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I'm ready

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I love me some jar time.

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Jeff 'n jars makin' fun of Tested.com's own Will Smith. <3

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Jeff drinking from a jar while watching Will drink from a non-jar? How jarring.

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Take that Will Smith!

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New frontiers.

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I'm ready to drink from the Jar

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When Ryan said on twitter this morning that Jeff took some Bombay Bad Boy home, I had a feeling on of these would be coming.

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Nothing better to come home to after a long day of lectures and labs than the JAR TIME!

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Been waiting for a new Jar Time, alright!

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This is fun, i had no idea there was a rival jar time.

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Now Will needs to make a video of himself watching this video of Jeff watching him.... and then Jeff makes another of himself watching that video and so on...

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My Internet is slow as fuck today. I can barely watch the first 5 seconds.

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Jeff, where do you think you are?

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another shitty day made better. Thank you Giantbomb =)

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aw ye

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Man, Will Smith's copycat jar time! You should sue the fuck out of him! Even his name is a ripoff! Dude is totally gaming Google search by claiming to be "Will Smith!"

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Jar time within a jar time? Jarception.

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My body is rdy.

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Best premium video series

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Ahahahahaa, amazing intro.

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Need my fix, was about to go through withdrawals.

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Jar me up captain!

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Who would watch that?
Oh Jeff, You make me laugh. ME! And 10000 other people AT LEAST!
So keep making these videos  :) 

@CaptainCanada said:

Best premium video series

Agree 100%
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This is my favorite part of Whiskey Media; Well worth the purchase price I paid for my gold medal, alone.

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I think that guy on the computer screen touched me once when I was at summer camp...

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Red and black lumber jack.Weres the hat to match?

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I feel like Jeff let that water sit waaaaayyyy too long in that jar... it's all black and shit.

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love these vids.

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Shit this video series is weird but there is just something about watching Jeff for nearly 2 hours that is awesome. No homo.

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Jeff: The thing your video idea sounds like the most, at least in the context of WhiskeyMedia videos, is how Screened has the Besties and/or Defend Your Movie. So maybe a take on that, a Defend Your Game, might be better than saying Hall of Fame?

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theirs no room in this word for 2 jars.

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Fantastic like always

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1:43:14 with Jeff is a little too much quality internet content for one sitting. I shall endeavour to consume this over a period of 2 to 3 sittings.

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@msavo: all the crazy shit happens at six seconds in!

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Ohhhh boy. Oh man, I am not enjoying hearing Jeff read out this... 22 year old widow's question about hardcore gaming. I don't know about you guys.

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@I_smell: That was definitely hard to listen to. I feel for the guy though, that's gotta suck being a widower at 22.
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Loved it when Jeff went off tools who use the term "AAA" without having any idea what it actually means.


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@msavo said:

My Internet is slow as fuck today. I can barely watch the first 5 seconds.

I wonder if it has to do with the video server. Regardless of quality setting, I can't watch it either.

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locked and loaded

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I wish all the GB guys did this. I would love Jar Time with Vinny.

Bar Time with Brad.

Car Time with Ryan!

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Great intro! I really enjoyed your talk starting with newspapers.

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Jeff your awesome 30 seconds in and your making fun of wills live show lol

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About the Capcom stuff, I agree that a new Mega Man would be cool but it seems to me, judging by their recent products, that they have serious problems on the design side. Either they've hired the wrong sorts of people, or management is interfering in unproductive ways with the creative. The result is derivative titles that contain new mechanics/design choices in a way that appears sloppy, different for the sake of being different without any basis or understanding of why the old titles were special. Take a look at RE5, SFIV and its iterations, MvC3, etc. The 'new' things Capcom brought to the table for those were mostly mediocre tack ons that the fanbase generally tolerated but weren't especially thrilled about. Those games sold because of the remnants of the core gameplay that survived intact from their more competent predecessors.

Consider Street Fighter vs. Tekken. In that game I see a wildly misguided design team working under an extremely tight schedule, cutting corners all over the place because of it, zero competent oversight on the visual structure of the product, bolting on whatever random bullshit gimmick they can shit out without any consideration for how it will affect the core audience they are relying on to bring in a baseline of sales. It looks like a game made by a team with far more budget than ability, who got the job because their last project sold well mostly as a result of franchise loyalty and design choices that had already been made by more talented people nearly twenty years ago.

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I wish all the GB guys did this. I would love Jar Time with Vinny.

Bar Time with Brad.

Car Time with Ryan!

I would upgrade to gold for a Vinny based talking video. :D

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QUALITY! That's what matters.

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love this video series... and I think Asura's Wrath looks pretty cool ( or at least interesting).

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Concerning the Premium model, Jeff, you keep putting Jar Time and Random PC Game up on the site, I'll keep paying you money.

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The reason people aren't happy about Ninja Theory taking over DMC is because none of the Ninja Theory games have shown to have snappy, responsive, deep, and fun combat... which is what DMC is all about. That's kinda it. DMC fans (like myself) have no problem with it getting changed up.

Just not changing it up by having the wrong developer make it.

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Wow 1:43:14 long? I wish this was a podcast. This is by far my favourite video content.