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happy times. 
edit; finally.

Posted by yoshimitz707

I love you guys.

Posted by stenchlord

Love this damn site.

Posted by spencer_twin

giggity giggity goo alright!!!
Posted by big_jon

Posted by TopCat

awesome bee waiting for this yay

Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

The happiest of hours.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut


Posted by Travis

this was probably the most smoothly run happy hour yet, great stuff guys

Posted by golguin

It's on.

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does Alex have a black metal t-shirt on or is that some metalocalypse merch that I don't recognize? 
either way I can't read it, obviously. 

Posted by grokman10

Adam West, not an ounce of fat!!

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I look forward to being Dave Snyder one day.

Posted by falling_fast

oh christ, will smith's hat o_O    

Posted by TheHumanDove

Is Ryan the only one who is drinking? Dammit, thats not fair. I would drink with him. I would drink with him every time. I guess I do...but at a distance. Sorry sir

Posted by Razieleatssouls

@damnable_fiend  That's an Abnormality shirt, the one death metal band that had a bonus track on Rock Band 2.

Posted by Portis

DNS Dave! Classic.

Posted by jmic75


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Posted by NathHaw

When the ninja Inception BWAAAAAAAAAH came in during the end of the Tested segment, I lost it. 

Posted by Tarsier


Posted by Nuklear
@Krystal_Sackful said:
" I look forward to being Dave Snyder one day. "
He's reached a higher plane, that's for sure.
Posted by Wholemeal

Happy Hour is so disorganized. Sometimes people can't finish what they're saying, and tangents always arrive at interesting things that were brought up. It's so sloppy. Ryan should wait until someone finishes what they have to say. Maybe try not drinking when you're trying to MC. What I guess i want is more of the people who are there to talk. I do love the one liners and jokes from Ryan, Jeff and Alex. But when Tony and Sarah are there to talk about the movie, i want them to at least complete their sentence. 
Still love the hour! Just some things i have problems with. 

Posted by wealllikepie


Posted by GeneralBison

Woah! Alex has an Abnormality shirt? I'm guessing he got it at Harmonix.

Posted by thebigJ_A

Dammit. I wish I worked here. I have a crap job, and my best job opportunity is another, better-paying crap job.
I like games and movies. Why can't I work for a place like this? 
If you guys ever decide to open an East-coast satellite Giantbomb even remotely near Boston, promise you'll let me know and give me an interview? Sweet. I knew I could count on you guys.

Posted by AtomicEdge

Great show. Seemed a bit surreal without any standing set stuff. But it went super smoothly. Looks like they got all the coke off of the server!

Posted by TheCappuccinoBandit

Yay I won a poster!

Posted by SuperSambo

Ryan looks like an Army Drill Sergent with this haircut.

Posted by cowdrunk

darn you family gatherings keeping me from happy hour live times  
hurray to repeats of happy hour awsometimes

Posted by eloj

MOD: I'm not allowed to flag spam any more. Why? I've never abused the flag, only flagged spam.

Posted by tourgen

amazing show guys, entertaining stuff

Posted by McGhee

Every time I see Will I am torn between whether or not I should really like him or really hate him.

Posted by Blind_Evil

Diggin' Alex's on-the-sly glance at Sarah's butt as she walked away.  Couldn't have done it any better myself.

Posted by Jeffsekai

lmao smooth alex. 
dat asssss

Posted by skywing
nice ending.
Posted by ApolloBob

always with the boots

Posted by superjop

bombcast break music! Where have you been?

Posted by Brenderous

Seriously, Whiskey Media, you guys rock. 
Don't stop believin' in that fact.

Posted by teekomeeko
My favorite part of that was watching Ryan try not to lose it and derail the show. Whiskey Media's editing folks are constantly hilarious.
Posted by soralapio
@superjop said:
" bombcast break music! Where have you been? "
Did a little fistpump when that came on. I love that song!
Posted by MichaelBach

download initiated :)

Posted by Tordah

So have they stopped doing the free monthly Happy Hours?

Posted by El_Derrico

Don't stop believing, y'all.

Posted by destruktive
@damnable_fiend said:

" does Alex have a black metal t-shirt on or is that some metalocalypse merch that I don't recognize?  either way I can't read it, obviously.  "

Thats Abnormality. 
The band that was in Rock band 2.

Posted by lokilaufey

The description for this week's video... 
...must get sub again ASAP just to see if it lives up to that description.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Dude whatever all Happy Hours should have the break music!

Posted by EmuLeader

great break music

Posted by AlisterCat

I would love to see them try new LBP stuff on a monthly basis.

Posted by artofwar420

I gotta watch this later.

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