

I wanted this to be mount and blade 2 but it's not...just about everything feels unfinished and tedious. In fact it makes the community made c-Rpg mod for Mount and Blade look expertly rounded and polished by comparison. The very least fatshark could do is add a siege mode as sort of an apology haha.

Thankfully there will be a mount and blade 2!

Posted by Acheron

There is no such thing as a "family crest." Crests are granted to individuals. Drew is referring to those bogus sites that generate crests based on an algorithm. Literally every name and word in the English language has a crest, according to these sites.

Posted by me3639

GiantBomb is better with more Dave, Drew and Vinny doing ANYTHING!

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

A Drew and Dave quicklook is a quicklook to watch regardless of the video game at hand.

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Wow. How have I missed this game so far? I loved Mount and Blade, though I mostly played singleplayer. Without that element, this is definitely not worth $30 to me. But I could see myself paying $10 or maybe $15 during a Steam sale. It definitely looks like a more refined Mount and Blade, and that alone gets me going. Is there a precedent for a multiplayer-only game releasing singleplayer DLC?
And ain't that a bitch? All that begging over and over for a M&B TNT and they finally do one that's more or less a spiritual successor, and I didn't even know it existed.

Posted by AxleBro

I prefer chivalry, it has a scream button. this game is cool to but the combat is less brutal and crazy and there isn't enough screaming.