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Hell yes!

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I want this so bad.

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aw man i'm not first

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Hey I know that guy!

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Awwwww yeah!

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Where's Vangelis?

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Turn up that bass! louder!

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I will take all the bass, please.

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That font is virtually unintelligible. I mean, at least go whole-hog and use wingdings.

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Thanks, Patrick, for keeping news of this game alive. I guess I should go back and edit the page for it, as they totally blew past the 2012 release date. Some day, this game is going to come out, and I'm going to get a chance to play it. Alas, they didn't pick me for either of the closed betas they've done since I got on their mailing list a couple years ago.

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@umdesch4: pm me and i may be able to get you on the beta

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I've seen/heard less than a minute of this game and I'm already in. The brief snippets of music have blown me away. I actually checked out End of the Line, the Tron inspired album by @mogigrumbles and that is nicely filling the synth void in my life. Recommend it to anyone interested in FRACT.

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sounds like tycho a bit

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when the hell is this coming out?