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Yay happy hour

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This game looks like a lot of fun.

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Being a video game sound designer and musician myself, I love it when companies put stuff like this together.

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I love sound design and sound editing, so I'd welcome this sort of "making of" stuff more often :)

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Aw, 5th is the closest I've ever got. One day. :(
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Garshasp owns this game...

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Creepier than I expected, but the art of Foley isn't always pretty. Can't wait for the game!

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Looks brutal, color me intrigued.

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sound design fascinates me

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That looks a lot better than I expected and the sound stuff in the video was great, but they should really turn on the lights or something in that office. It's not healthy working like that. What with only ever having enough light for one side of your face.

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Kevin Reipl has had nothing but badass music in games. I love his work.

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I have high hopes for this game.... It will be a great coop adventure if it turns out!

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What's up with the editing on these videos? You don't need random skips and noises, just show the developers talking and show the gameplay footage. It's not hard! 

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I'm 15th, but i'm drunk, so can i please have the achievement????? : /

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This is too edgy for its own good. 

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Guys, we really need to stop with the whole slutty female warrior character thing, it's really lame.

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@Brendan said:
Guys, we really need to stop with the whole slutty female warrior character thing, it's really lame.

If you're looking for slutty male mages instead, Dragon Age 2's got you covered.
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@onan: Who doesn't like smutty elven women.......and men?
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I have to say they have done a good job making me interested in this game.  looking forward to seeing the reviews.

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How about wilhelm scream does your game have that?

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Really cool that they didn't use sample libraries. Hearing a sound effect you've heard before can really take you out of the experience...

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Game looks good man!

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