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Oh man just WATCHING this with headphones is freaking me out.

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I am certainly not an easy person scare, but the Oculus and some of those game's use of hide and seek dread seems pretty effective, even just focusing on what you saw. I can certainly see the potential and this was a great work Patrick.

Now I need to check out that Trippin' the Rift video.

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Great video, Patrick! I'm really excited for the OR, but no way in HELL would I play a horror game on that thing. I can barely get through horror games on a normal screen. But it's fun watching others play them.

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@patrickklepek The VR exposure therapy wikipedia page is an interesting read, VR "games" are used quite a lot for treating phobias, anxiety and PTSD. Soon, people can probably have proper VR therapy sessions over the internet while sitting home in their own sofa.

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Okay, I need an Oculus Rift asap!

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@ocdfox: It's definitely just a matter of drinking beer until you like it. For the longest time I thought all beer tasted absolutely terrible, and I couldn't understand why anyone thought it was "Refreshing" or anything like that. In these last couple months, out of nowhere, I've started to enjoy it though. It's just something you need to give time

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Shoculus Rift. !__!

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It was a great show yesterday, Patrick. Just try not die or anything.

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More like Spookulus Rift!

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Really good video. Made me want a Rift even more oddly enough.

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My first Spookin' with Skoops! Lets 'ave a gander then MOYTE! The thumbnail looks really promising! :D

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1:04:20 All my Nopes

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Wait. John Zoidberg like Dr. John Zoidberg from Futurama? Interesting...

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I caught the first half of this. You got some seriously big brass ones, Scoops! Super excited for the rest of Shocktober!

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That thumbnail sums up this episode pretty well. If you want to see Patrick's nerves get progressively more shot, then give this a look.

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"i'll edit this out"


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I wonder if Patrick will play Nightmare House (1 or 2) this month...

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Well done, @patrickklepek, well done. Up until now, I've watched Spookin' with Scoops with a grin on my face, enjoying your reactions and the introduction to some truly terrific horror titles. It wasn't until this episode that I actually felt scared. Scared might not be the best expression, it's hard to put into words; what I felt was an empathic response to what seemed like true terror on your end, and it arose trepidition in me as I could relate to the concept of being wholly immersed, as you were, thanks to the Rift and headphones. The experience, as show-cased by you, reminded me of pulling the covers over my head as a child, imagining what the sounds outside in the dark heralded.

Anycase, long story short, amazing show; best installment to date and a terrific addition to the Giant Bomb library as a whole.You just sold me on the Oculus Rift.

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So he doesn't know if shooters would work well, but won't play a free game way passed demo stage to find out, because he's not interested, but maybe it would work.

What sort of monster draws no joy from TF2 anyway?

Nice video, by the way, I ordered an Oculus because of it. Dreadhalls seemed the best.

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The premise of Alone is really terrifying. I feel like they could have done a lot more with it though.

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Apparently this is pretty crazy? Intriguing, might have to watch this at 3 am or something to try to get the effect.

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2 spooky?

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The premise of Alone is really terrifying. I feel like they could have done a lot more with it though.

Yea, for sure. They've got a fantastic, unique concept; they just didn't quite stick the landing as well as I would have liked. It's kind of a lame point to end on, not even giving you a proper visual to be afraid of.

What would (maybe) be fantastic is if they gave you a reason to get up and search around the house at specific intervals and find things that correlated to what your character was just playing. Forcing your character to be glued to the couch probably limits the game's ability to scare I would imagine.

I hope this isn't the end of that project, because they've got a great start on their hands.

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best spookin yet. Super fun when watched with the chat

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That was some genuine fear, oh boy. Really funny stuff!

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great show

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this was good

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Patrick really has been putting up quality content since he left the office. Keep it up! :)

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LOL at Patrick freaking the heck out when the figure appears in his face

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I want to play Skyrim with this.

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That was AMAZING. I have got to get a Rift.

The first game was especially great, since you can kind of "play along" if you're wearing headphones. Love binaural audio.

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Got my Dundee Oktoberfest ready for some Spookin' with Scoops!

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Yup. That looks terrifying.

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@ocdfox: When you are young and you first taste beer your tastebuds aren't fully developed, so beer doesn't taste as strong, and may even taste sweet. If you wait until later in life to start drinking, past 20 or around there, it can be very bitter or foul tasting because you haven't developed a gradual unknowing tolerance to the taste.

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Curious if you haven't seen American Mary yet, what you think about it. I watched it at a premiere in Vancouver, and thought it was terrible. Not even b-movie style terrible. as they tried very hard to make it not look like a b-movie. Just, just fucking bad man.

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Scoops almost spooked too hard. A lot of this looked truly terrifying, especially Dreadhalls. That game is no joke.

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I still keep meaning to watch these but I haven't done a single episode. This looks like a properly intense one!

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that dumb girl got me too, lol at patrick's shocked face for a few minutes after

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It really is only a matter of time until someone has a legit heart attack using the Oculus.

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@ocdfox: When you are young and you first taste beer your tastebuds aren't fully developed, so beer doesn't taste as strong, and may even taste sweet. If you wait until later in life to start drinking, past 20 or around there, it can be very bitter or foul tasting because you haven't developed a gradual unknowing tolerance to the taste.

I'm 27 and I think beer tastes like shit.

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The Rift is coming to get you Patrick! run!

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I was starting to feel like I could try some of the horror games on my Rift. Going to hold off for now.

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I feel like I'm the only person in the world who likes spiders sometimes. Most of the ones I find in my house are pretty friendly.

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I actually switched my shift at work so I could watch this live. Awesome stuff Patrick!

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Does Oculus Rift come with adult diapers ?

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Every horror game on the Rift should come with a free pair of new underwear.