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Posted by MoosePrime

Since I don't have the money to buy this yet, I'll watch instead.

Posted by MrMcJerk

I don't know how I got to this video... But I waited for someone else to post since I already had the "First" achievement. So there's that.

Posted by onan

yeah it's not showing up on the front page, only "recent videos". this marathon is both making the wait harder and easier since I decided not to buy Skyrim on day one. If the last few games are any indication, they're going to be putting out something like $50 worth of DLC, so any discounts I can get by waiting would be awesome. The fact that it'll be mostly patched by then makes it even better.

Posted by MrMcJerk

@onan: That's my "buying Skyrim" plan as well.

Posted by Shadow

It's crazy to me that he found this dungeon without getting even the first shout

Posted by rjayb89

Hm, there are audio issues in this one, at least in the downloaded HD version. Whenever Greg looks directly at someone while they're talking the voice audio is really low unless he looks away, and only then will it sound fine. Happens a lot after the first hour in this video, can't remember if he talked to many people during the early majority of the video.

Posted by MrBubbles

after i finish my current skyrim game i kinda wanna go back and play as a hot nord lady

Posted by Swoxx

God I was tearing my hair out when he couldn't figure out he hadn't accepted the imperial legion quest from rikke -_- SHE STILL HAD THE MARKER ON HER!!!! aaargghh

Posted by RichieJohn

I feel like you should be able to save that dude from getting his head cut. They mention trial by combat as they're talking so I think you should be able to step up.

Posted by Getz

Wassup moose?

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The marathon was awesome, and I really appreciate Greg doing it, but this was definitely a portion I found a little aggravating. Specifically, the part where Greg kept too many quest markers active and kept getting himself lost. Then the part where he went to Solitude and just talked to a bunch of irrelevant NPCs for a while, and managed to interrupt the Legion commander who was trying to give him a quest.

Posted by MeatSim

Such a huge moment of triumph when Greg finally took down that group of Falmer.

Posted by anzejk

Great! This marathon is, was and will be totaly Great! I looove it! Great yob Greg! ;D

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Posted by Cerberus3Dog

One of my favorite series of videos on the site. Watching this again now.