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" aaa "
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Part 02. Again?

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How can there be two Part 02's?

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Man this week is crazy

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Best Tuesday in recent memory.
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I have not seen the end of this day...

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Okay, when the Socom one finishes rendering, they should totally call that "Part 2" as well.

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Ah yeah! I've been waiting for this video.

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@Lucien_Lachance said:
" Okay, when the Socom one finishes rendering, they should totally call that "Part 2" as well. "
hah, yeah
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There are two (2) part 2s.
You are fucking with us.

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Really want to watch this but I have an essay to write...

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How can there be two Part 02's?
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Haha, I was JUST about to hit up the Justin.tv page to watch the archive. Perfect timing.

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This is great... But how is it any different then a quicklook?

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That opening game with Quan chi and Kratos was awesome, or maybe it was double Quan chi? WHO CAN SAY!!!
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Test your luck looks hella fun.

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Please let there be a Johnny Cage "Ninja Mime" costume.

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I definitely don't have what it takes to weigh in on the TNT, but I'll sure I'll sure enjoy watching it!

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I'd much rather see Master Chief than any Xbox exclusive character I can think of.


The Sparrow? Or maybe Garth? I don't know the Fable III characters well enough to make any suggestions there, but I'd totally accept either one of those two options as part of the MK universe.
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hey i watched this live!

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Kneel before the CHEESE!

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" This is great... But how is it any different then a quicklook? "
It was live and they were taking questions.
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@528seven:  Part 2 Quicklook 2: Unleased, QLOTY Edition
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God I hate avatars.

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God damnit!  I hate that I have a job now...  This is a TNT I really want to do.  But I don't spend my days watching Giant Bomb anymore.

Just so I don't jinx myself, I am happy that I have a job. 

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Considering Stryker, Sonya, and Jax... Who else thinks Solid Snake would have made a great addition?!?

also, um... Ninja Raiden fits in quite well too. Maybe he could be a future DLC for the 360 version!
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Always good to see Brad pulling a Brad.

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Looks like the first truly great MK in almost a decade.  So glad to see them get back to their roots and focus on just making something amazing.  Love it.

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So I need to get going and hand my dissertation in. It only took 1 year.

But, dammit Giant Bomb!

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Fuck....I can't get over how good that announcer is.
Every time he says FIGHT I feel like I want to beat up something IRL or bust some ghosts.

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dude im fucking buying this game

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This is pretty amazing, def. want the PS3 version but alas... Australia D:

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Seeing them crack up over Kratos getting cut in half by Kratos was awesome

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Dear Brad,

Stop jumping!

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Fulgore from KI would've been a great 360 version.

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Can't believe I missed the whole thing.

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I want this goddamn game so goddamn much goddamn it. But I'll be without console games for six weeks!  AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGG! Stupid employment!

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Out of all the guest characters they would have picked, Kratos is by far the better choice. He looks like he belongs in a MK game, and he is not afraid of ripping peoples faces off.
I cringe when i think of the Spartan in DOA, or Yoda and Vader in SC.

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hmm, this and the portal vid add up to a little more than an hour.  Archived livestream is over 2 hours.  Did they play an hour of SOCOM or just cut out a lot of dead air?

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I'm not sure if it's intentional but Kratos used to have blue markings before they decided on red.

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I love that Jeff pulled out cheese and forgot how to do it again. That is how awesome that emotion was.