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This independent development team consists of two individuals, Tyrone Rodriguez and Nicklas Nygren.

Their two-man team focuses on WiiWare, PC, and cellphones.

They have re-engineered two existing titles by independent developers (Cave Story & LA-MULANA) for the WiiWare Online Service for the Wii game console. Not just ports, these versions feature improved graphics and gameplay. Two music/dancing games have been developed by the team for cellphones. Night Game, is their latest game, available on WiiWare, and PC. Night Game has won IGF awards for its physics-puzzler gameplay and ambient track by experimental musician Chris Schlarb.

Nicklas's personal projects include the freeware PC titles FiNCK, Knytt, Knytt Stories, Saira, and Within A Deep Forest. His personal alias is Nifflas. Nifflas' first premium game is Saira. All of his games have been well received by the independent developer community, Night Sky in particular. Knytt, FiNCK, and Saira have a fan base that make and share their own games using mods, an activity which the developer encourages, even providing a forum. Knytt was inspired by Seiklus, a game created by another independent developer using the entry-level game creation software GameMaker. Knytt was made in Multimedia Fusion.

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