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Revenge of the Jar Jar Binks?

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Speak to me Jeff

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Jar! Jeff! Questions! Answers!

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Got some mood light going and let's do this

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We need the answers to questions and only a Jar format will do.

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Came for the Dark Souls, stayed for the Jar.

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Jar? Ja!

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Fill me full of hot revenge, Jeff.

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been a while!!!

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I've missed jar time. Thanks for doing one, Jeff!

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Man, I'd like to know Jeff's dream game.

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Chief security officer Tasha Jar

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I've missed jar time. Thanks for doing one, Jeff!


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Valve will use the Super Hot mechanic in Half Life 3 when they reveal that Gordon is the G Man and his crazy ass time powers start to awaken.

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Awesome. Been too long.

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Little known fact: this was originally called Return of the Jar, but he changed it because it didn't make the jar sound tough enough.

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The famous Jar Time has returned ! Thanks Jeff.

Hope my ear infection is over soon it fucking suuuuuuucks,hurts like a motherfucker.

Watching Jar Time will make it better,i hope.

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Jeff, you DO need a vacation. Take one.

I realize that sounds condescending. But yeah, Jeff, take a vacation.

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Jeff =/= cop

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Thanks Jeff

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While I'm sure it means absolutely nothing to us folks, that comment about having a very clear idea for where he'd be in 6 weeks to a year had a weird air of drama to it.

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Damn you Jeff, damn you for making me have *feelings* by posting a new Jar Time.

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As a take off of Yars' Revenge, Jars Revenge would have been the obvious choice here. Maybe even add an umlaut or some sort of modifier to make it into a soft J.

Er...I mean, jar time yay!

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Jar Time is back! Right on. I'm stressed the fuck out so this video is much appreciated right now.

Based on what I've read, Grand Theft Auto Online is nothing like its predecessors. I agree that the adversarial aspect of the game doesn't sound very appealing (although there are some interesting mechanics at play), but the cooperative potential is huge.

Set after the main campaign, the offering will include more than 500 missions, Game Informer reported (thanks, CVG).

Almost all activities from the game's single-player mode will be present, including heists, hijacking, robberies, racing and assaulting gang hideouts. Should you tire of lawbreaking, tennis, golf and base jumping will also be available.

Your world will be populated by friends and crew members, then other nearby players at a similar level. It'll also be inhabited by a number of faces from GTA5's story, such as a car dealer that you can sell stolen motors to.

Performing jobs for different groups will offer rewards. Befriend the biker gangs and they'll turn up to support you during missions. Pal around with a tech-savvy character and he'll remove you from the radar during missions. And a friendly security firm can arrange for airstrikes.

GTA Online will notice which types of missions you prefer and offer more of the same type based on your tastes.

There's even a passive mode to avoid being attacked by other players - but this will be automatically disabled if you fire a weapon.

Apparently they have 30-40 writers working on GTA Online content. Getting a few friends together in attempt to "earn" as much money as possible and using said money to buy new property, cars, customize our characters etc. sounds extremely promising. It's a bit long, but this video does a good job at explaining what the hell GTA Online actually is. There's a lot to digest.

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"It would probably be best to...expose yourself.."
-Jeff 'Creeper Cam' Gerstmann

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(seriously though, take a vacation)

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Heh, "click play and put the video in the background. That's what you do anyway."

Said while I was doing other things with the video in the background.

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Cheers, this was just what I needed to get my workday going.

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Excellent description of good club music,

"Girls in tight white pants on bad drugs dancing on tables in dive bar, type electronic music".

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Was just thinking another Jar time would be great to watch/listen to. And then I visited the site.

Thank you for taking the time, @jeff!

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Don't share Jeff's viewpoint at all about Playstation exclusives being worse than microsoft exclusives. Sony has so much more variety in their exclusives. The Last of Us and Journey , in my opinion, are the best exclusive games of this generation.

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YESSSSSSSSS. Thanks Jeff ^_^b

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god, jeffs bedroom looks alot like mine,

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In this edition Jeff turns his chair round, sits backwards in it and says "Lets 'rap' for a second."

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@nodima: I think he means console launches.

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Everytime I watch one of these I feel like Giant Bomb is going to end soon. =[

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No Ryan Davis mention. Disappointing. Loved the life advice for the pot smoker though.

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Real talk with Jeff.

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@master_funk: I agree, except for the part about TLOU being anything other than abject trash. I don't know what the hell exclusives MS has other than Forza that are worth a shit. Meanwhile, I'm hype for Infamous 3 and this Killzone actually looks not terrible, likely due to ripping off Far Cry.

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Thanks for putting a new one up, Gerstmann! Can't wait to listen.

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Lay down the law, Jeff.

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Yo are awesome Jeff! Take that vacation soon, and leave Brad in charge!

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Middle channel only Jeff spooks me

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Git ya jar on.

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Al Pacino?

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I really, really hope Apple does something about the iTunes Match bullshit when you have over 25,000 songs in your library. You can't even manage which songs you want. It just doesn't work. There should at least be different pricing tiers or the ability to manage which 25,000 songs you want in the cloud.

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Excellent episode! The EDM talk was propably my personal favorite. You've simply got the most fantastic metaphors for explaining different variants of music. Now I can't stop thinking about the different nuances of "kids on drugs so new they don't even have names yet"-type dubstep and the recently introduced "girls in tight white pants on bad drugs" subgenre.