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Laser type items are now dynamically generated.

After the success of The Wrath Of the Lamb, a second expansion was also planned. Many of these changes to the original game became impossible due to limitations of Flash development. The game's creator, Edmund McMillen, confirmed on his blog that Isaac would have to be completely remade. Development and publishing for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will be handled by Nicalis (Cave Story, VVVVVV, etc.) while McMillen retains full creative control.

Rebirth will be built from the ground up on a new engine rather than in Flash, which caused various issues and limitations to the original game. The game will now feature a 16-bit visuals akin to Game Boy Advance games.

All of the original content from The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb expansion will be included in addition to new content exclusive for Rebirth. The amount of new content will be nearly double from what the original game offered. There will also be a bigger emphasis on completing levels under a certain time to encourage speed-running. Specific items and unlockables will only be obtainable by completing an area and/or defeating a boss under a time limit.

Issac: Rebirth will be available for the PS4, PS Vita, and Steam with full Steam Play support on September 4th, 2014. No release for the Nintendo 3DS is expected due to the religious themes in the game violating Nintendo's publishing rules currently in place. There will be no PS3 version as originally planned.


Confirmed Features

  • Fully re-tuned, balanced, and improved gameplay
  • Ability to save and return to a play session
  • Two player local co-op
  • Three new playable characters
  • Over 150 new items
  • Additional bosses, enemy types, special rooms, and variations to room sizes
  • An option to save and share an image of Isaac upon completing a run
  • An Easy and Hard difficulty setting. Certain items only available in Hard more.

Planned Features

Seeded Runs similar to a "Daily Challenge". Allow players to compete in a fair race for Rebirth. Players will be able to get a seed code for a particular run. Send that code to a friend, and when entered in into the game it will generate the same rooms, enemies, items, and floor maps for both players. This will make it possible for players to share runs and thus make it a more fair competition.

New cutscenes and voice acting may be generated. McMillen does not want to completely remake the same cutscenes in a different style. They may reuse the old ones and add to them or remake them all. McMillen also would like to get more narration from Matthias Bossi (the voice of the intro cutscene).


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will feature three new main characters. One of the three is Eden, who starts with random items (that are already unlocked). The other characters' names have been hinted as being Biblically inspired.


Dynamic Items, Item interaction

Brimstone (no demon visual yet) + Spoon bender (Homing Attack).

Quite a few items in the original game allowed for extremely powerful synergy. Items stacked effects though not always visual or how the player might have assumed. With Rebirth the items stacking is being reworked to allow for many more interesting combinations and dynamic effects. For example any items giving the player a laser based attack, now dynamically generate the laser. This leads to very interesting situations while items giving the attacks an additional passive effect are also in play.

Teased New Items

Tiny Planet

Isaac with his orbital Tear shots.

A small moon shaped object which gets embedded in Isaac's head. It maximizes the range stat but makes all tears revolve around Isaac's body, much like an attack fly. The idea is that there will be a number of tears revolving around Isaac, much like the Duke of Flies' flies. Each tear will rotate around Isaac roughly twice and are given the spectral passive allowing shots to pass through objects.

Bomb Upgrade

An item that causes Bombs to explode in a cardinal cross pattern (similar to the Bomberman franchise).

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