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I remember sitting in the theater, no previews, and the crazy music just started right away to an already pumped audience.

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awesome movie

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I actualy like this movie.......

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Great editing, but the yelling of "MORTAL KOMBAT!" got really old half-way through the video. It just became annoying more than funny. Just a little tip for the future.

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good movie.

but the sequel... is a different story
Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

The constant Mortal Kombat thing was funny at first but got pretty annoying after a while

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Great work with all the editing!  It's so comical. =)


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ahhh my balls!!

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awsome just awsome

Posted by Raydanger

Mortal Kombat would make a great drinking game. Anytime someone says mortal kombat, an announcer line (flawless victory, fatality), or when someone gets killed or punched in the balls, you drink.

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Man, I love this movie when i was a kid.

Posted by nickyvegas

i thought the nut punch montage was the icing on the cake

Posted by musdy

Goro owns!!!

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good video. top editing 8)


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Heh, nice. I'm remembering these litlte gags. First you got Ming Na's creepy smile. Now you got Goro getting punched in the balls. You should just do TANG greatest hits and loop all the best gags. That'd be pretty fantastic. Just saying.

As for the movie, my friends have a pretty high opinion of it. I don't think much, but I've never been that great a fan of Mortal Kombat. That might be my problem.

Posted by Sanj

Loved the movie when i was a kid.

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Awwww, my BALLZ

Posted by FLStyle

Pow! Right in the kisser!

Goro is pretty mouthy in the games too.
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I always can't forget how Kano's spit ends up on Sonya's leg right before he gets killed.

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Finally, I've been waiting for this one the most. I actually liked this movie; apart from the terrible dialogue and crappy acting.

Posted by CoinMatze

Best TANG ever!

Posted by Crono

The critics weigh in on MK TANG: 

"The Mortal Kombat TANG takes the series to a new level!"

"i thought the nut punch montage was the icing on the cake" -Nickyvegas

"First" -

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Great editing!!! Mortaaal kombaaat made me laugh until the end but i'm really tired...

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Mortal Combat.

Posted by coffeesash
I think this one is very good but it goes just a bit too far in the editing which makes it seem like a Youtube Poop video at times, a few MORTAL KOMBAT!s too many :) Also, why is all my text in italics? I can't seem to turn it off.
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Mortal Kombat yell spots were hilarious!
I actually did like this movie though.

Posted by brocool

HAHAH loved it!

Posted by Aska

You're timing could not be better, just made delicious pizza rolls.

Posted by Skeet11

I use to love this movie as a kid. Wasn't there a second one too?

Posted by Winternet

Ridiculous video editing

Posted by mrsmiley

holy crap that was amazing. i need to go rent this movie now.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

"I think this one is very good but it goes just a bit too far in the editing which makes it seem like a Youtube Poop video at times, a few MORTAL KOMBAT!s too many :)"

Agreed. It's good to be funny, but don't be obnoxious . And now all my text is in italics too since I copied your text. And I can't turn it off either. :P

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Hahahaha, oh man it looks like Vinny had a great time making this video.

I'm glad Ryan got around to reviewing this one, fond memories of watching it when I was 10 or 11 with friends.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

TANG video editing just keeps getting better XD

This is my favorite movie adaptation of a game ever.  We'll just pretend that atrocious second movie never happened.

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LOL hilarious.

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I gotta see this movie!

Posted by HatKing

Agreed coffeesash, I noticed they've been getting more and more annoying with editing as of late.  They're plenty funny on their own they don't need to rely on obnoxious editing like that Tim and Eric show.

Posted by Raidou10k

ROFLMFAO best TANG yet! xD

Posted by DrRandle

Awesome video.

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I think you over did it on the "Mortal Kombat"ings

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I thought the editing was a little redunMORTAL KOMBATdant...

and also thMORTAL KOMBAT oh just forget it._

Posted by Death_Burnout

Vinny, i do think the "Mortal Kombat!"'s weren't funny past 3 minutes.

I always loved the MK movie growing up, have some strange affinity for it.

Posted by Kraznor

Agree with Oy, way to many "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!"s.