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This is gonna be good...

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cool, been waiting for this one.

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I still think that the Wii should have been able to do this from the beginning, but funny QL as always

Also, I know that its a Wii game but still, Tiger Woods 10 is one ugly Wii game

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Uhh motion! 

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ooh dude yes

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I'm really liking Tiger so far. The motion plus doesn't make a huge difference in swinging, but it makes the putting 10000 times better. That was always the worst part on tiger on the wii, and it's great now. 

Also, I"m excited to try Grand Slam Tennis. 
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I cant wait to hit the ball without it shanking off to the right.

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I want a tiny Jeff and Ryan in the corner of all my games

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Tiger 10 is awesome, picked it up day one, love to play that game.  I used to love playing on the 360 Tiger 08, I was surgical and would get a birdie on most holes.  but with this I am lucky to get par, though I did get an Eagle once.  It just feel better to play this game and when you miss the cup, you reall feel it in your body because it is your fault.  Oh man.  Best golf game ever.

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Wtf it stops at almost 11 minutes! NO.

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Wow.  Again thank you so much for listening - this is how you do quick looks for Wii games.  I dont even have a wii and this stuff makes me so much more interested then just game footage.  Thank you so much

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Jeff is not vexed by Wii safety protocols...and for that....he is a MAN!!

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Good hit on ryan, Jeff.

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Wah BAM!!!!

There it is

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Football Football Football
Tennis Hockey

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This is one of the best Quick Looks ever.

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tiger woods 10 with the Wii motion plus is actually really fun i find. Tennis still looks like tennis to me

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Was Jeff saying Adidas wrong? I thought you said it a different way.

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Jeff holds the remote funny

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Ryan looks hilarious while swinging.

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Interesting quick look! However I can't help noticing that when Jeff and Ryan are shrunk down in the corner, they're in the wrong aspect ratio, they've been squeeshed in the vertical. Sounds painful.

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Every video game should have Jeff and Ryan in the corner of the screen providing random commentary.

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Put ya backs into lads, it's Tennis not flick it gently lol

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i want a tiny giantbomb crew on my tv

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ROFL "Ouch, dont hit me, gahh"

I could not stop laughing. It was like two five year olds fighting, but in a good way.
Thanks GiantBomb

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Haha, at 13:20, Ryan getting tired of the game and Jeffs jokes :P

Btw, looks kinda like the wii sports tennis controls is just as accurate that virtua tennis game. EAs tennis game looked pretty good though.

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Also, Pat Cash is Australian not  English and has a very Australian accent. I know Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins is the stereotypical 'London' voice but he ended up sounding Australian too :P Milo sounds like the kid from Professor Layton, I don't think any child has sounded like that since the stilted voices in Bedknobs and Broomsticks xD

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Wow, Grand Slam Tennis actually looks fun.  Might have to pick it up.

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Little Ryan and Little Jeff! This Quick Look is great.

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Virtua Tennis has fallen very, very far it seems.

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Wii Motion Plus - bringing your ability to suck at sports in real life to video games!

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yay something to kill the end of the day with before I leave work.

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it looks just like the very first wii golf, only nicer graphics.

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I really want to try Wii motion plus... but I'm not much of a sports fan and i'd want to play Gand Slam without the nunchuck only that seems flawed as hell. 

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For Science! Too bad Jeff can turn his Wiimote into a deadly weapon. Who cares about hitting balls when you can hit your coworkers next to you?

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Grand Slam Tennis looks really good. I wonder if a new Mario Golf/Tennis will support Motion Plus.

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Maybe I just don't get Wii games, but am I the only person who thinks the tennis games look crap? I played the first Virtual Tennis on the Dreamcast and in that game I was able to hit the ball AND move my player at the same time. You're not getting more control; you're getting less with these games.

Regardless, I still really enjoyed this Quick Look and by putting the gameplay alongside what you guys are doing it's just incredibly informative. Another really fantastic idea from the Giant Bomb team. :)

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Best part was when Jeff hit Ryan in the face XD

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I like how Jeff just had his hand chillin in his back pocket half-way through.

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Cool quick look.

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I have a Wii.

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@SunKing: You can move your character in tennis if you plug in the nunchuck. They must not have realized that or didn't want to.

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You can control the player in both Tennis games. The guys just chose not to.
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The safety-strap is actually a deadly weapon when you combine it with the wiimote.

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