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Wooh! MGS!

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Here we go !

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My friend Michelle is super stoked for this.

Good thing I'll finish this first!

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Metal Fish?!

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Getting close to the finish line now. Can't wait to see Drew struggle because of the transmitter and then be rewarded with wrestling.

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I'm gonna say another 3-4 episodes left?

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That Eva stuff humanized Snake for me more than anything else in the series up to that point. It was the first time I thought of a Snake as a man.

I think that's why I like Big Boss more than Solid Snake in the grand scheme of things. Big Boss is a dude with a history of war, and the PSP games expand on his humanity as he builds up his crew. He's got loyalty to the Boss, and he has loyalty to his fellow soldiers. And the stuff in Ground Zeroes where his base gets raided showed his pain and sorrow.

Solid Snake is 100% a weapon, with a couple conversations with Meryl and a past with Campbell. He has a friend in Otacon, but he's more of a lone wolf bad ass. With fucking amazing secret handshakes.

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Oh yes.

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I was just thinking why there were sentries waiting for Drew near the waterfall because when I played the game there was no enemies there. Only then did I make the realization that it's because Drew didn't remove the transmitter from Snake.

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Is this a sneaking mission?

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