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Ooooooooo hey there everybody!!

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I wish one of these indie devs would put Ryan Davis in their game. Broyan Davis in Bro Force, maybe?

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FINALLY, been looking forward to checking this out!

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Awesome. That is a great game!

Posted by BaconGames

I totally forgot this isn't out on PC yet. Great news.

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Can't wait

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Posted by Koobz

Is this the first game to have a playable Saxton Hale?

Posted by OneLoneClone

Love this game. Character names are so great. I've beaten the six time zones but not the final boss battle. In time.

Posted by Capshot

@koobz: There's a pretty popular TF2 mod where you can play as him, but, as for other games using him, I think this might be. Nothing else comes to mind.

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Holy shit! Finally! I'm gonna be all over this.

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When did I take this acid?