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Edit: Never thought I would ever complete this quest. Actually, I never even wanted to complete it--I just saw that no one had commented after I logged in. Hey, why not?  

I enjoyed the Dong Dong never dies segment. I am actually finishing up my second semester of Mandarin at my university, so it was kinda fun deciphering the fighters names and reading the subtitles during the story mode. 

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Thanks for the early up.

Posted by Wortdog

Looking forward to watching this in on my iPad 2 in my comfy chair with a few rum and cokes.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Haha and I thought I was going to go to bed.

Posted by iWonder

Featuring: Cool Baby

Posted by Stackboy

Sweet! It's Saturday afternoon in Australia. Time for a beer and this.

Posted by shakesvoltage

Hell yeah with Cool Baby.

Posted by Jackel2072

i just woke up.

Posted by Fragonard

Perfect way to spend a Friday night.

Posted by smiddy

I <3 Tested

They do the best segments!
Posted by Piranesi

Ice Cream + Cereal + Coffee + Puppies = Another great Tested descent into chaos

Posted by the_purgatory_station
This is madness :D
Posted by Hizang

When that MGS2 music came on, oh man was I disapointed it was not the skateboarding mini game!
Posted by Mayu_Zane

And another glorious Happy Hour

Posted by dagas

Dong Dong Never Die is AWESOME! China is the new Japan!

Posted by Vitor

The character on Mario’s back is ’Horse’ (at least, it is in Japanese)。

Posted by Swordfish9

Ice cream cereal with iced coffee for breakfast, brilliant!

BTW I hate soggy cereal.

Posted by vinster345

Fricking awesome

Posted by Whizbang

I wa shock.

Posted by BruceBonsai

Where can I get myself some Dong Dong Never Die, I need it NAO!

Posted by MisterChief

Ryan lost it during the single player intro. Dong Dong Never Die is AMAZING.

Posted by diz

Starts at 49:00 for me. The rest of it is a waste. This is why I can't watch live!

Posted by Bunny_Fire

i thought will smith on coffee was awesome but dong dong never die is just the bomb

Posted by SquadBroken

It's great for UK viewers to see the video archived so early.  I'm watching it with my breakfast (no ice cream was involved though).

Posted by Bummey

I hate missing the show live. :(

Posted by Morden2261

Hyper-caffeinated Will Smith is a gift.

Posted by spazmaster666

Shit is still broke . . .

Posted by Kombat

Whiskey Media needs more over-caffeinated Will Smith.

Posted by narcosis219

The character on Mario's back is the Chinese word for horse.

The reason horse is on his back is because horse is pronounced as "Ma". Mario's name in Chinese is a sound alike translation, so it's just the first letter of his Chinese name.

Posted by iragequit

I must have dong dong.

Posted by Vexxan

The Dong Dong Never Die segment is the best that have EVER happened at the Happy Hours.

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LOL. Ryan: "You're not speakign hyperbolly here, he has literally made 1 million films." "Yeah, he made like 36."

@Branthog: That might be true ;).

Also, can anyone tell me how the french movie is spelled that matt recommended? 
Posted by Mayu_Zane

Okay, holy crap, Dong Dong Never Die is freaking amazing. I put my vote for it to be game for the next Scrub League tournament!

Posted by steelknight2000

Does anybody know the Chinese character for Toasty!!

Posted by Swordfish9

Hmmm, as for the movie soundtrack challenge, I wouldn't get the "Wanted" one nor "Edward Scissorhands" if it was me on the phone. I didn't see Wanted, and Edward Scissorhands was a way too old a movie to remember.

Posted by Slaker117

Wait, I'm so confused. Can someone explain, is Dong Dong dead?

Posted by max3000


Posted by Swordfish9

Oh man can't believe they just wasted half of the Happy Hour playing some cheap Chinese knockoff fighting game.

Posted by Mutley

Wow did anyone here Brads High pitch laugh?

Posted by MachidaX89

Dong Dong Never Die segment was hilarious. 

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Wow, they really do sound all alike O_O
BREAKING NEWS: Shit is still broke. Lol

Over caffeinated Will was awesomely hilarious.
Posted by voltan

I'm very familiar with Thor. When I was a kid Thor was one of my favorite comic book heroes. I thought that the movie had very little to do with the comic. IronMan was very loyal to comic book so I don't understand why Thor wasn't. Kinda dissappointing movie and Chris Hemsworth was a bad actor.

Posted by VicRattlehead

holy shit dong dong has indestructible... BEST GAME EVER

Posted by Elwood

Someone should make a Figthing game with the Whiskey Media staff, with fatalities 8-)

Posted by kollay

I main Twin Nurses in DDND.

Posted by zityz

Im downloading me some dong dong as I type this. Couldn't watch it yesterday, glad I got a chance to.

Posted by Death_Burnout
God damn, Screened trivia felt like it went on way too damn long, and Dong Dong Never Die didn't go on long enough...dare i say that was more unbalanced than DDND itself.


" I <3 Tested

They do the best segments!
Hell em effin yeah they do!
Posted by Ontheocho

Shit is still broke
Posted by robotmand

This is probably the happiest hour ever!

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