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Mark Hamill LOVE

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Been waiting all day for this!

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Awesome! Didn't know this was even recorded.

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Nice, got something to watch tomorrow morning.

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Giant Bomb's new year resolution? NEVER LET ME SLEEP.

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I remember playing so much of this on Playstation(the game is still over on my shelf). Don't think I ever did finish it. I might be wrong on that, though. Been so long I can't really be sure if I finished it or not.

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I used to play the PS1 version of this game all the time. Looking forward to watching this.

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Thanks! :)

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3-man Random PC Game? Be still, my heart!

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Oh the memories..... this and x-wing... c'mon!

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@ichthy said:


(Why type it myself when I can quote it?)

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Sweet, I wasn't ready to go to bed yet anyway.

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Please do Privateer!

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i love u DUDES.

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HOLY SHIT YES WC3 is a classic!

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this is quite unexpected... and quite amazing. :D

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I played the PlayStation version of this and man, did I play it a LOT. I think that game came on four CD's or something crazy like that. Played the SNES Wing Commander a bunch too. Was always a big fan of Maniac.

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The cat people sound like the Selkath from KOTOR

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The Dr from "lost" is Vegabond. Nice

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Is that clay davis from the wire? Sheeeeeeet

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man watching the intro just something about it makes me want to go play dark forces 2. the music in the intro was toally similar to tie fighter.

edit: they were completely wrong tie fighter and this came out the same year

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That ginger was in Back to the Future.

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These guys are name dropping fucking Herman's Head but they almost don't recognize the guy from Lost.

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Francois Chau is not japanese, . He's cambodian!

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X-Wing was absurdly hard. At least it was when I was a kid. I beat my head against that game for a long time before giving up. My CH Flightstick wasn't enough. Man, that was a great joystick.

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Brad on RPG?


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Vin radar!

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Brad goes "Paul Steed worked on this?!" at the same time that I'm going "Barry Leitch worked on this as Spaceflight Dialogue Editor?!"
Look it up, kids.

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The game is all, "we worked on these cutscenes, you're watching them even if you hate the gameplay!"

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12 minute intro. True old school :)

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That asian guy is in Lost!

Edit: oh Vinny called it

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Hooray for porn actors going legit >.>

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I'd love to fly that ship

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Hell yes!

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Yep, installing Freespace Open right now.

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@eloj: That's not so unusual. He's a freelance sound guy as well as a composer.

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1:28 Actually, the dialogue choices can affect some stuff that happens in the game - there are a couple of branching moments, and I have a feeling how much pilots like you affects stuff like whether they're likely to follow orders in space and stuff. Nothing crazy, but still, nice little touches.

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They're right, this totally is like Mass Effect.

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Great game. Played with a sidewinder back in the days. Still got a crush on all those... actresses.

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Yep Dave,ya nailed it. Same exact guy.
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@Stubee said:

The cat people sound like the Selkath from KOTOR

I think you mean the Selkath from KOTOR sound like the cat people (kilrathi)

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They ought to take a look at Wing Commander IV. The quality of the FMV was a lot better, they had a budget for building full sets and despite the Kilrathi taking a backseat, it actually had a much better quality of story over all. The gameplay was... well, about the same, but I seem to remember enjoying the missions a little more, too.

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I played the hell out of the old wing commander games.

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It would be incredible if you could patch the game text to put NAMASTE! instead of VAGABOND. Halliwax wouldn't be a bad flight handle either.

@nate6858: Pfffh. Nice toy son. ;) I had the FCS.Back before Thrustmaster turned into Madcatz.

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Damn!... Giantbomb has been on FIRE lately

Nice sweet Freaks & Geeks reference there Dave. That show is amazing, shame it was way ahead of its time. It's been playing on my local cable lately. It's awesome to see it on TV as opposed to torrents

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Did anyone else go on GOG to buy this, after like, 15 minutes?