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Needs more TANG

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I bought it for $5 at Walmart a while ago, because I remembered snippets of it from when I was a kid.

My god, this isn't even one of those movies that is so bad that it's entertaining. This movie is just bad. It was the most difficult movie-watching struggle of my life just trying to finish it.

Good review.

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I liked the editing to put it on the tv in the car XD funny funny!

I had forgotten how bad this movie was =P And I never noticed the devo gun was a super scope XD
Awesome TANG!

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I think David Lynch could have done a pretty good job with the source material.

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@SunKing: That is precisely what I was thinking

I've never even played a Mario game and I could still tell that this film was a travesty and an insult to the franchise
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I can't hide the fact any longer; I saw this in theatres when it was released.  It might have been for someone's birthday.

How utterly sad for Dennis Hopper.

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Do Doom!

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I'm so glad I was too young to see this nightmare of a movie. This TANG confirmed that.

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Super Mario Bros basically set my expectations for every video game movie ever. This made me realize just how impossible it is to make that transition. And when Dennis Hopper and Bob Hoskins can't save it... wow, that speaks volumes all on its own. Whenever I hear that someone is going to make a video game movie, I think of Super Mario Bros. and grimace. It set the bar, and it set it low. Or high. Depends on your scale and how you rate EL TERRIBLE.

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This movie sucked when I was a kid and it will always suck....did I mention I was feeling the pain, while I was watching this little tip down memory lane?

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this film always confused me, but i loved every minute of it regardless.
DANG! the super koopa cousins!

love it

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Luigi Mario.


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worst movie of all time?

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Man, this movies trippy. and almost completely unrelated to the actual source material.

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I remember when my I made my dad take me to go see this movie. The entire time I kept thinking we must have gone into the wrong theater. God what a pile of shit that movie was. 

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Makes me wonder if Nintendo would ever bother with a cartoon movie featuring Mario characters. Theres a wealth, a huge amount of cartoony characters they could choose from.

Also, I actually would like someone to draw the actual Mario characters as they would appear in this movie. I want to see Daisy at the end telling the Mario Bros that something went horribly wrong, I want to see the little Toad with a guitar and...I have no idea how they would do the Goomba dancing sequence.

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Haha... I used to watch this a lot when I was a kid. I liked it. It might be bad but when you're a kid who plays games, this movie is fun for you, just from references alone. Plus, it's always good for making fun of it while you watch with friends. There has to be bad movies, otherwise how would you know what a good movie is?

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There were some scenes I don't seem remember. Weird.

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yay TANG

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@Akeldama: Probably
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Terrible goddamn movie. I even hated this movie as a kid.

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lol... and I liked this movie when i was little.  so sad..

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very good job here at TANG. I love this and many of Giantbombs others videos. Keep up the good work ; )

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I remember really liking this movie when I was a kid.

I was a very stupid child

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Well I still do not see the problem with this movie.
You just have to watch it with a sence of humor.

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well at least the producers tried.....but they really should have known better

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i don't understand tang sometimes.  As a kid growing up, video game movies were awesome no matter how bad it was.

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Fantastic editing.

Anyway, I went to see this in theaters with a buddy of mine. I spilled the popcorn AND the soda all over the floor. He cried. Literally. I think we were like nine or something.

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SMB was gold when you watched it as a child, period. Nowadays, meh...

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I haven't watced that movie in years.  Thanks, Ryan, for reminding me just how terrible it really is.  Also a thanks for now giving me a little urge to watch the movie again.  

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I thought that curtain closer was alright, but I'm guessing I'd give it less time if I'd just been forced to watch the entire movie. I thought I heard Yoshi was in it?

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"I don't need anything with a face!"

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Starting to run out of movies.  

Mortal Kombat II - III - iV
House of the Dead.
Postal (and a few other Uwe Boll Movies)

And that's about it.  

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Been waiting for this one!

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Those are the guys from the "wii would like to play" commercials

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I thought this would be one of the first few movies they showed.  I love how the movie ends with a little cliff-hanger, almost like they were SURE that it was going to be a hit that warranted a sequel.  Not even close.  Still, I saw this movie when I was nine, and it immortalized Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo , and Dennis Hopper in my mind.  I didn't know they were great or legendary, but at the end of it, Leguizamo was my new favorite actor simply because he was Luigi (my favorite video game character)

It's a bit weird and way out there, but it's fun.  And hey, Mojo Nixon plays Toad, so that's awesome.  Even in the Mushroom Kindom, his music is banned.
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Even when I was too young and naive to know what a bad movie was, I remember seeing this in the theater and thinking, "man, this is a bad movie."

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Sounds terrible

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@Sprizmo said:
" Even when I was too young and naive to know what a bad movie was, I remember seeing this in the theater and thinking, "man, this is a bad movie." "
I do remember watching it and thinking, "This has nothing to do with Super Mario Bros."  My best friend and I had rented it and we both agreed it's not what we wanted to see out of a Mario flick.  It's like Uwe Boll's career was based on this movie.
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Awww c'mon Ryan, i grew up watchin this Movie. I know it's bad, but...

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I actually saw this in the theaters..*shudder*

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Hahahaha, Ryan on the cars monitor, lmaaao.

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I didn't want to see the movie to begin with.. now I definitely don't want to see it.

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I can't believe you didn't mention the awesomely bad cliffhanger ending leading to a sequel which I pray never comes. I didn't know about the bit after the credits though.

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When i was younger i thought this movie was AWESOME only because it was super mario. It made no sense to me but i liked the reference i think BA BOOOMBS

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LMAO!!! Good God I hated it then and I hate it now. Very nice Ryan, I'm sorry you had to sit through all that and happy you did it for TANG. However, I'm left wondering that since you have now done the Mario Bros. movie, which is the king of the hill in terms of bad video game movies, what else is there? I mean that movie is so bad it makes the Uwe Boll ones look good/descent.