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Where is the video? I'll wait for a comment.

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I gotta take a dump - best line in the movie

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yay vid's up.. this movies was so lame..

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Yay! No endurance run yet, but this is just as good! Very exciting indeed!!!

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The rock is back to... whatever...

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FINALLY! i've been waiting for the Doom edition for ages.

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The ending was great.

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I love the exploding barrel!

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Hahaha, oh man I forgot how terrible that first-person scene was. Ugh!

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Hehehehehehehe this movie is awesome.....kinda not really

Posted by empire_man

Am I the only one who enjoyed the first-person scene?

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Awesome, wish I watched this before the video was posted, picked up a copy for five dollars a couple weeks ago. Oh well, may give it a look sometime.

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@ empire_man, you are not the only one who enjoyed it!

when i first saw it, i enjoyed that part, it was ridiculous, and i like ridiculous.

I took one offence to this movie, it wasn't about hell, that is the dumbest thing you could do to a Doom movie.

Oh and the BFG was blue.
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i thought it was ok for a video game movie

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Hmmm..Needs more TANG.

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I agree with this review 100%. It's an okay movie, but still fun.

I remember when I saw this in the theatre, you could hear people flipping out when at the end they jumped into FPS. It was a pretty awesome nod to the Doom game.

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This movie was so awesome, so bad but so awesome.

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Doom had its moments of 'man that's so stupid its awesome' but for the most part yeah, bad movie is bad. Its sad, I think the acting and story in Doom 3 was actually better.  Soulcube ftw.

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man, i love the ending. you guys sure knows how to edit vids.

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I agree on every point but I FPS scene. I actually really liked it. Thought it was cool and something really different to do. I hate all the build up to the BFG and then it gets fired like once. Looking forward to TANG: Max Payne.

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I can never get enough TANG.

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hate the return of the blue shirt...

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Space is disease and danger wrapped in silence and darkne... oh wait wrong film.

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Dude the funny endings are back to Giantbomb! Hurray!

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Probably the greatest part of the movie was the dueling notions of ridiculous with the portal to hell and DNA. It seems like you could just do another dimension and call it a day. But it was not to be.

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I never thought the first person scene was as bad as most people did. Yeah it's kinda stupid but so was the rest of the movie. They were trying something different, it just wasn't that great.

What if they had made the entire movie from that first person view? That could be really cool or maybe a disaster.

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WOAH! This game has awesome graphics!!!

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I don't know how long the fps sequence was in the theatrical version, (because I didn't see it in the theather) but the extended dvd version is way too long, and honestly boring. It's cute, but it really just feels like an on-rails shooter. I do own the dvd ($6 at Best Buy!), and I thought it was enjoyable, it certainly has that "so bad it's good" quality to it. I did cringe everytime they made a reference to the game, because they were all just silly, and took me out of the movie. The problem is that aside from the monsters, there's nothing that really makes this a "Doom" movie, so any references to the game just seemed out of place. So as a "Doom" movie, it's an insult, but as a generic sci-fi action flick, it's bad, but I'm ok with bad.

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you fucked up the quote anyways, its darkness and silence, not silence and darkness
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Never seen the movie but I heard about the first person thing.  I think what gamers care about most is that the film makers respect the fans of the game who made the movie possible in the first place...most of the time they seem impossible to please, but the easiest way to please gamers with movies is to tie it in with the game whenever possible.  I don't think they could have avoided making this movie the least bit ridiculous, unless they got Christopher Nolan to write it or something.  Most games are like b-movies anyway, so to have a videogame movie that feels like a b-movie (despite a bigger budget) is appropriate.  But overall I don't think gamers are really dying to have their favorite games made into movies...that may just be me though.  A game as big as Doom seems like it deserves it though, even if it doesn't turn out that great.

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I thought it was quie a terrible movie, it had its moments but lol
great review Ryan.
Awesome ending lol, made me LOL!!!

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hahaha, man the endings are always classic.

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i saw this movie a long time ago.. god it was shit lol

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nice editing

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The first time I watched the first-person scene I thought it was super cool, if not a bit cheesy.
Seeing it again, I never realized how freakin slow the dude moves.

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As a doom fan I thought they ruined this movie. It sucked. The FPS bit was so bad! Not only was it a dumb idea but the monsters kinda just walked into view and died. No thought what so ever.

LOL @ the ending.

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*semi-spoiler thats semi-revealed in this video*

The only thing I really liked about this movie was that The Rock ended up as the bad guy, largely through his own choice as well. T'was a nice twist. Other than that, I agree totally with Ryans opinions.

Oh also, the 1st person sequence was a really bad idea that seriously cheapened the movie (even more?).

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Man I hated this movie...it's the Doom movie and it takes them something like 40 minutes before the killing starts. If those 40 minutes had been worthwhile, fine, but they were nothing but fake-out jumpscares and expository dialogue.
TANG rocks though. No questioning that.

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Great ending.  I watched some of this movie and TV and then stopped because I was getting dumber as I watched more of it.

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I cant believe I actually watched this movie when it came out. But I've learned my lesson since. Love the tiger Ryan.

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My friend thought this was an actual game while I was watching this edition of TANG. He was all like "It's pretty good graphics"

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lmao god, that fps scene is AWFUL.

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I kinda think this movie is ok. It's the kinda thing you can just sit and gaze blankly at after a hard day.

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If they really wanted to be true to the game in the first person sequence they would have had all those enemies comming at him from behind, or else a bunch running out of a small closet.

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This aint no game - yet another good look at a movie.