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Posted by sate2801

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could not possibly be any less interested in a third-person-shooter-where-the-targets-are-brown-people-conspiracy-TANGODOWN-OSCARMIKE game

Yup, same here. I feel no need to SAVE MURRICA FROM THE TURBAN'ED PEOPLE for the umpteenth time.

You actually go to different countries and fight different enemies..but ignorance is bliss I guess.

Wow, that sounds totally revolutionary. Anyways, the setting is the least of this game's worries. RIP Splinter Cell.

I never said anything about it being revolutionary?...oh wait your one of THOSE guys..I get it..carry on.

let's put it this way: you seriously looking forward to this game?!

Posted by Butano

Maybe Ubisoft is just pulling our leg and Ironside's voice will be in the final game....

I'll get the game, but the voice still throws me off for how young Sam sounds in it.

Posted by ocdog45

You're not Sam Fisher! This man is a lie.

Posted by Delta_Ass

"I am Sam Fisher."

No, you're not.

Posted by thedj93

sam so sleepy

Posted by Morrow

Is it just me or do the graphics look kinda... outdated? Dunno, but especially the facial animations look kinda stiff.