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I wonder if it'll be any good... the movie I mean.

Edit: Ha! I finally got that quest... Yet I feel so empty on the inside.

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numba 2

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This should be awesome.

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I so love cars with guns on them! I'll buy this if there's multiplayer.

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Wait... is this a racing game or an action game or what? Looks like a missed opportunity to clone Mario Kart.

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not "The Movie, The Video Game"? Huh..

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I'm honestly questioning whether a pixar movie might be bad. I've never done that before.

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Cars have become sentient we clearly need to kill them all before they rise against us.

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The last game was a huge money-maker for Disney and the franchise itself has been one of their most successful at selling related merchandise.  Wall-E might be a better movie than the first Cars, but that one sold a ton of toys, games, t-shirts, and happy meals.  I don't know how well the Cars 2 movie will do in theaters, but if it's just good enough then boys will beg their parents for this game and all other related products.  Bank, baby, it's all about makin' bank.

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Edited the wiki page for this game a week ago. The game looks bad

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Shit I loved the first cars movie and believe it or not the game wasn't that bad either. This one hopefully will improve on that.

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It's weird to think that this game is developed by the Just Cause 2 people.