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I think its more of an insult that WWE is relying on the Attitude Era to garner attention for the new title. It shows that the current roster of wrestlers are of lower entertainment value than what WWE was dealing with 10 plus years ago.

If you are going to bring back the attitude wrestlers then I want to old fast paced arcade style of the early SMACKDOWN games to return as well. None of this realism appeals to me.

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I read Tietam Brown by Mick Foley, and I can honestly say that it's real goddam good. Honestly, I was pretty fucking shocked how good it was.

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Damn, now I want to buy this game and continue the Time Rock saga. I know who was in the car but past Rock won't know until he and present Rock go to the future for a tag team battle against past and present Triple H at Wrestlemania 75.

And then Dude Love, Mankind, and Cactus Jack merge into one being to complete human instrumentality.

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The Sportsmen are at it again!

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It really, really sucks that THQ closed down their San Diego studio. The action in Yuke's games so stilted and bad - no wonder Jeff is always depressed when he has to play these. All-Stars was several magnitudes better; more responsive, better animation (going over the top always is better with animations), better transitional animations, amazing reversals, tight collision... that was a finely tuned fighting engine. Whatever Yuke's is doing is too syrupy, too unresponsive, has awful collision - it just doesn't feel good. Even though WWE '12/'13 is a marked improvement over what has come before it.

I heard Bandai Namco is now acting as an external developer for other companies. Like how they're developing the new Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo. I would LOVE to see what, say, the Tekken or Soul Cailibur team could do with the WWE. Even if they leave the "sim" franchise here in Yuke's hands; I wouldn't mind another arcadey fighting/wrestling hybrid game if the action was great.

As for the presentation, yeah, that's pretty top notch this year. I even don't mind the current WWE product either. New guys like the Miz and Ziggler and Sheamus are marked improvements over even where they were five years ago; that was the lowest spot in recent times. And people still give them shit for it.

It is still too "grounded", too "bland" - especially compared to the cartoonishness of the 80's or the Attitude era. But it's getting better; and some of the talent now is the best that ring has ever seen (which is to say, still noticeably worse than Ring of Honor or Dragon Gate USA. On the plus side, it means WWE Superstars can work for more than three years before injuring themselves into retirement). And the WWE definitely needs to push their younger roster; besides Punk and Cena, they got no one who can sell a PPV. But trust me; when guys like Punk, Miz, Ziggler, Sheamus and Wade Barrett retire, people will lose their minds. There will be tears. Just like when HBK or Edge had to leave. Like SNL and the Simpsons, people are too quick to write off the current product. That's what elderly people do; it's never as good now as it used to be, automatically. Ugh. Who wants to think like a senior citizen like that?

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I would watch a thousand hours of Vinny and Jeff creating a wrestling storyline.

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The Rock was once in The Nation of Domination. This is fact.

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Wow I learned a lot about wrestling.

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Christ, the latter half of the video was freaking hilarious.

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It's just not the same without a good old Jim Ross hit and run.

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@Arthurd said:

Wow I learned a lot about wrestling.

Yup. I think I need to go take a shower...

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Just fucking amazing. ghost cant eat

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By my count, there are 4 dead wrestlers in this game.

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It's not a WWE quick Look without someone getting run over by a car...and this pleases me to no end.

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Ghost Problems made me cry. That was beautiful.

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This was hilarious

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ghosts cant eat

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Wow finally a wrestling game that makes the action look somewhat as fake as the real thing.

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My god this was hilarious. Will probably grab this on sale someday.

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Vinny and a couple of the other guys should do a quick look for the game The Movies.

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LOL I laughed so hard.

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This was fantastic

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Indeed Jerry Lawler. Indeed.

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11:00 is just amazing. "I will give you $35 to draw a really good picture of Mike Tyson."