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Is this a joke? I like the orginal, but a reboot? What?

Posted by MordeaniisChaos


Posted by Crushed

Well... it's just as weird and nonsensical as the first game, I guess.

Posted by x0xGreywolfX0X


Posted by Woodwater

Why not? Maybe?

Posted by Zeemod

Never heard of the original,  but I don't really care for this version either.

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I really liked that the good guys in the original Yars revenge were the ugly bugs and the humanoids were bad. Also, "Yars" was the name of the alien race and in this it appears that its the name of the protagonist, who is humanoid by the way. Also, where's the Zorlon Cannon?
I don't like this new direction at all.

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Wait. You mean Yuri's Revenge? No? Ok...

Posted by Rox360

W-wait... weren't we joking about this in an old bombcast and/or Game Room episode...?

Posted by paulunga


Posted by Jadeskye

...wut?...Awesome >_>

Posted by McQuinn

You must be shitting me : [

Posted by prestonhedges
@Branthog said:
" For fuck's sake, are you cunts really this frightened of coming up with new content? You're really digging in the bottom of the barrel for modern Yar's games and movies based on Asteroids and Battleship? Jesus fucking christ. "
yeah, they're really banking on that Yars Revenge name recognition
oh, wait, no, they're not
they probably just fucking like the original

Posted by Babymauler

Get your Anime out of my Yars >:(

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Posted by picklecannon

No idea what yar's revenge was but that looked decent... i love my star fox shoot em ups

Posted by CaptainJudaism

I... just... what? Why?  There is no need for something like this.

Posted by Hailinel
@zeemod155 said:
" Never heard of the original,  but I don't really care for this version either. "
Really?  Because the original game was one of the greats of the Atari 2600.
Posted by Daftasabat

Wii exclusive?

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Posted by keyhunter

Boooo, get that anime out of there!

Posted by TooMuchSky

Stunning visuals? Can somebody please explain to them what those two words mean?

Posted by scarycrayons

There sure is a lot of hate in the comments for this!
Colour me interested though!  I think it looks stylish and fun.  I'm getting the impression people are only showing disinterest because it's 'nothing like the original', instead of treating the game on its own merits.

Posted by Eribuster
@Daftasabat said:
" Wii exclusive? "
Not coming to the Wii at all. 
I'm interested in this game. It will be a feat if the developer matches the efforts of Treasure's Sin & Punishment or Smile Bit's Panzer Dragoon Orta.
Posted by Steveolio
      @Hailinel said:
" @zeemod155 said:
" Never heard of the original,  but I don't really care for this version either. "
Really?  Because the original game was one of the greats of the Atari 2600. "
I second this!  How is it possible to not know of Yars Revenge.  That's like saying you like movies but have never seen a black and white movie let's say Casablanca.  I don't understand how you can truly appreciate the advances in games if you don't know where we came from. 
 At least go back and play an emulated version on the web somewhere.
Posted by Steveolio
@Daftasabat:  At the end of the video it say PSN and XBOX LIVE Digital Download.  Sry.
Posted by Haze

Its the remake we have all been waiting for!

Posted by Besetment


Posted by ballsnbayonets

space faring accident! they are the worst

Posted by Musou

What?! Why on Earth would you do that?

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Funny that this is about the "ART" of Yars Revenge as all the "ART" looks like fairly generic anime.
The gameplay however, looks like it may have something interesting going on.
In the end, whatever, I don't care about your concept art, or the name you've dug up to strike nostalgic chords - just make a good game and I will consider entertaining myself with it.

Posted by MisterMouse

didnt know this was coming out...

Posted by Vampir

So...they decided to modernize Yars' Revenge by making it Space Harrier?

Posted by ajamafalous


Posted by ViciousReiven

Looks awesome! 
Sitting here in the neutral zone, Yar's Revenge!

Posted by Milkman

Wow, what the hell? Why haven't I heard about this until now? That's crazy. 

Posted by Baggykins

Gabe? Is that you?

Posted by Cold_Wolven

getting a Panzer Dragoon vibe from the gameplay, probably because it looks like an on rails shooter. Looks cool at the moment, here's hoping for anime cutscenes for use of story telling. 

Posted by DrSwank

This guy sounds like he was either A) forced into speaking, and/or B) hates his life and would rather be developing a game that was actually good/cool. I'm thinking both. The gameplay looks retarded. I was hoping for a more Pac Man Champ. style...

Posted by JJWeatherman

What the fack...
How did I not know about this?!

Posted by steevl

Well this is a surprise. I feel indifferent about the art, but the actual game looks interesting in that Panzer Dragoon/Rez sort of way.
I played the hell out of the original when I was a kid.

Posted by Zeemod
@Steveolio: Sorry for being born in the 90's... but I wouldn't deny your statement and if what you say is true then I would be even less interested in a reboot.
Posted by Solarus

There are a lot of games I never thought would get a sequel... Yars' Revenge was extremely high on that list.

Posted by fox01313

Any game with the line 'inspired by the film Avatar' instantly turns me off. At least the game looks like a rail shooter  similar to Space Harrier & others which is probably the only way they could go with this. Personally I think they should have looked at Pacman Championship DX & just done a treatment like that to the original Yars Revenge.

Posted by zityz

The entire time I watched this my eye's were legitimately like O_o 
The fuck? I remember playing that when I was 4. 
Well here's hoping for a possible River Raid and Zaxxon Remake.....The fuuuck?

Posted by TobyD81

That doesn't really look like Yars Revenge at all, but that might be a good thing.

Posted by Soviut
Posted by Krataur

Yar's Revenge is one of my fondest memories of my Atari 2600.
This...I'm not sure about this.  Gameplay looks decent, but...yeah, I'm certainly not a fan of anime.

Posted by Jeust

Seems better and more fun than the original.  
Looking forward to it!

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