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More B-Sides!!! I hope this continues in future GotYs

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GOTY was really great this year, thanks for all the content!

Is someone getting hunked at the end of the video?!

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This is the first GOTY stuff I ever watched and I was absolutely convinced it was just another live show and you guys really were going to play an unreleased Mario Party. Watching this, now that I know what it's all about, it appears that I'm very easily fooled.

Great job on all of it, guys. I loved every second

Posted by sigspec

I love this place.

Posted by nomtank

It was amazing how natural this scene seemed during GOTY vidyas.

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This is even better than I expected! I like it even more than the final version.

Definitely my favourite of this year's GotY videos.

Posted by BrianP

8:44 Brad getting straight hunked off that dunk

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patrick's hooray and stoney expression perfectly summarises my feelings on mario party

also i never noticed the hunkadunk shoe before

Posted by fatalbanana

When Jeff pulls out that hunkadunk shoe and when Danny shows up then runs away I fuckin lose it. Good shit.

Posted by CodeFire

All of this is beyond great, but I'm a bit torn as to what my favorite part is. Maybe Alex hovering behind Jeff and never blinking or moving.

Posted by larsmonsen

I hope to god this is a teaser!

Posted by shatteringlast

I lost it at the WWE Ad Libs. UPF!

Posted by Mr_Creeper

"They're all gone..."

Posted by dudeglove

"Should someone call Alex?"


Posted by spoon1234

xxnarutofan666xx gives the best gifts!

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This is so amazing , man this website is so cool.

Posted by Accolade

B-Sides rule

Posted by JordanaRama


Posted by Colourful_Hippie

I'm liking the extended version of when everything goes to hell more than what was in the original video

Posted by JohnyMyko

I love how real they made this segment feel, when I watched the GOTY video they fooled me until Dan pulled the N64

Posted by T_wester

This noun is adjective.

Posted by Oldirtybearon

So who was the brilliant mind that came up with aping that scene from Event Horizon? Whoever it was, they deserve a hearty pat on the back.

Seeing the B-Sides to this one especially brings it home how great the GOTY videos were this year. Top notch stuff. The "Who?" joke still cracks me up.

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I still think the best part was Danny walking up to them and then just running the fuck away. Also Vinny's head changing into a skull.

Posted by Dberg

The meltdown still gets me every time. It's the best!

Posted by CornBREDX

"They're all gone, they're all gone... they're all gone!"

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

"someone call Alex?"


Ah man, this year's goty is just great in so many ways

Posted by jakonovski

Liberate tuteme ex inferis.

Posted by Honkalot

Thank you

Posted by tadros

I just noticed, and someone probably already pointed it out, the N64 doesn't have an A/V cable plugged in. ha

Posted by AlmostSwedish

Yep, still fantastic.

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Great stuff guys loving the B-Sides, hopefully The Mario Party for the Wii-U won't cause this disaster in the real world, when you quick-look it, or Dan Forces a 50 rounds playthrough of it :)

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@dudeglove said:

"Should someone call Alex?"


That final exchange still makes me crack up. Alex's segment played so well from that.

Posted by Driadon

Where we're going, we won't need video games to play!

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Hahahahah I loved this one the most probably. I hope they actually do some of those madlibs on UPF.

Posted by Patman99

The scary part is that if you take out the bit at the end (well, not necessarily), this could have theoretically been a real mailbag.

Well done all around.

Posted by Gaff

I kind of wish the video effects were removed for the "crazy" parts. Still, great video.

Posted by falling_fast

oh, it's so dumb :]

Posted by DeadPanJazMan

Oh my god, the part with Alex standing behind Jeff is fucking amazing. I love Alex but is it just me or does the funniest shit he does not involve speech whatsoever? Re: Big Rigs video review.

Posted by fisk0

Posted by MATATAT

I didn't realize that Dan just pulls an N64 from behind his back.

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@gaff said:

I kind of wish the video effects were removed for the "crazy" parts. Still, great video.

Me too, i bet there are some funny outtakes there.

My favorite part is when Brad "wakes up" and hobo Alex walks behind the couch.

Is the Snoop Dogg and WWE Madlibs real? If not they should be.

Posted by Sergotron

Hey its that guy from Kotaku.

Posted by amdri

I *almost* bought it when they first showed it to us.

I probably would have bit harder if they'd left the initial part of the mailbag in.

Posted by likwidtek

I freaking love you guys! Holy crap some good stuff lately.

Posted by Benmo316

These make me so happy!

Posted by SpaceCouncil

up until they actually showed the cartridge I legitimately thought that this was a real game.

Posted by yyZiggurat

"somebody call Alex"


Still gets me.

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