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I could they not call it "Rock of Ages"?

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Also, Dude Love. The story behind Dude Love is really heartwarming and kinda extremely sad. Of course, a lot of Mick's characters have had sadness laced in them(granted i dont know how much of a backstory there is to Cactus Jack..BANG BANG!) Anyone even mildly interested in wrestling should read his autobiographies. He has a really heartwarming story in a fucked up way.

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These "real" wrestling games only serve to make WWE All Stars look better and better.

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Ghosts are indeed problematic.

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i've always wondered what the million dollar man's net worth was.

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See what you guys think about this:

People should create characters from Giant Bomb and Tested then make stories in WWE 13. Maybe we can get Vinny or Drew to cut out the loading and then create a kind of compilation of stories from the community in an ultimate video of stories in WWE 13!

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@Phished0ne: I agree, one of the few books I read cover to cover when I was in middle school. Some really cool stories and insight to what the business was.

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I could almost see myself watching a lot of wrestling if Jeff and Vinny wrote the stories.

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The WWE needs to fire their creative team and hire vinny and jeff

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Woah this is just like The Movies...Amazing.

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I want this year's GOTY videos to be made in WWE'13. Also, if someone is going to remix TIME ROCK, change The Rock's line when he finds the briefcase to "Time to split!"

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@GorillaMoPena said:

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Jeff knows waaaaay too much about WWE.

Oh man, you don't want to know how little he actually knows.

He mostly knows a specific era and hates the rest. So these quick looks are always big for everyone going STOP BEING ALL WITH WORDS, JEFF.

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Fucking lost it at Ghost Problems. Between this, Sleepy Dogs DLC and Ravaged, this has been an AMAZING week or so for Quick Looks.

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@Flacracker said:

Jeff knows waaaaay too much about WWE.

Man, you should check out the wrestling thread on the forums sometime.

I'd like to thank Jeff for taking a stand and saying that D-Generation X is complete bullshit and the NWO is infinitely more interesting.

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and I'll do my hair sorta like the guy from Motorhead?

Alright done!

Alright great! You're the best!

Best season eva, now listen ya gonna travel through time ...

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I feel like wrestling is like Sesame Street in that it's something you grow out of and can't really expect it to grow up with you; you're just out of their demographic now.

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"Is that John Candy or Paul Bearer"

So many great lines from Vinny in this one.

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The first thing I thought when I saw that there is a WWE QL: "Snooooore, not gonna watch this on".

Then I read the discription and was sold after the three magic words "Jeff and Vinny"

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I think that car hit him at 88 mph!!! Jumping jiggawatts!

Holy shit, it started off a lil slow but once they hit the story stuff this is definitely up there for QLOTY.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa... Jack Swagger?

Also, how did they make them all look so inhuman in the pictures?

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All I want now is a downloadable story creator game with no wrestling whatsoever, but completely in the wrestling universe.

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these two are just the best sports experts

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South Park did the perfect parody of modern wrestling, turning it into male soap operas. Pretty hilarious stuff, when you consider the stories in real wrestling

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@The_Ruiner said:

I could they not call it "Rock of Ages"?

You're right. They seriously gotta rename it and upload it again.

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But....but. There were two Undertakers. That was a big storyline.

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"He's the guy who does the x's across the crotch, right?"

Ha ha, fuckin' Vinny.

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The create-a-story stuff is the only reason I'd ever buy these games. I made a pretty dumb Mortal Kombat/WWE crossover story with Smackdown vs Raw 2010, and I'm still getting comments on YouTube about it.

If they streamlined the process (or better yet, released these games on PC), I'd probably call such a game Game of the Year. :)

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Is this WWE: Deadly Premonition or something? This should be a hell of a Quick Look.

Surprisingly, people have actually made Francis York Morgan in some of these WWE games and I've used him in some of my created stories.

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Damn, they're on fire with these recent quick looks. I was in tears with the story part.

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The quality of Quick Looks has been improving greatly.

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Ghost problems made me laugh so hard I cried. That's the funniest shit I ever saw. One of the greatest narratives this generation has ever seen.

That just sold me a copy of WWE'13.

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Maaan what the hell happened to wrestlers names? They used to have (mostly) cool stage names.

Now they just use regular names?! Come on...

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I'd like to see a wrestling game made like a 2d fighter like your Street Fighters or Mortal Kombats or whatever, also, overthetop special effects and ranged attacks. What I'm saying is, drop the realism for just one sequel for kicks and giggles.

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TLC Matches and no Dudley Boyz. The eleven year old in me is super pissed right now.

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Gems from the past so beautiful, you could place them in a briefcase and then immediately get hit by a black town car.

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@ChuckDeNomolos: Well you know....TNA, rights, and all that.
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g g g ghost

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this shouldnt have made it through cert.

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oh god Ghost Problems is incredible. crying with laughter right now.

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75 minute quick look. 10 minutes of wrestling.

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hahaha brodius clay

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1 guy as 3 characters? What is this, a 70s TV show?

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I still enjoy wrestling here and there. This game seems to be better than WWE 12. Hilarious quicklook.

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I don't like wrestling but Rey Mysterio is one cool dude.

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@thefloorislava said:

75 minute quick look. 10 minutes of wrestling.

Accurate to real wrestling.

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Now I'll never know who violated Cina! * sad face*

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John madden

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Great. Now I'm tempted to buy this just for the story stuff. Maybe in a year when it's 15 dollars.

Really hope that someone expands on Time Rock and uploads it on youtube.

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I'd like to see Ghost Problems combined with Time Rock.

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