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X-Men unite?

Dang, so close

Posted by tinodz

Very much Against... Not For at all.

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Welcome to DIE!

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Can't wait to see how bad this is.

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See? He says it's not absolutely atrocious!! Jeeez... Mean people!!

Posted by Boogieknight

Meggido is missing!

Posted by leejunfan83

@nohthink: extreme mediocrity is absolutely atrocious

Posted by G24S

That dude wearing a knit hat on the right @ around 1:30 looks damn high.

Posted by mrangryface

I bought this with trade in credit, totally worth it. Bad/Mediocre games are people too.. just like corporations

Posted by AzurePhoenix

I'd definitely buy Magneto is Missing and Magneto Teaches Typing.

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@leejunfan83: Just like a review score of 8/10 is absolute shite.

And damn, all this Too Human talk makes me really want to go play some Too Human. I really regret selling that game at a yardsale.

Posted by TurboMan

I'll watch this while installing my BF3 Beta :)

Posted by ninjakittyboxrz

Am I a mutant? Cause I already have "Density Control'

... ... in mah pants!!!

Posted by DonChipotle

I bought this game. I don't hate it. I don't love it. It is one of those harmless mediocre games and I dunno, I kinda like it.

Posted by tinodz

Do you know what happens to a bad game that gets a Quick Look?

The same thing that happens to everything else!

Posted by NAP

It looks like my general disinterest in this game is highly justified.

Posted by Vortextk

I am totally into the menus and a lot of early things I'm seeing. It's...really unfortunate, isn't it? Well maybe this'll make a good 10-15 dollar purchase down the road. It might not take long..

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X-Men: Density

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Ryan Davis: I don't think it's absolutely atrocious from what i played but it is definitely extremely mediocre.


Posted by Succugeek

I want to like this, particularly because I've always been a fan of the X-Men (so much so that my daughter is named after one). But I don't know if I want to spend retail price on it right now.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

I feel we're getting to the point where the site should just be called Giant WOBWOBWOBWOBWOBWOB. :P

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Hey GB crew, can you guys turn the game audio up more in some of your Quicklooks? I can barely hear the dialogue even with all audio at full blast.

Posted by zombie007

Oh God!

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So are there only two buttons needed for this game?

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

This game looks terrible.

Posted by SkullcrusherMountain

You are my density.

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So much content lately, excellent

Posted by darkjester74

Ugh, a Too Human 2 would have been way better. :-p

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@ninjakittyboxrz: Super Volt FTW.

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Is it me, or does X-Gene sound like a mutant accountant?

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So many Quick Looks!

Posted by Teoball

Cyclops is voiced by Nolan North, and Jeff hates the voice acting. Aw.

Posted by Hoshnasi

Cyclops looks like a chicks photo in Facebook... Duck-face forever.

Posted by Kaidorin

Ugh. Everything about this looks terrible.

Posted by Summoboomo

"Oh. It's an Ender's Game."

Goddammit, Jeff.

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Stick this in an open world, give you some goofy moment powers so you can fling yourself across rooftops with people handing you missions and they might have had something mildly entertaining, this just looks like the definition of mediocre.

Posted by dogmanstar_uk

looks awful.

I liked Too Human as well. A member of the minority I know.

Posted by Klei


Something mediocre isn't atrocious. This game isn't busted nor broken; it's just super shallow and mediocre.

Posted by iamnick

Lol @ Jeff's dubstep noisemaking skills

Posted by xtiara

This game actually doesn't look bad... I might pick it up from Gamefly for a month or two.

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Poor direction can make any VA sound bad, even the great Nolan North.

Posted by Drakoji

It's so sad to see Silicon Knight being so low in their game... I loved Eternal Darkness =(

Posted by Elod

Oh man, i must be a mutant, cause i get "density control" all the time and i can't even control it.

Posted by super2j

hmm, except for asian girl.... not much diversity in the beginning of this quicklook.... when can i see the fabled brown hero(and not one a character creator).

Posted by WiqidBritt

@Succugeek: Ororo?