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Cool interview

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Cool interview

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very nice

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awesome, I'm definetly getting Wallace und Grommit

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Wallace, old friend, and Gromit too!  How I've missed you so...

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"Kevin, How you Doing?"
"Very Well, how are you?"
"Er Now you are the, er you're basically an Adventure games company..."
Ryan Comedic Genius

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I love Telltale, Sam and Max seasons 1 and 2 were brilliant.  I hope they make a season 3 someday.

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I think £25 for a Wallace and Gromit game is a little steep especially with some of those textures.

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I'm a huge fan of Tell Tale. I love those guys.

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You know I've never really played alot of TellTale products apart from the escape from monky islands so I dunno if I'm that interested in this but it was an interesting peek into their world of development.

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Sweet. It's good to know that Wallace & Gromit are in safe hands this time around. Also, I'm having trouble sorting comments, they seem to be sorted by latest by default and nothing happens when I click "First To Last". Anyone else having this problem?

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Good interview. To bad you didn't run into Jake Rodkin the Community Coordinator at Telltale Games who is also on the Idlethumb's Podcast.

Also at PeasForFees I don't think Ryan was trying to be funny on purpose, i'm pretty sure he didn't even catch on to him asking him how he was.  Also if you meant he is a Comedic Genius in an ironic way, my bad.

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Clean that lens!

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I'd like to give a little bit of constructive criticism: don't you think theres too many different songs in the interview? Still great interview!

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@Mike Sarcasm my friend, Sarcasm

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Man, Sam & Max games are sweet. Can't wait to try Wallace & Gromit out.

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Whyy are you whispering ryan?

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=/ No new news on Sam & Max Season 3...but Wallace and Gromit sounds pretty rad.

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They make some cool games, keep doing what your doing guys.

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Anybody know the song that plays at 3:00? I remember it used to be played sometimes on old "On The Spot" episodes. I don't think it's a Midnight Brown song because it's not on any of their albums.

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I can't wait for these games, I'm getting it on day one.

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Do you move the camera back and forth like that on purpose?  I guess it makes the video more lively.  Looking at the background also makes me realize that, yes, this is San Francisco :)

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Don't know if you guys edit with Final Cut, but give the SteadyCam effect a look at :p I know you aren't shooting with a tripod and the movement isn't too jerky but you can try the steadycam to lock the shot down a bit.

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The background music from 2:21 to 3:24 sounds so... familiar...

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Ryan is all about snuggling up with that mic.  Give yourself some breathing room, my good man!

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Dude looks like Ryan Scott

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AwW! I miss those kind of games, Grin Fandango, Monkey Island...  They were great and so damn funny.

Nice job Ryan!

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wow i cant beleive i missed this i love telltale games :D

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had to add

i love the background music

its my fav on giant bomb ;P