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Via Origin?!

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I like me some near future action.

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I want this

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grain glitch 

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I didn't think the multiplayer in Crysis 2 was all that great but this is making me reconsider my opinion.

Posted by S0ndor

10 bucks for 4 maps and 2 "new" weapons. Well, at least it's not 15, amirite?

Posted by PieGuy

Rather have a single player expansion, not get ripped off (again).

Posted by Weazul

decimate your opponants/wallet with smoke grenades!

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OMG! What happened with the comments!?

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How about they give us more graphics!!! aka lack of DX11...still 

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Oh man, LOVE this new videos section. Slick as fuck!!

Posted by Contra

I tried the multiplayer when it first came out; and this didn't make me want to try again.
The game just wasn't good enough.

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No Steam, No Sale

Posted by Crixaliz

"New" maps my ass. All of these are already in the single player campaign just like the last map pack!

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Not on Steam!

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Wow...that was the most generic boring video ever :/

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Played the multiplayer for an hour and tried to like it, but it's just so generic and bad.

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How about making some stuff that people already payed for!

MMH I dunno ........ how about DX11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ugh. Crisis 2 is so generic and boring. Plus no Steam? Pfffft.

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I'm trying to think of a way that I could be less interested in anything Crysis 2 related at this point.

I'm drawing a blank tho.

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@HoM3R said:

How about making some stuff that people already payed for!

MMH I dunno ........ how about DX11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For what? To make a crap game look like slightly shinier crap?

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Hey it might be some rehashing but atleast it's 5 maps for 10 bucks no 3 multiplayer maps and 1 zombie for 15 bucks, black ops!

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@Weazul said:
decimate your opponants/wallet with smoke grenades!
That or use cloak! An ability that's better in nearly every way possible!
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So many explosions. So little destruction. Are you sure this is a Crysis game Crytek?

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Hmm, perhaps I could spend my money on this game and the DLC.....let me go check Steam.....

Oh.....forgot about that. Nevermind! ;)

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Very few people are playing Crysis 2 MP on the 360.  Don't know what the situation is like on other platforms.  So these map packs they're releasing feel they're throwing some goodies out of a high rise window, hoping someone, anyone outside catches it.

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i'll pass. i bought the first map pack when they had double xp weekend and it was pretty dead. i cant imagine now finding people who play this one. i like crysis 2 MP but it kind of always seems dead now when i try playing.

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I saw the thumbnail for this on the front page and clicked it without reading the text. I was excited because I thought someone made a Robocop game. Instead it was Crysis 2. You disappointed me a second time Crysis 2!

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The recent issues with Steam, MP hacking issues, and this unimpressive trailer doesn't change that Crysis 2 is still ace in many respects for an FPS. The SP is very solid and substantial if not exceptional and the MP has a surprising amount of depth in how you play. It's too bad the MP news post-launch has been so negative with the hacking on PC and uninspired paid maps. When you get good at the MP, is plays like no other shooter out there. Most of it does come down to the suit as Jeff has said about this game, but the suit changes up the tactics, strategies, and flows of combat so much that is it unfair to the former TimeSplitters devs who made the MP in Crysis 2 to ignore what they did to carve out a niche of their own in a crowded field.

Not only is calling the game "generic" and "boring" poorly descriptive and lazy, it shows that they never bothered to learn the mechanics of the game enough to play well. I know it's suddenly in vogue to dismiss every shooter as generic crap after this year's E3, but that's an extremely cynical view that lumps every shooter in with CoD and assumes they are all derivative.

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@Rirse said:

No Steam, No Sale


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The multiplayer demo from a while ago made me not want to play this game.

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Damn it Brad... 
OK I might go and and get a 3DS for this game.