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This is one of the best video series on the site. I purchased extra chunky chocolate chip cookies especially for this occasion. Oh yes.

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As a person who enjoys Mario party from time to time, I can say with certainty that 4 hours of mario party is something no human should have to go through.

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the video was so great it broke my computer

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Dan what have your done to us?

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contentttttttttt, premium contentttttttttttttttt.

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Go home Mario. You're drunk.

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This series is going to kill Jeff by the end.

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I'm terrified

Posted by OtterChaos

4 hours? Yikes I need to go to bed NOW! (press's play)

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I'm ready

Posted by Tajasaurus

I'm so excited

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Just let the darkness wash over me.

Posted by physicalscience

Will we as a species survive to the final Mario party?

Posted by MEATBALL

Drew nearly died.

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My dinner just came out of the oven, just in time to sit down and watch this crazy mess. I am getting flashbacks already to the GOTY footage

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This is the moment I've been waiting for!

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TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Me and my cheat meal are all over this!!!

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Posted by no one.

Because no one lives after this.

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They may need to wait longer between these... The scars are clearly still there from last time.

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Finally! I've been waiting for more Mario Party Party. As Jeff said: "This is where the series really started to get good, right?"

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well.... this is it

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Someday I will watch this again. I suspect it will age well. I cannot watch this again so soon. Four hours were a workout.

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Video games are over.

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If i watch this will i be warped through time and space to the edge of the universe and become a starchild?

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The staff won't ever host another Mario Party party. I love the animosity and thinly veiled hate that built up between Brad and Dan, but judging by the look in Jeff's eyes, he'd pull rank if Dan ever brings up the series again.

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Jason's moment at the very end of the stream was magnificent.

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That's inappropriate Dan!

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@physicalscience: p sure ancient aliens planted mario party initially to ensure our downfall. Why they would create and then eventually destroy us i have no clue.

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The gods of Olympus could not dream of such a fine battle until this day.

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I like how this video was posted by no one, as if nobody in the office wants it credited to them

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@joemotycki: But what if they do it ten times? Does that make it better?

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Goomba Master X was probably the best moment of the stream.

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I can totally see one of these ending in actual tears.

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Wow, I didn't know how many of these actually exist. This is not gonna end well.

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Yes! Looking forward to watching this when I get home.

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Man, this is sooo good :D but damn if the Magic Lamp is not the most OP item ever :P

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A must watch if you want to watch everybody's slow decent into madness, honestly watching this live was exhausting but it was pretty worth it. I imagine they wont be doing another one of these for a little while.

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That's inappropriate Dan!

The fucking boyish grin on Dan's face is priceless.

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whoa, this went on for another 2 hours after I passed out?

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Is it just me or does anyone else derive a deep sense of satisfaction over Jeff's extreme displeasure in this game?

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Just ate a spicy chicken sandwich for breakfast and I'm ready to ignore all work for the next 3 hours catching up on this Mario party

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I remember as a kid playing these games alone in their "story modes", but I didn't have the patience to win on every level. So, I plugged in three extra controllers, switched the CPUs to Players whenever they got to the star space, and picked the NO option. It was an easy win every time.

I wish I had more games when I was a kid.

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Patrick Klepek's DJ name would have been Midnight Patty.

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I both love and hate this series love how much Jeff suffers and still hates Mario party. but its good combination of fun from being annoyed at game which is more fun then playing any mario party

But Dan is mad for loving these games

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There will be more

I guarantee it

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