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I agree with @wjb - I didn't realize this was GB content. You should preface the title with "Video Essay" or something.

Posted by blake_brown

Really cool feature, Patrick! Hope to see more of this type of thing from you.

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love the npr background music lol

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Pretty cool, keep doing more of this stuff!

Posted by Rmt181

Great little feature. Keep 'em coming!

Posted by DavidMerrick

God, I loved this. Didn't hurt that I'm a huge jazz fan, too. I'd be really pumped to see more features like this one.

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I like this new video essay thing. It was interesting to hear someone's ideas on Xbone's Kinect voice commands. Since all I usually hear on the internet is "XBONE SUCKS!". Plus actually seeing how it works was really enlightening rather than just reading or listening. Sign me up for more of these video essays.

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This video is really neat. I would enjoy seeing more like it.

Posted by Steadying

I am letting you know in the comments.

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More stuff like this Scoops, it's cool to see new kinds of video content.

Posted by MisterChief

Very well done.

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I would watch more stuff like this, nicely edited, and different from the normal fare

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Please keep making more of these. It was great!

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When the green words pop up like at the beginning, you should at that point just say "Netflix". Not "Go to Netflix".

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I really enjoyed this new style of video. It was weird seeing scripted and edited content on Giant Bomb, outside of GotY wackiness, but it had a really cool style and I think Patrick made it work better than the pure live stuff he does.

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Is this Patrick's application for assistant editor of Giant Bomb dot com?

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Patrick is learning his Vinny lessons very well.

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One of the coolest videos on GB in a long time. Well done.

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I really enjoyed that Patrick, please keep it coming!!

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This seriously rules.

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Was anyone else enjoying this video almost souly for the Jazz until the cheesy horror music kicked in?

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Haha, great music choices!

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If there is one thing motion control demonstrated is that controlling device are easier and faster with discrete control like a classic remote. Voice recognition has been tried for now 10 years on PC and still hasn't caught on, Dragon Naturally Speaking works perfectly and flawlessly, it puts that expensive Kinect to shame and yet nobody cared, cares or will ever care, it will only catch on the day that thing reads your mind, because so far moving a mouse, clicking a button is less effort and faster than speaking words. Just try it, it takes less than a second to click on Windows Start Menu, any combination of words that would bring the Start Menu takes twice as much time, saying Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome takes more time than clicking the damn thing.

In short. Voice recognition doesn't solve any problem, it just creates more.

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Sure, I'll watch more of this. So long as it has that sweet jazz music.

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Hell yeah I want more of this. It kinda reminds me of NPR.

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This seems like a really slick and interesting feature, which is not surprising in the least.

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More content is always a good thing!

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Knocked it out of the park!

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What is this?

More of this.

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I want to see more stuff like this. I am letting you know in the comments.

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Great video so please do more of this patrick.

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Classy, eloquent, and entertaining.

I definitely want more content like this!

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Great video! I definitely would love to see this type of feature more often.

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This was cool. More please, Patrick.

Posted by DazzHardy

Liked, Commented, Subscribed.

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@patrickklepek You made me comment on an article/video for the first time on the site(possibly any site in years), just to say it was a pleasant surprise and I would like to see more.

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I like the format and would enjoy seeing more content like this.

Posted by Cathryn

I really like this! Nice work, Patrick!

Posted by JasonMrazMtaz

Hooray for video essays!

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This was excellent and made me want even less kinects in my life.

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Great Video Patrick! Jazz huge plus

Posted by cowie

I really liked this! Your tone and style of speech make it a pleasure to listen to. It adds some nice variety to the generally bombastic tone stuff here tends to take.

Posted by DocWattson

A little to NPRish for my taste but still damn good. More please!

Posted by patbaer

I liked this.

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I use my Kinect for voice commands all the time, and have very few problems with it. It's incredibly useful when I need to mute or pause the program I'm watching if I'm engaged in another activity, such as commenting on a video online. Of course there are some awkward design choices which force you to use a controller, or are much simpler with one, but they don't sour the experience on the whole. As far as the Netflix app is concerned, every Netflix app is garbage and a pain to navigate, including their own website.

Posted by SnowCharges

Really enjoyed this and I would love to see what else you could do with this format.

Posted by Trace17

Awesome, I would love to see more stuff like this Patrick.

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I'm really liking this Patrick. Just enough production, what with the music and all, to where it kept my attention without needlessly overdoing it with graphics and such. It's at a good length too I think: it doesn't feel like a summarized version of the article you could've written and not too long to where it feels like a full on feature. Great job!

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