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PlayStation Underground was the best. I was kinda sad that Dan & Drew were making fun of it so much in the first five minutes, but they really came around to appreciate it for what it was at the time.

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This is gonna be Diesel? Great! Always thought Big Kev got a bad rap.

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PC Gamer had the best demo discs back in the day, with weird, secret filled menus but these were essential back when we didn't have easy ways of seeing game videos and demos.

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Does this PSU disc also have a hidden korn music video on it like mine does?

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The debut of a Demo Derby draws me to dancing! Like so: http://i.imgur.com/c7xQmjf.gif

Man, Playstation.com had it going on for wicked-awesome late-90s merchandise.

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The Sorrows of Young Ryckert

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Not once during the 90's did I ever refer to anything as "Diesel".

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Omega Boost is rad. That is all.

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It's gonna be Big Daddy Cool? Can't wait.

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I had Evil Zone when I was a kid. It was straight diesel.

Edit: Someone has to find out what A.Beverage is doing these days

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Senior Executive Producer

Andrew House

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I may be going deaf or something but does the GT2 translator sound like the translator from the gamescom mgs5 trailer?

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Senior Executive Producer

Andrew House

Yep. He appears in several issues too.

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Oh god Dan just claimed Five Guys has a better burger than In-N-Out, his heel turn is complete.

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TWO HOURS OF DEMO DERBY?! Excellent. I too have fond memories with the Jampacks. It's crazy how in-depth they got, footage like that didn't exist anywhere before these. It was like G4 before G4 crashed and burned.

And man, I want that Crash Bandicoot pullover jacket. And I'm loving the Drew/Dan football chat.

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Holy Christ, I distinctly remember playing the Tiny Tank demo from this Underground disk when I was 5...

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Diesel as fuuuuuck, yo.

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I kind of wish Jeff was in on a couple of these videos too. I'd love to hear his insight on some of this stuff.

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frikin awesome video , a real trip down memory lane

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that road rash guy had some crazy eyes!

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Ape Escape is a great series which should really get a new main series game.

Ape Escape and Ape Escape 2 are rippin' diesel man!


I hope Drew does Dragula karaoke on camera at some point. Maybe even together with fancy lads Dan and Danny.

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Oh man. Omega Boost looks legit amazing. Will have to track down a copy.

Also, I kick myself frequently when I think about all the cool Parappa and Lammy swag I could have bought.

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Oh my god, you guys. This site is so fucking diesel now.

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Oh man I loved omega boost!! the box art is real bad though.

Edit: wow that "R you okay?" brought back a flood of memories

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Dan And Drew are the best!

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I had a friend who, around 2009, unironically referred to things as "cock diesel" for an unknown reason.

He is now, no joke, a movie star.

Edit: "What was it like working with Jack Nicholson?"


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How do they not realize they're trying 3.2 codes on the 3.3 issue? It was clearly marked, and having the codes on the same issue doesn't even make sense (granted, these were weird...). Oh, well.

Also they didn't recognize Andrew House in the creditz?

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Man I miss these sorts of demo discs. This era of Playstation was amazing.

"Dude got laid that night" - Thank the lord for Dan.

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Time to wrestling reference: 18 seconds.

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How does Dan not know Goethe?

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"Eat jugger, space wasp!"

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Shit. Right in the childhood

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Man, this is so fucking 90s.

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"Oh, so eating a ghost gives health back

...man video games make you say some dumb shit"

I love this video. Demo Derby is my favourite series of all time

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Not-STUN Runner.

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Just got home from work to this and UPF, thanks guys this website is too good to me.

edit. hot alpha access from back in the day

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I went to E3 in 1999. PS2 was there, but, wasn't playable.

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Dan actually played some Pac-Man 2 but seems to have blocked it from his memory.

He did not care for it very much.

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That ugly ass Project WormHole: How To Make a Game menu looks like it's straight out of Space Giraffe.

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This is actually fascinating.

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What the fuck am I doing.

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This is great. Seeing everything on the disc and not only the demos really are like opening a time capsule.

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They need to find that kid that won the playstation truck for the day.

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The Combination of Dan with Drew Is like mixing a fine scotch with Coke Zero (the result of which still tastes good). I'll let you figure out who each beverage represents.

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@warpig87: I love you so much for that image.

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That Playstation truck is pretty diesel bro.

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"I don't need butt puns in my video games" Dan Ryckert