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“We made this thing. It’s like war, but it’s wireframe. It’s not finished yet.”

But, honestly, I'm liking the artstyle. It looks like AvP met Trine.

Posted by Lavs

Game's kind of weird. Co-Op multiplayer third-person? Also, if you're curious, yes, it's Dark Sector.

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The aliens are grossed out by human toes, that's why they're so effective.

EDIT: Digital Extremes? Oh god.

Y'know, the more I see of this, the more I agree with Jeff. This looks a bit like Dark Sector. The original version of it, that is. That loading splash screen, in particular, is eerily similar.

Posted by Jeric

Well this is a surprise.

Posted by D

This game looks interesting.

Posted by gerrid

i'm not big on war, or frames, or toe shoes, but i do love space. I'm in.

Posted by Grissefar

At a glance, it seems more fully featured than The War Z.

Posted by Fattony12000

Where's the frame buffering?

Posted by AssInAss

It really is the original Dark Sector, minus the stealth.

Posted by Village_Guy

I kinda like the way the game looks, but it seem fairly boring to actually play...

Posted by Blimble

This looks interesting but at the same time I can't get behind the pay2win system. I'm with them on the I would rather just buy the whole game and have it be a more cohesive product thing

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Money wise, the 35 000 for a gun aint much. You can probably make that in a few hours doing missions and selling mods that you dont need. I dont play with a shotgun or a sniper and i sell those mods. Gameplay wise it kinda gets boring after some time. You have to grind a lot to get the other warframes' parts from bosses. Devs said they will be adding more content soon. New maps and reworking some of the warframes. Imma wait for more stuff to be added before i continue playing it.

Posted by Lavs

Kind of disappointed they didn't fight an enemy type besides the Grineer. I felt like the game lacked variety too until I fought crazy flying robots.

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The melee is simple, but when you combine it with running and with a charged sword, letting go at the right moment is very satisfying. Also, can combine with sliding to get a knee-slash that can attack multiple enemies. Or a jumping death-from-above slash.

Posted by crusader8463

Shame it has to be F2P. If the missions were a bit more varied and had less of a grind I would have easily bought this for $10-$15 and played the heck out of it with a friend. Shame so many games are being ruined with F2P crap,

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Jeff should use charged sword attacks that kill most things in one slice

Although in all honesty it is a somewhat forgettable game. After a few missions it all feels very samey and there aren't enough ways to kill doods to keep you coming back for more.

Posted by Ares42

This seems very firefall-ish,

Posted by joshuaprince9212

The situation Jeff ran into where he was out of ammo and had to brute force his way to the end of the mission has pretty much been my issue with the game so far. I've ran into the same situation several times when I do missions solo. Seems that they are designed with Multiplayer in mind so if you're a guy who likes to go it solo, you're gonna have the same problem

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Anyone else being reminded of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer by this?

Posted by AssInAss

Does Jeff know you can run, lol?

Posted by Ravelle

@simkas said:

Anyone else being reminded of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer by this?

Yep, funny thing is that ME3's Multiplayer can learn a thing or two from Warframe and Vice Versa.

Posted by JetForceGemini

Looks neat. I hope we start seeing stuff like this hit the next gen systems.

Posted by probablytuna

This game seems... pretty alright.

Posted by jimmyfenix

@AssInAss said:

It really is the original Dark Sector, minus the stealth.

oh god no

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The melee is a little bit deeper than Jeff said.

You can do jumping slashes to knock down nearby enemies and you can also do whirlwind attacks when you crouch and hit melee. There is also a different kind of attack when you sprint and melee attack and you can chain them together in a way where you just keep moving in the direction you want slicing everything up like some weird maniac while never having to resort to the basic melee attack.

You can also set waypoints and switch the shoulder you look over from. But i guess all that didn't map on the controller.

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@Jeric: That Patrick is in the QL ? I know, right? I kid, I kid

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@AssInAss: Although they have said they are beefing up the stealth gameplay. :) Also, Jeff! Don't forget to sprint, slide and all other manner of crazy acrobatic moves. That adds more variation on your melee moves as well.

Posted by EnduranceFun

@asdfsdaf: Let's not... forget that ostensibly... according to Twitter... Patrick is in, every quick look.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

It's awful pretty in a small scale Planetside 2 sorta way. Colorful, shiny, and generally well rendered. Shiny floors!

Posted by Vitor

You want F2P done right? Play DOTA 2. Seriously, I know people have a lot of hang ups with the genre due to the barrier to entry and the rough community but it's the perfect F2P model.

All purchases are cosmetic or increase your levelling up speed (which does nothing but give you a random item drop when you level up) and all characters/abilities are always open to everyone. It's completely balanced and works to perfection.

Posted by fox01313

When Jeff was talking about the special abilities, I thought he said slash dance (wayyy too much time in MMOs), that would have made this more inviting to get into. Game does look interesting but learned from TF2 & Gotham City Imposters that free to play or paid multiplayer only game is just something I don't want to spend a ton of time in to see the higher ranking stuff without tons of friends playing it too.

Posted by cbarnes86

If anyone is interested, www.mmobomb.com is giving away closed beta keys. I got one from there.

Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

At the end when Jeff changed the color of is dude to red, one thing came to mind: DEADPOOL

Posted by Rothbart

"Oh god, I'm almost dead and I don't know why."

Maybe it's because you brought a sword to a shotgun fight, I dunno. That was pretty funny.

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This is probably the worst Quick Look I've seen. It completely misses the main parts of the game, like the acrobatic stuff or the powers.

The problem is you really shouldn't be using controller. It doesn't even map certain stuff to it.

Posted by zenmastah

As someone said earlier, you can make hella cash easy by selling mods, so you dont really have to use real money so much if you dont like.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

"Warface joke" (snicker snicker)

We get it Patrick

Posted by mintyice

For some reason this reminds me of Phantasy Star Online, especially PSO2.

Posted by Xymox

Pay to revive is an interesting concept. Wonder if there's a market for arcade style games that use microtransactions over the interwebs instead of quarters.

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Invest into sparks and fire. There gonna be even bigger in the future!

Posted by jozzy

I think this looks pretty cool, will try it out.

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The game looks fun. Too bad it's in closed beta.

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This looks pretty interesting, but maybe there is a generational thing here because, as a gamer approaching my 30s, all the microtransactions are a mark against. I don't mind paying for something like an XP booster to help unlock items more quickly, but I don't want to buy my character's equipment a la carte - especially if I end up paying the amount I would for a full-bodied game but find that I still have a ton of game content locked behind paywalls.

Posted by Smokey_Earhole

What the hell is up with all the grunting??

Posted by tentaclesex

Taking teal and orange to new (digital) extremes.

Posted by murugend

Wait, so this game has nothing to do with Wolfram Alpha?

Posted by Darthozzan

@SpikeDelight: Jeff keeps insisting on using controllers with every game in the world, when many of them work much better with mouse and keyboard :/

Posted by grapesoda

For those that want in, IGN is giving keys away and all you have to do is register for an account. http://www.ign.com/prime/promo/warframe

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Watch this and have your mind something

That's from like 2005