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Ballin like a boss

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Yay! Missed this because of work.

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Great to see Regina again.

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I'm always at work during the live stream, but I can always count on the archive being posted by the time I get settled in at home.

Thanks duders.

Posted by arthur31686

Puppy fridays are the best

Posted by dadjumper

Hooray! I missed the first half live so happy this is up quick~

Posted by cooljammer00

Dan and Brad! Twins!

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i am so drunk right now...thank god this is uploaded.....to anyone that is wondering....blackberry vodka is gooooooooooooood. (the backspace key was used only 73 times in the making of this message)

REGINA!....AKA the evil queen in the show once upon a time!

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So Dan is Solid Snake and Brad is Liquid?

Posted by monotreme

Rorie has great taste in music.

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UPF is too sweet.


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This is what I imagine Dan and Brad's lives are like now

Posted by PattyOFurniture

mortal kombat sent dan to the hospital....twice.

Posted by Slaegar

@pants: @knaganalf: Personal reasons. Check his twitter if you are so inclined.

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They certainly know how to start a UPF, with a cute dog.

Posted by Azaka

YAY! It's Friday.

Posted by cornfed40

There was a Seinfeld episode where Kramer had seizures whenever Mary Hart came on Entertainment Tonight. Never knew that was apparently based on a real thing, i said the exact same thing as a joke before that came up as a possible answer.

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Alexis is ultimate.

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@joetom said:

So Dan is Solid Snake and Brad is Liquid?

you got that inverted, son.

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Alexis speaking spanish, and I say this as a strictly hetero male, is a massive turn on. Hot as shit.

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anyone got the video dan references like a minute in where him and Brad say the same thing about Metal Gear?

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Regina is giving a great impression of exactly how fun UPF is.

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I enjoyed Brad's attempt at making up catchphrases for himself during Monkey Ball.

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So unprofessional and so good.

Posted by ripelivejam

man drelexis is getting too hot for TV

Posted by natto

Alexis speaking Spanish and Regina laughing a lot. Best UPF.

Posted by Kubertus

Hahaha bombagigante.com leads to giantbomb.com you guys a great!

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"Is wasteland fallout style?"

...god damn it Brad...

Posted by Sanj

Could someone put up a link to the YouTube video where Brad says the same thing as Dan about MGS.

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That thumbnail makes it seem like Drew has a huge forehead.

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I have been wishing that you guys play this

Posted by CustomOtto

El viernes que no es profesional.

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@pigborg: Goodluck in the morning i'm also drinking, late all so late.

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@rakune said:

anyone got the video dan references like a minute in where him and Brad say the same thing about Metal Gear?

“Even just the neck snapping thing—when this came out—sounded like the coolest thing in the world to me, 'cause, like, I can't think of a single game prior to this where, like, sneaking up and just snappin' dudes' necks… that sounded so fucking cool.”

Dan Ryckert, Metal Gear Scanlon - Part 10

Skip to 8:37 if it plays from the beginning.

Posted by allodude

I think Drew has a weird resemblance to Tom Hiddleston.

Posted by MachoFantastico

"Is Japanese poop better than regular poop" - Alexis.

You got to love him.

Posted by Abendlaender

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