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Sweet, not only is TANG awesome, but it will help pass the time for the ED49.

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My thoughts exactly, Aska.

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This movie needed more dog-shooting and t-rex chases, that's most of what I remember from Tomb Raider.

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But there's no "shimmying to the side until there is room" sequence!

Edit: Pro editing once again, with the song.

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Ha ha! Another fantastic ending!!

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I remember having high expectations for this movie when it came out. Those were the days.

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No party mix is complete without the GB song.

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Yea, yea, yea... but she is so hot...

Also, when is TANG Max Payne going to happen? I don't want to see it for fear of ruining any hope I have left, but totally want to see it get murdered at the hands of Ryan.

Also, this probably doesn't work since the game came after the movie, but how about a review of Carpenter's The Thing, just for the hell of it?
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Awesome ending again XD

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I need closure on the rest of that song! Giant Boooommbb.

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Nice edition.. I remember the movie as being okay.

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This movie sucked =(
But TANG is awesome as always.

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Giant Bomb Song! Great ending

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The wonderful return of the Giant Bomb theme song!  Awesome TANG, Ryan.

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Haha, good job Ryan you summed up the movie quite well.

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One thing you forgot to mention about the Laura Croft criteria: Boobs.

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Yeah the Evan Brass song, that's right, i gave it some identity!

This film did feel like 1999 you're right Ryan. A little side-boob action that ain't bad, is also right Ryan.

Not enough Chris Barrie in this edition!

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Ryan, you can RAP?? Holy shit, that actually sounds good.

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Daniel Craig sounded like he was trying to emulate Robin Williams.

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Isn't Chris Barrie in this one?

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arap, arap, a rippy rap rap

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I liked the movie :)

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the first Tomb Raider movie at least is some good, stupid fun.

Now, the second one. that is a big, stinky pile of poo.
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I'm just going to go ahead and take credit for replanting the Giant Bomb song into Vinny's brain. You're welcome.

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I was wondering when the Giant Bomb song was going to crop up again. That thing should be the official end to the podcast, at least once in a while.

The funny part is that I sometimes listen to past podcasts as I drift off at night, so when the end of the episode with that song pops up, since the volume of it is definitely elevated from the rest of the podcast, it always wakes me up. I don't really mind, because the song is awesome. In fact, it'll inevitably get stuck in my head the rest of the night/day.

On a note more related to the actual video, the scary part about the Tomb Raider movie is that my mom actually likes it. I've yet to see the whole movie myself, but I'm sure I've probably seen the majority in bits and pieces because I've heard and seen it playing in the backround so much when I'm over there. Since I *really* dislike Angelina Jolie, I couldn't care less about her portrayal of Laura Croft.

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This movie came out in 2001? I didn't think it was that old.

I remember that side boob. Back when I first saw it I remember that being my favorite part (of the movie and the woman).

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heheh, side boob.  Brings me back to Family Guy, good times.

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Really didn't like the film at all, excellent edition of TANG though! Rappin' Ryan D.

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I think it is better then most Video Game Movies

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yeah i remember watching this movie when i was ten and even then i thought it was stupid. but at least it has nice PG-13 side boob.

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Glad I didn't see it. But thanks for the synopsis/review!

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Another quality installment of TANG.

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Words really can't describe how much I hate this movie...and somehow it got a sequel.

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Ryan should never, EVER rap again. EVER!

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I really want that stuffed tiger.

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I actually like that movie for cheesy cornball fun.   Strangely enough the girls like it too, so if you're looking for an action movie that you're girlfriend won't gripe about, here it is.

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The Film suck. Good THANG video BTW.

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Once again TANG was awesome. Great editing with the GB song.

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Evan Brass is awesome. That Giant Bomb song is catchy as hell.

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Yes, more of the Giant Bomb theme song! My heart belongs to Giant Bomb, and its Persona 4 ER, TANGs, quick looks, and Bombcasts. Don't stop believin'

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rap rap rippy rap rap

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I love the GB thing in the end. You guys should do that for every movie. Throw in some GB reference from now on because you've done it with a couple already.

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I swear I just could never sit through this entire film. To this day I still have never seen the ending it is just that boring and stupid.

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i don't remember watching the first one, but i do remember the second or the  third one was fucking TERRIBLE!!

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man, ryan's raps is WHACK!

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never saw it never will.