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Posted by Mads76


Posted by HoboZero

I need an adult...

Posted by rebgav

Greatest videogame trailer... of all time?!

Posted by JordanaRama

I want no parts of the basement. :(

Posted by Linkster7

Looking good, or unbelievably creepy...

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Posted by AdmiralDolphin

So what does demake mean for the game? New visuals, gameplay? Just some new levels or completely redone?

Posted by RonGalaxy

Oh man.... 2014.

Ah well, once it's out the vita instantly becomes the greatest console ever and it will have an infinite amount of use.

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No Xbox version?! I would have sworn it was announced for that platform too.

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@admiraldolphin: From what I had heard, it's being completely redone with pixelated graphics, new bosses, new characters. There's a Binding of Isaac fan-wiki with all the details so far, and Edmund McMillen has a Tumblr where he's putting all the updates on the remake and Mewgenics.

Posted by mbr2

So what does demake mean for the game? New visuals, gameplay? Just some new levels or completely redone?

New visuals (SNES-like). I don't think there will be changes to gameplay, not major ones at least.

Posted by Mike88

So beautiful.

Posted by PsychoPenguin

If you want some strange stop-motion watch this Russian stop-motion Alice in Wonderland, Neco z Alenky:

Posted by Turkalurch

Getting an 80s horror claymation vibe from this, which is fantastic!

Posted by Abendlaender

I played 200 hours of Binding of Isaac. I am so ready to go back to the basement

Posted by DrFlapjack

2014?! I've been waiting for so long already... Can't wait to see what co-op is like.

Posted by Sdoots

Well, that was horrifying.

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That was pretty great.

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One of my favorite games of all time. Can’t wait for this. Hope it comes to Wii U or 3DS but I’ll likely have a PS4 by next year so that works too!

Posted by Undeadpool

Sorry, but Goosebumps taught ME back in elementary school to STAY OUT OF THE BASEMENT!

Posted by chiablo

@hobozero said:

I need an adult...

I am an adult!

Posted by Keithcrash

I love it.

Posted by csl316

Binding of Isaac continues to be interesting and fucking creepy. Cool times.

Posted by Hawker

@medacris said:

@admiraldolphin: From what I had heard, it's being completely redone with pixelated graphics

Indie developers everyone, soooooo creative and innovative

Posted by HerbieBug


Posted by zeeboo14

Here's a short film that evokes that same style, may be even creepier/ gross: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/bobbyyeah/54373646

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@psychopenguin: Svankmajer is actually Czech, not Russian. And Alice is... amazing!

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I like the little musical nod to Silent Hill

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Awesome. I've always found the creepy elements of the game pretty, well, creepy and they don't really grab me. But the actual game itself is amazing. I've probably put 100+ hours into the Steam version. Gladly will get a new version for Steam/PS4.

Posted by MeatSim

Well that was creepy alright.

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Oh man, that was the funniest/ best thing I have seen all week.

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Posted by xite

Guppy's head as a first item? Reset

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Posted by Milk195

Shit, the one thing that has made Isaac addiction less intense is the crap performance on mostly any higher end PC and yet I've STILL managed to clock 71 hours according to Steam:

My ego hopes that's just a Steam error.

Posted by SteveVacation
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@hawker said:

Indie developers everyone, soooooo creative and innovative

Seriously? I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you're for real so - exactly how much do you know about Edmund McMillen? Probably as much as 99% of people who comment on internet websites (hint: nothing) He's got an inarguable talent for creative/twisted artwork, humor, and story telling. Any real enthusiast gamer that listens to an interview or reads his stuff would immediately be able to acknowledge that he's got a gift for incorporating his art with fundamental game design from our youth that inspire us with challenging gameplay.

So yeah "sooooo lame dood"

And thats just him...having the thesis that "this generations indie developers aren't creative or innovative" is basically the definition of DUMB.

And not the good dumb...the dumb dumb.

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@ghostytrickster: LOL that's impressive and slightly sad in equal amounts. Well done sir.

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PS Vita baby!

Posted by Andheez

@ghostytrickster: LOL Im at 133 and I thought I was bad. I never would have imagined I would play this game so much, just so easy to play a quick few sessions.

Posted by chilipeppersman
Posted by Accolade

Not since Jonathan Frakes in Celebrity Poker.....

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Looks pretty great. I love Binding of Isaac so I will happily buy this.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Uh... maybe I'm remembering this wrong, but didn't Isaac's mother tried to kill him because "God" told her to? (You know, like with the Biblical Isaac...)

I really hope they are not toning down the religious references in this rerelease/remake/enhanced port/however they are calling it. The borderline blasphemy and general gross humor were half the appeal of this game for me. They were done pretty cleverly, and I hope Sony doesn't force Edmund to remove them to calm the masses...

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Great trailer, I'm looking forward to playing this on the Vita. Lots of cool Vita announcements today, I just wish I didn't have to wait.

Posted by Seedofpower

Yeah son, I'll play more B.O.I!

Posted by Jaxley
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Posted by bybeach

Sure loves his cat. I like mine too. Now I think I will nail down the cover for my crawlspace...we all likes it up here, not floating below.

I tried playing The Binding of Isaac, and highly approved of the theme. Hope that continues.

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