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There was something hilariously ironic about Dan complaining about his dad not wanting to eat anything but casino food while they were in New Orleans.

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Hooooooly shit. For some reason I have an action figure of that enemy robot Dan was fighting in the Omega Boost demo. I never knew what it was from until I recognized him in this video. Thank you for solving this mystery I never knew I cared to figure out, @danryckert

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This video is so Diesel it won the WWF tag titles with Shawn Michaels while running from Luke Hobbs and the Necromongers on Helion Prime.

EDIT: IMPROMPTU METAL GEAR RYCKERT! This thing has everything I could ever want!

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My nostalgia level just burst out of the meter and is spiraling into the air!

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I laughed, I cried, I got offended by a slavery joke... Thanks, late-period PS1.

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Totally freaked out to see names of people who still work at SCEA in the credits of this demo disc. Nuts!

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I want that bucket hat

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I didn't think Charlton Heston was all that bad. Gibson, though, I agree with (unless someone can point me to some anti-Semitic comments of Heston's I'm unaware of. Being pro-gun rights isn't enough to make me think someone is a jerk).

Yes, I'm curious what Dan's basis for calling Charlton Heston a POS or horrible person was. The anti-gun media has demonized him to the point that it's just a given and accepted out-of-hand by Dan and Drew. I'm kind of disappointed.

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Man, this "demo disc" really was an elaborate production! The first disc with all the videos and such had me laughing my ass off, especially when Dan and Drew were looking at all the hot PS swag you could order.

The demo of Tiny Tank, of all games, really set off my nostalgia switch. For some reason, I distinctly remember playing through the full game of that back in the day. That totally diesel, "edgy" intro movie I recalled immediately after it started playing. The 90s really were the "attitude era" in many aspects, eh?

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Omega Boost was a super fun game, makes me wish I still had a working PSX.

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@danryckert You mentioned that a game played "oh like Zone of the Enders." Is Zone of the Enders a cool guy game for cool guys? Cause it seems to be an anime to me. An anime with hot Lindsay Sterling like theme songs

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Referring to dubstep as "Horse-shit dialtone music" is amazing. Keeping that one.

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Has anyone been to the Anaheim Hilton next to Disneyland? My guess is that it is slightly better than the one in Hanoi.

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I am curious about collecting some of these old demo discs. I do have allot of PC Gamer ones.

High nostalgia there. There was really a charm to having a little gift of demos like that.

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@sweetz said:

Omega Boost is an amazing game. Not only did it look fairly incredible for the era, but it also ran at 60fps.

It also has a ridiculous FMV opening.

Ah. Another game to collect. Sounds like this one maxed out the system. Late in the hardware cycle.

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Well, I have to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying this video and as the producer (and narrator on some of the segments), I'm glad some of you are getting a chance to dicover them for the first time. These discs were a lot of fun and hard work to throw together, and while the graphics and music are quite dated (and our Marketing Dept tended to end everything in "Z" and use words like "diesel"...which I still don't know what that means), they are still fun to go back and look at. I hope the guys will do some more of these videos with other issues of the UG.

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I lost it at Drews James Browns impersonation.

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@roger_klotz said:

That Playstation truck is pretty diesel bro.

That Playstation winner is pretty diesel dude!

for a second he sort of resembled Danny O'Dwyer

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Best one yet. The video content and other features on these discs is more entertaining then the games.

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Dan and Drew are the premium kings.

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Diesel video, you guys.

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Drew and Dan are now my fav. team up!

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I think a gif of Pacman trying to get that last pip is in order. Great stuff!

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For @drewbert: the name of the German poet before the Gran Turismo feature is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and his last name is pronounced roughly like "Ger-tuh" (example). Thought I'd share a little bit of German trivia!

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PlayStation dot com is so diesel.

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This series continues to be rad as hell.

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"She's sassy!" Haha. Love it. We need an official Demo Derby shirt on the site. Either a racing image or diesel truck on the front, and the back says "Diesel As F***".

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Man, this video was diesel.

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Issue 4.1 is one I'm looking forward to if they're doing more Jampacks.

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Like how you guys are watching all the videos as well as playing the demos. Some of that stuff is golden.

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This was so good.

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@krathoon said:

@sweetz said:

Omega Boost is an amazing game. Not only did it look fairly incredible for the era, but it also ran at 60fps.

It also has a ridiculous FMV opening.

Ah. Another game to collect. Sounds like this one maxed out the system. Late in the hardware cycle.

Omega Boost was great. I had no knowledge of shooters at the time, so my only complaint with the game was that is was so short. And I loved that FMV opening as a kid. I gotta admit I still enjoy it a ton.

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I was a proud PlayStation Underground member as an 9 year old. I remember this disc vividly now, and even going through the entire Threadz page and wanting only that Jet Moto 2 shirt and the PaRappa hat. It's so weird remembering such an old memory for the first time. Thanks Drew and Dan!

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But really, what was up with the weird harbor bell sounds during the GT2 demo?

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This is the most diesel Demo Derby I have ever seen.

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Living in the UK, got NONE of this awesome crazy stuff. The only demo discs we got were staid things on the Official PS Magazine. THIS IS AMAZING.

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But what if they got hold on the codes meant for that demo disc? You know those hidden codes?

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@ravelle said:

@csl316 said:

@milkman said:

Crash Team Racing is the greatest kart racer of all-time. Discuss.

Yeah, man. YEAH.

Watching Gran Turismo 2 footage at the moment, and holy crap that was an incredible game back in the day.

You know which one I'd prefer to go back to right now (and routinely do on the Vita)? CTR, always.

CTR is all great and all but it's no Wacky Wheels.

Holy shit yes Wacky Wheels.

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They used to hose people down with water as a form of 'therapy' in madhouses in the Victorian era, which could be the reasoning behind Charlton Heston's line in Planet of the Apes . . . or it could just be a silly line from a movie.

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This was the best! Keep up the good work Drew and Dan!

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Thiz videoz iz awezomez.

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@krathoon said:

@sweetz said:

Omega Boost is an amazing game. Not only did it look fairly incredible for the era, but it also ran at 60fps.

It also has a ridiculous FMV opening.

Ah. Another game to collect. Sounds like this one maxed out the system. Late in the hardware cycle.

Definitely worth collecting. I traded my copy in with the rest of my PS1 stuff years ago and it's pretty much the only PS1 game I really regret letting go of in retrospect.

It's not that I would call it the greatest game for the system or anything like that, I'm not sure I'd even put it in the top 5 - but the thing is that even to this day there's really not much else that plays quite like it, while most of the other greats of PS1 were in genres that have been iterated on and have superior modern equivalents.

Lock on shooters like Rez, Panzer Dragoon are the closest things to it (and indeed it was made by ex-Panzer Dragoon developers), but those games are still not exactly like it and it's not a particularly crowded genre.